Bracken's World

Season 2 Episode 3

Jenny, Who Bombs Buildings

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 1970 on NBC

Episode Recap

Century Pictures is filming a documentary about Jenny March, a young activist who believes that violence is the appropriate protest for society's ills. She is released on bond after bombing a bank, and the documentary is her opportunity to explain her unconventional views.

Kevin is directing the film and John Bracken is serving as the narrator. Jenny develops a crush on Kevin, but threatens to leave the picture when Rachel leads her to believe that the studio really plans a fictional approach, with an actress playing the lead.

During her anger with the studio, Jenny is reunited with one of her activist friends, and together they plan another bombing. Kevin tries to convince Jenny that she should refrain from criminal behavior, even to the point of romancing her; Jenny admits that she would succumb if Kevin really loved her, but when he admits that his feelings are only concern for her welfare, Jenny leaves him to join her activist friend, and is killed in a botched bombing.

Kevin visits the bombing scene and is upset to find Jenny's necklace among the bombed ruins of a research lab. After her death, Bracken is more determined than ever that Jenny's views should be aired so that the public can have a glimpse of her misguided beliefs.