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  • If I had to keep 1 live-action CN show,it would be this.

    Ignore that other review I made 2 years ago,I was just stupid those days. This isn't the BEST game show ever,but it's still an OK show. BrainRush is about people going on a roller coaster answering questions. It sounds like a rip-off of Cash Cab,however,it does have a few problems. They are not even on a roller coaster,it's just a green screen (I can tell by that in the bumpers). Some of these kids are idiots to not even know what the answer is,but I wouldn't blame them. The questions are hard at times. For example,they asked what kind of hat Indiana Jones wore. What kid will know that? Who picks these questions? Another kid couldn't even answer the name of the sequel to Bruce Almighty. Also,some of them are stupid. For example,a kid had to unscramble a word that describes what you call your grandparents,and it was "Rents". Are you kidding me? What kid would call their parents that? So overall,it a OK show. It's not the best show ever,but an OK one. It got canceled real soon,but why would they cancel this and not DWWD and DBD? But still,live action shows don't belong on CN.
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