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  • Live action=crap

    Since it's live action it's crap. Do they even know what cartoon network even means?
  • BrainWash

    A live action game show on Cartoon Network On cartoon network this is a cartoon or are these pepole brainwashed. They brought us The Othersiders they brought us Slamball (which is a weird sports program on Cartoon Network and bunnies are going to take over the world) You have contestants that are asked questions on rollercoasters. Wow! Who wrote this junk? Game show on cartoon network? It's the end of CN! They also brought us Out of Jimmys butt or what ever it's called and zixx. There is no animation at all in this show. Come on CN use your brain.
  • What is this?!?!

    I want to know what CN was thinking when they allowed this show to be aired. The show is just a quiz show on a roller coaster. The premise isn't just stupid but even the questions the show asks are so simple, a five year old could do it. The hosts are downright annoying and are so over the top they rival the host of Destroy Build Destroy, another piece of CN garbage. The only good thing I could say about this show is that it lasted a little over a month before getting canceled, but it would be better if CN went back to the glory days, not this CN Real crap.
  • If I had to keep 1 live-action CN show,it would be this.

    Ignore that other review I made 2 years ago,I was just stupid those days. This isn't the BEST game show ever,but it's still an OK show. BrainRush is about people going on a roller coaster answering questions. It sounds like a rip-off of Cash Cab,however,it does have a few problems. They are not even on a roller coaster,it's just a green screen (I can tell by that in the bumpers). Some of these kids are idiots to not even know what the answer is,but I wouldn't blame them. The questions are hard at times. For example,they asked what kind of hat Indiana Jones wore. What kid will know that? Who picks these questions? Another kid couldn't even answer the name of the sequel to Bruce Almighty. Also,some of them are stupid. For example,a kid had to unscramble a word that describes what you call your grandparents,and it was "Rents". Are you kidding me? What kid would call their parents that? So overall,it a OK show. It's not the best show ever,but an OK one. It got canceled real soon,but why would they cancel this and not DWWD and DBD? But still,live action shows don't belong on CN.
  • I really love it.

    I really love this show.It's the best game show ever made.But I really hated the second level.It was the worst of all of the levels.Well,the show was even better than that very dreadful My Family's Got Guts.That show was pretty terrible,but this one is not really terrible.They even give money to every question they get right.It's even better than The Othersiders and I really love it.It's the best game show I ever seen than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.That show was pretty cool and this one is pretty awesome.I love this show and Cartoon Network had a good idea to make this show.
  • if on another network, this show would have been good, but on CN, It failed and had a small lifespan.

    This show may have been a good idea....IF It was not on CARTOON NETWORK! This cash cab-ripoff is not only lame, but extremely pitiful that CN would air this.

    This show looked liked it had a promising carrer, but since CN (especially CN Real) got absymal ratings, the show was pulled off the air without Any fanfare and the only "REAL" show to be cancelled (Survive this aire last 3 eps online,Othersiders ended it's run,DBD,bobb'e and Dude are still Kicking).

    This show looked good, but it never appealed to me and it absolutely failed hard. Cartoon Network airing live action is just horrible. CN should use their brains instead of their plans of competeing with nick and disney.I'm Done, have a nice day.
  • Thank goodness this show ended quick!

    With nothing to review at the moment, I decided to give this show a quick review. There is really nothing positive about this show. The show has the exact same roller coasters in every episode. Plus, most of the questions they ask are highly stupid and most people should know them. Plus, the way they give money out in the show is ridiculous. "Ok, you answered that Spongebob is yellow. You win $100 bucks!" Lame. And by the way, you can tell this show is a tragedy because it lasted for only a month and 22 days! Ouch!

    Another failed CN Real show....
  • Awful crap that is a disgrace to Cartoon Network...

    I knew CN real was a bad idea, but this is just awful.

    For one, the show doesn't he have 10 episodes and chances are, it's already cancled. What a waste of money Cartoon Network. (Dumb asses....)

    There basicly is no plot to the show since it's a reality show...

    And it's just plain stupid. It's a waste of money, and is trying to be like all those big game shows. Well to bad CN.

    Plus, they have the side-host who describes the roller coasters the contestants have to ride on. They're just the same damn 3 roller coasters everytime. They just have different descriptions everytime, which is both pointless and stupid in both ways.

    Don't watch or even support this show at all. It will be of the air completley in a month or two for sure.
  • crazy. Awesome.

    Well my teenage angst set in around the time cartoon network decided to unleash one of the most confusing paradoxes by airing live action reality shows. Out of jimmys head didn't work, why should this? Admittedly, most of the CN real shows are crap, but Brainrush kept me tuning in for more. It's a game show that asks you trivial questions on a rollercoaster. A simple concept that makes for a fun kids show. I find myself answering the questions from the couch delivered by the charasmatic host, and drastically wish it was me competing on this show. The contestants can be hilariously outrageous such as Trevor to just plain scary like that one kid in the orange shirt. My family loves it, even the more angsty members. Prizes are a bit modest compared to some game shows, but I definately wouldn't mind going home with those sweet hundreds. The show is not great all around, however. There is some dodgy voice-over work as with the other cn real shows, and in the final round, the prize indicator on the bottom of the screen is innacurate ( it's only half of the contestants actual winnings) which makes me think editing wasn't a huge part of the show. It bugs me, but I still love this show and hope it's not short-lived.
  • tv trash

    ok so its a retarded game show that takes place on a rollercoaster. not exactly the most original or brilliant idea. especially considering its very dangerous to mount camera's on them and it can fall off and easily cleave someones head off. nick tried doing this years ago and it didn't work then so i don't know why their trying this now. i especially hate that this show is replacing naruto when this. it pisses me off when this show is never going to get nearly as high ratings as naruto did. cartoonless network needs to come up with something thats at least close to original and not reality crap.
  • It's just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome. They give you money for every question you get right. That's amazing. My favorite CN Real shows. Even better than Survive This. woohoo! This is just awesome. The best ever game show, and it's on a roller coaster! It's just awesome. What can I say? I think its an awesome show. One of the best reality shows ever. It's way better than DBD and Othersiders. And a little better than Survive This. Its cool. Too cool for words. I can't even come up with 100 words. BTW, that Trevor guy is lame. Other than that it's awesome. Awesome show CN.