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  • crazy. Awesome.

    Well my teenage angst set in around the time cartoon network decided to unleash one of the most confusing paradoxes by airing live action reality shows. Out of jimmys head didn't work, why should this? Admittedly, most of the CN real shows are crap, but Brainrush kept me tuning in for more. It's a game show that asks you trivial questions on a rollercoaster. A simple concept that makes for a fun kids show. I find myself answering the questions from the couch delivered by the charasmatic host, and drastically wish it was me competing on this show. The contestants can be hilariously outrageous such as Trevor to just plain scary like that one kid in the orange shirt. My family loves it, even the more angsty members. Prizes are a bit modest compared to some game shows, but I definately wouldn't mind going home with those sweet hundreds. The show is not great all around, however. There is some dodgy voice-over work as with the other cn real shows, and in the final round, the prize indicator on the bottom of the screen is innacurate ( it's only half of the contestants actual winnings) which makes me think editing wasn't a huge part of the show. It bugs me, but I still love this show and hope it's not short-lived.
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