Brains & Brawn

NBC (ended 1993)


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Brains & Brawn

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From Universal Studios, Mark Paul Gosselar hosted this short lived NBC kids quiz. Two teams, consisting of a celebrity captain & two high school teens, compete in brainy & physical stunts. Round 1 was a quiz where contestants had to choose multiple choice questions. This drill lasted two minutes. Round 2 involved hockey where one would shoot the balls into the goal while the opponent's goalie would try to stop it. Round 3 had a board with scrambled up words. Round 4 was either a basketball or volleyball match. After 4 rounds, it came time for the obstacle course. The team that lead in points would get a 10 points per second head start (IE: Lead by 200 points would be a 20 second head start). The course went around the Universal lot. The team that won the race advanced to the playoffs & the high school finals. When the high school finals were over, the format went all-celebrity teams (ala Beat The Clock-1979, Bullseye, Hot Potato etc.).moreless