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Seem to take an honest, open minded look at events

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    [1]Mar 9, 2012
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    Just found the show while at the gym. Have only seen two but so far they seem to do a job looking at events.

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    [2]Dec 13, 2012
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    I am sorry to disagree with you. The guy is just a host, the crew are just actors. Their group dynamic is very common on tv, very predictable and not at all practical, even though they present it as such. It's all planned, so how can they draw real-time conclusions to something concluded? They can't figure anything better out on that short time span with limited resources and access, than we can just by googling it in some minutes. The difference is they have the opportunity to act and direct. And personally, I think it's badly acted and directed. It's all fabricated to satisfy an easygoing, curious and self-righteous mind (absolutely no offence, we all have these qualities).

    But what can one expect? It's a commercial tv-series. I would rather watch some really bad show about haunted houses, because that's some irony that's not just tragical in my mind.
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