Brainiac: Science Abuse

Tuesday 8:00 PM on Sky1 Premiered Nov 13, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Episode 10
      Episode 10
      How hard is an engine? What's the best chemistry stunt? And can we make a Tsunami?
    • Episode 9
      Episode 9
      Can rocket-powerpower a pram? What's the best alternative painkiller? And will another star escape in Stars in their Caravans?
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Can rockets get you out of a traffic jam? The show gets face to face with science and can Danielle Lloyd escape caravan carnage?
    • Episode 7
      Episode 7
      Cataclysmic cabinets, cascading cakes and caravans coming apart.
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Jon Tickle and Vic Reeves are joined by Thaila Zucchi, who presents regular segment How Hard Is Your Thing? in which she puts viewers' submissions through a series of intense tests to find the hardest object in the land.
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Can you cycle across custard? Cane we turn a beach into glass? And can a living room be launched into space...
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Can we make a sound in England that can be heard in France? Can you really burn a diamond in Liquid Oygen?
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Vic and Jon discover... What's Britain's Biggest Splat? And how dangerous are underwater explosions? Jon discovers foot circles.. The stuff NASA never tried Would you retrieve a ten pound note from under some poo? And science gets a slap in the face.
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Vic Reeves and Jon Tickle attempt to make a vegetable break the sound barrier using a pneumatic cannon and a rocket on a wire. Vic Reeves finds out how many pieces of sticky tape it takes to lift a car and the Brainiacs investigate the fastest way to eat eggs - boiled, fried, scrambled or raw? Other questions answered include: who gets more money: a really good busker or a really bad busker?; what happens when you put a pencil in a microwave?; and can cheerleaders still perform while receiving electric shocks? The desperate celebrities are still trapped in Stars in Their Caravans - will Abi Titmuss or Frank Bruno manage to blow up their caravan and escape?moreless
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Vic Reeves and Jon Tickle find out what makes the biggest fireball. A Brainiac has his first Custard Dream and discovers he really can walk on custard. In Stuff NASA Never Tried Vic Reeves launches a portaloo high into the sky with the help of some very powerful rockets. Thaila Zucchi tests the hardness of a riot shield in How Hard is Your Thing. In the first instalment of Stars in Their Caravans will Abi Titmuss or Danielle Lloyd manage to escape their caravan and blow it up? Other questions answered include can you still perform magic while receiving electric shocks, can rockets help to plant a tree and what's the worst place to be stung by a nettle.moreless
  • Season 5
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