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  • amazing question

    what is hotter thermite or plasma.
  • awesome

    need to test how hard a sea containor is mate mate
  • Love This Show

    I recently found this little gem while on holiday in Australia. I would LOVE to see this air in the States or find a format friendly version. Cheers! :-)
  • So Wasteful.

    We have just returned from 2 years working in Mozambique - we took our 11 yr old son. He was just watching Brainiacs and we watched you drop a milk float fully laden with glass bottles and milk from a great height just to see how much noise it made. People are dying of starvation - how can you justify this?
  • Colour Blindness

    I have just been watching your programme on Challenge and there was an article where the lads and Lassies were dodging yellow tennis balls being thrown from a yellow background. Richard Hammond was explaining about cones and rods in the eyes and stated "you will never find a girl who is colour blind". This is incorrect. I am a woman and I am colour blind, my sister is also colour blind. So girls can be colour blind.
  • Pair of Pants

    Just watched the episide where john tickle asks why we call a pair of pants a pair well, It was due to the evolution of hosen. In medieval times nobody wore pants, as robes and tunics were all the rage. Enter hosen, the knee length sock.

    Over a few hundred years, the hosen gradually crept up the leg, getting higher and higher, until they eventually joined at the crotch and became a single piece. However, the language didn't evolve, and the plural hosen remained, despite it's singular subject. Thus pants, trousers, and even the more illogical "pair of underwear" (since it doesn't even have two legs to worry about).

    Now the real question is why do we call a pair of scissors a pair?
  • i like your show

    i licke the babes on the show

  • Helium

    how many average size helium balloons does it take to lift a average wieght man but would it be the same amount of helium in one big balloon to lift the same wieight rather than small ones?
  • Areally cool Science programme that does the Science which isn't allowed in school

    Brainiac is a really good programme that brings in the exciting and exploding parts of Science we're not allowed to do in school. As a Science teacher the fun has been taken out of Science by legislation Brainiac puts it back. Even my weakest students loved it and learned lots without really realising it!
    However Richard Hammond has to be the best presenter, the Hamster is brilliant in everything he touches, but he brings out the comedy as only a straight (not comedian) can. Vic Reeves isn't funny because he tries too hard. I also applaud the Brainiac Babes and thank them for their suffering!
  • This show fails as science, but excels at comedy. Also a Mythbusters ripoff.

    Stealing virtually everything, including the kitchen sink, from Mythbuster's, Brainiac is an unoriginial British show that claims to be "scientific." In reality, the show is the anti-thesis of science by not following the proper scienitific method, and making absurd claims (such as bad luck will make you lose money in gambling). This show at best, uses incorrect science and at worst, uses pseudo-science. However, this show is an excellent if you view it as comedy. With absurd jokes and tests such as eating contests with mountains of candy, and obsession with celebrity look alike (such as Tina Turner look alikes), Brainiac is worthy of a spot on comedy central.
  • One of the things that are bothering me are the fact that is making over and over the experiments.

    After all the point of this show, is to teach everyone new things about science. By looking over many photos, i have recently wake up whit a question that is puting me to think about:
    What animals can float and which can't not?
    By figuring this out, i have think over, and write this question we have seen that some animals can float even if there to heavy, but their should be explained why?
    By answering to this question it would be very useful, for the viewers.i hope that this have convinced you to approach to this topic. I wish you all the best.
  • It's quite funny

    Well,I find this show very funny and informative,it's quite different from Mythbusters (d'oh): Mythbusters takes science in a serious way (very serious),unlike the ones from Brainiac, whoms are making all the experiments to look like a joke (in a good way of saying) and I guess that's the hole point of it. Brainiac is a ''cute'',original,interesting and very funny for a show where it's all about science (that's a little bit of a rare thing in my opinion). I missed the episodes when Hammond was the host,but I'm not complaining..I still watch but not as much as I did.
  • This show is all about making science fun. It shows people blowing up caravans and doing stupind fun experiments. They have people who are willing to make a fool of themselves making the show entertaining.

    This show is not only entertaining but also has an educational value. It makes science fun for younger kids and lets them see the dangers involving microwaves and many other things. Ever scince the first presenter (Richard Hammond) the show has been based around a pet hate for caravans ending with atleast one being blown up every episode. Since Richard Hammon has left the seriese the show has gone down hill. The new presenters are just not the same. They arn't as funny or as convincing. The only way the show will survive is if they get back Hammond or another equivelent. Overall though a good show and worth watching.
  • very good

    this programme is the best ever science show in the world i remember first watching it when i was younger i loved the zany experiments, richard hammond and john tickle are good ppresenters and also charlotte hud son the show has a deep hapiness about blowing stuff up and they especially li9ke blowing up caravans they also bring sport to blowiing up caravans like brainiac golf, brainiac snooker, brainiac darts. now for my final though i cant wait untill the 5 series comes out hopefully it will be better than before and that would be very good , good bye
  • Mythbusters with a frontal lobotomy, after a kerosene martini with a mothball instead of an olive.

    I clicked onto this show for lack of something better to do. It turns out that this wasn't a good enough reason.

    Brainiac claims to be a science show, but it just doesn't have the gray matter to justify that claim. The episode I caught featured such lofty questions as how one might avoid the severe hangover associated with overindulgence in heavy Continental (=European) lagers. OK, they do get points for leading with the obvious suggestion ("Don't drink the stuff, fool!"), and they evaluated a couple of frat row favorites from my time in college (when the obvious suggestion would have been deemed the counsel of wusses) like loading up on greasy pork and heavy cream or milk before drinking (which have a mild foundation in reality - coating the intestinal lining with lipids MIGHT inhibit absorption of alcohol and those nasty aldehydes which are the true culprits in hangover).

    HOWEVER, they fouled up big time by suggesting that one chase a long night's imbibery with paracetamol (better known here in the States as "Tylenol" or acetaminophen).

    This is CRAPPY advice. If you're going to use a pain killer in conjunction with drastic alcohol abuse... DON'T use Tylenol/acetaminophen/paracetamol. This drug is a well-known and highly effective LIVER POISON. Taken in conjunction with OTHER liver poisons - such as way too much alcohol and the other liver poisons to be found in European lagers, the potential for serious and PERMANENT injury to the liver is incredible - and unjustified.

    Apart from the deadly health advice, we're also treated to "Brainiac Golf," which consists of a British golf pro putting into boobytrapped greens - when the ball drops into the hole, electric detonators cause travel trailers positioned around the green to blow up - the "science" involved being the colors of the explosions - caused by various chemicals mixed in with the pyrotechnic charges, the chemical formulas of which are helpfully labeled on each trailer.

    You actually LOSE several IQ points for every minute spent in front of the idiot box watching this show.

    When I was a kid, I remember a B-grade horror flick called "Brainiac" in which the title character was this ghoul who would tackle unsuspecting victims with a power drill, make holes in their heads, draw out their brains, and eat them like tapioca out of a pudding bowl.

    THAT is the only way this show qualifies for the name "Brainiac" - you actually LOSE brain power watching this turkey. AVOID IT.
  • I enoy the show because my son loves it!

    This show has really gotten my son interested in science. He loves to watch the show and is really intrigued by some of the experiments that they do. He especially enjoys the ones that they tell you not to try at, really, don't! He also learns off-the-wall little tidbits of information that he tells me about later. Plus they include cute girls sometimes which is always a plus for a 12 year old boy...and their father's, I'm sure. The show is educational and my husband and I learn an interesting thing or two also.
    We like to try to guess whether the item will sink or float. Sometimes we actually get it correct.
    Very good show if you are trying to spark an interest in science.
  • Hammond's gone, and they're running out of ideas.

    It started off great - mixing facts with light entertainment. But it's becoming increasingly obvious that they are falling short of ideas.

    "Here's one for you; why does water, which has been floating round for millions of years, have a sell-by date?"
    It's the little things like that, which make it obvious.

    Any now they've got rid of presenter Richard Hammond (or rather, he walked away from them), and it's really losing it's touch.

    The older episodes were great, but if they don't do something about it, I can really see it going awfully wrong.

    Thank goodness Sky seem to only air the older episodes.
  • Brainiac science abuse

    Wow! I really like this series it's about experiments that no one can do or can be dangerous to humans and who says it's a ripoff of Mythbusters. Hmmmm I don't get why they say that. It's really great I think it's decent really decent the first time I've watched this was when I have nothing to watch then this came on it's really decent well kinda.
  • I learn something new everything i watch this.

    Its an awesome show.It is because its imformative and its so interesting to see what happens next.They do these things that are so random and pretty well out to lunch,that makes you wander what will they do next.This show is most likey a rip off of this myth busters,but i never saw that show so i really don't know.Whats more fun than explosions? thats right nothing .If you really don't like to see things blow up (like who doesn't)you mostly won't like this show but if you do,get a drink,some chips and prepair to watch the fireworks go.Its worth watching trust me.
  • Shameless ripoff of Mythbusters with lot of idiots and chicks with big boobs!

    I watched Mythbusters since they appeared, and I love them to death! But later, this appeared, and with coincidentally similar concept and with totally insipid humor and stupid experiments. This show is like..."today we're going to make some guy who is "i don't know" to do "I don't know"! How do we know that that guy is really what they said he is? And how do we know that all this is not some cheap movie stunt? Atleast at Mythbusters, we met the hosts, we saw that they have soul and we actually met all the people who appeared there, and they really look like people who are having fun while they're doing the show, not like soulless stuntmen and clowns in Brainiac. Awful and offending - that's Brainiac!
  • Mwhuhahahahahahaha!!!!!! These guys are good. Who thought science and the British accent with all the weird British words would pair so well?????

    What a great show. Similar to Mythbusters, but with a slightly more laid-back nature, prepare to watch one of the funniest and most imformative shows on television today. Show regulars such as Things John Tickle's body Can Do, and the ceremonial blowing up of a caravan (aaaah- pretty colours) or obliteration of a poor object with Thermite adds an air of predictablity, while other spots and experiments are more random and add a certain suspense in each new episode. Dr. Bunhead adds to the fun with his amazing (yet often dim-witted) antics. A great science show, one for the common man to enjoy.
  • a science programme starring Richard Hammond and Jon Tickle

    This is probably one of those guilty pleasure programmes because the only people who know I watch it are my younger brother and sister. The best part of Brainiac has to be the fact that a caravan is blown up every episode. I on't think that would have happened if Richard Hammond and his hatred of caravans had joined the programme. It is however easy to see who the programme is aimed at - teenage boys. Mainly due to who it has in it and the stunts that are on the programme. I do thoughly enjoy this programme though and i hope it continues.
  • A good show but the science is poorly done.

    Dont get me wrong, watching the experiments are great, whats more fun than explosions, babes and watching things in a microwave. The fact that the experiments are carried out wrongly, by this i mean, not the way they would be done in real life, they are higly biased and the majority of the time, poorly conducted - which actually resorts in it being funy the majority of the time.

    The show is well presented, and the ex-big brother housemate john tickle, is a good edition to the show. Throughout the show there is many experiments and little ones to, such as how certain things react in a microwave, tickles teasers, fat vs thin, and my personal favourite, the experiments carried out by the chinese woman (ive forgot her name) who most of time is wearing fewer clothes than what \"normal\" scientists wear.

    The show is great fun for all ages,and everybody shuld take the time to watch at leats 1 episode
  • Brainac Science Abuse is a Britsh show that appears on the G4 network that centers around experimenting with differnt myths, ideas, and explosions.

    This show is sorta like mythbusters, but is way more interesting, fun, and overall sweet. John Tickle, Dr.Bunhead , and the whole crew are absolutly hilarious.What sets this show away from other shows like mythbusters is its lack of safety. On Mythbusters they have to take so much precautions before they do something it drives me crazy while Brainiac creates massive explosions when their just a few yards away. Also Brainiac does a wide variety of interesting and entertaining test rather then a couple on mythbusters. This show makes me want to move to England and watch this show all day long.
  • Orriginal, scientific, and way better than "Mith Busters"

    Brianiac is a show thatcombines science with fun. They do all kinds of crazy experiments that can amaze you. This show is funny, cool, entertaining, and it can be educational. At first when I heard about it I thought "This won't be very good," but once I saw it I realized how great it is. Almost all of my friends watch this show and think it is interesting. This is one of those that you just can't stop watching and you keep hoping for another episode when the first one is over. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes science, or blowing things up.
  • I LOVE BRAINIAC! random, funny and informative!!

    Brainiac is an aquired taste, but it is awesome!!
    it uncovers all the questions u havnt even thought of like "can u bake a cake while having electric shocks sent thru ur body?"
    Richard Hammond is awesome!!!
    wudnt be the same without Hamster, love the "real" emotion and enthusiasm!!
    i watch every episode and have been trying to find a contact address for the sho but so far no luck!
    i wanna be the new Prof Li!
    neway gotta go,
    brainiac is on now!
  • A great show that has been mishandled by G4!

    The most twisted science show I have ever seen and god help me I love it.

    What I don't like though is that G4 did a terrible PAL to NTSC conversion on the series, split it into half hour segments, and removed a massive chunk of licensed music which does make the show rather luckluster by comparison.
  • Brainiac is a show about science abuse. While the show is mildly entertaining, it is also quite frankly stupid.

    Brainiac is a show that diverged from the UK. And now is on G4 here in the US. The show answers many interesting science questions, while at other times just has fun with explosions, and other unnecessary stuff like that. While the show can have its fair share of funny moments, there’s just too many dull ones throughout. The only thing savying this idiot show, is the shows hot Brianiac babes at the end of the show. Overall its dub fun that’s fun to watch when there’s nothing else on, mildly recommended.
  • brilliant and funny at the same time, who would have thought?

    they show a lot of good stuff that can be usefull as resources. They take their own time to test so many different ideas, I just think that... It's the best show to combine science and fun. Well, Mythbusters is pretty cool to. Between the both of them though, I think that Mythbusters is actually better.
  • Brilliant

    You lot who hate science. Then if you need to learn somthing about it then watch this! Its brilliant with no boring explenations! It is straight to the point! I love watching Braniac! It is a great laugh and it has brilliant experiments shown with many bangs and blowings up!
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