Brady's Beasts

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Brady's Beasts

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Imagine a world where kids clamour to replace their household pets… with monsters! That’s right; goldfish and gerbils are passe. In the new millennium, hideous monsters are all the rage; and there’s a lot to know about raising these carnivorous pets. Good thing 12-year-old Brady Plunkett is up for the job. Learn the dos, don'ts, and do-at-your-own-risks of raising a beast from Brady; monster-rights activist extraordinaire! CHARACTERS Brady Plunkett This outspoken twelve-year-old video virtuoso has a passion for misunderstood Monsters everywhere. It all started during a lightning storm when he was barely four. Arlene, his ornery older sister, convinced Brady that the scratching outside the window was not a branch, but a Monster wanting to come in... and eat Brady. Well, it turned out it actually was a Monster, and it actually did want to eat Brady. So, feeling sorry for the hungry beast, Brady tossed that night’s leftovers out the window. The Monster scarfed it, gave a final sniff toward Brady, who had sought refuge under his covers, and then vanished into the cluttered depths of Brady's closet. And though he didn’t know it at the time, the spark of Brady Plunkett’s noble cause was ignited. Like kids everywhere, Brady had come to love and fear his monster for the fright it was... an undeniable part of every childhood. In the years to come, he’d take the “Monster by the Horns”, and attempt to introduce these eerie creatures to domesticated life. Brady has a unique way of reaching the inner feelings of most any monster. A real “Doctor Ghoulittle”. But he’s also a somewhat hapless boy with misguided confidence, determined to maintain his ideals for a perfect world in which man and Monster can live together in harmony. Virgil Arp Brady's twelve year old best buddy. The handsome star in many of Brady's video productions, young Virgil is determined to shine on screen despite his one little shortcoming. He’s frightened to death of Monsters, having never forgiven them for no doubt hiding beneath his bed when he was a toddler. Not the sharpest tack in the junk drawer, and with a hambone tendency to overact that would make Vincent Price proud, Virgil finds himself in many a “hairy” predicament with Monsters as his costars. Ember Tombs This thirteen year old friend of Brady's is a beauty with a ghoulish fascination for the morbid side of life... or death. She sleeps with a voodoo doll, designs her own line of “bone” jewelry, and gushes enthusiastically when Monster training sessions go terribly awry. However, Ember’s weird talents often prove handy in tight situations. As far as owning a Monster herself, Ember is a bit fickle - taking uncanny pleasure in testing a continuing procession of assorted creatures to welcome the unwary visitor to her house. Every time Brady and Virgil visit, the goosey Virgil must always brace himself for the unexpected. Stitch Man of many pieces and unable to communicate much beyond grunting the occasional hostile word, this Monster is a towering mass of menace. However, Brady manages to sometimes touch a nerve with the big guy, getting an insight that few others live to see. What Brady learns is that Stitch, patched together from any number of unique and generally reluctant “donors”, suffers from the ultimate of identity crises. Really a sensitive Monster, Stitch is suspicious there might be a “female part” somewhere in his anatomy, since he occasionally “tends that way.” When he’s not out on a senseless rampage, Stitch is sentimentally driven to construct a virtual forest of family trees in hopes of tracking down any and all lost family members, where he hopes to introduce himself. But he’s annoyed at popular myth that has the outstretched arms of Frankenstein Monsters interpreted only as a gesture of hostility. Sometimes it really means they just wanta hug. But then again, sometimes it means they’re trying to throttle you. People should just be able to tell the difference!moreless

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AIRED ON 3/5/2006

Season 3 : Episode 55