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Twelve months in the life of a man, struggling against the earth and the bitterness of generations. Pat Barry, (Gabriel Byrne) a cunning Irish farmer who is determined to succeed over all obstacles.

Daley (Niall Toibin) is Barry's advisary. All other elements of the cast were tools in the two men's combat. These various schemes and subtle villainies make all the ploys and simple back stabbery of Melrose Place or Dynasty look like child's play. Dana Wynter plays Daley's English heiress wife.

"Bracken was a farmer who was living by himself and cheating on about six women," Gabriel Byrne explains. "He was a real lovable liar; there's a kind of sneaking respect for a character like that in Ireland. He's up to every roguish thing with a wink and a smile. So there's lots of shots of me looking meaningful in flocks of sheep."

Niall Toibin was once described as the greatest chipper of the ball in Ireland. "The reason was that in the television series, Bracken, there was a scene I had with Gabriel Byrne who comes to interview my character, Ned Daley, the baddie. So Daley's out on his lawn, chipping a series of golf-balls. Throughout the whole interview, Daley never looks up and just continuously chips away. By sheer luck, every single ball I hit went bop, like clockwork and everyone of them took the same trajectory. Looking at it, I was playing like a pro. We got it in one take which was quite an achievement." Directed by Noel O'Briain.moreless