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AIRED ON 7/18/2011

Season 3 : Episode 1

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This game show is hosted by Jeff Sutphen and features six contestants aka "The Brainiacs" who compete to outscore each other in a series of three rounds. They are tested on their ability to memorize and analyze as quickly as possible.
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  • I got bored of this show after 3 episodes

    The show has too many gross jokes and I felt like all the contestants were bribed backstage to not do thier best to make it look harder answering the questions. It`s like all the other Nick family game shows. It was full of gross jokes and I felt like passing out from some of them. It`s the toilet humor that has sent Nick down . All I can tell you about this show.moreless
  • Brainsurge isn't that bad.

    I know an idea for a new game shows on Nick is strange since they abandoned Nick Gas in the early 2000's. I actually find this pretty fun to watch sometimes. The idea of the game show that constants rely on memory is both perplexing and a bit of excitment. I'd sometimes when watching it pretend to remember the things in the gameshow as if I were a contestant. I don't know about you, but it's at least better than the teenybopper sitcoms we've seen from Nick lately.moreless
  • Are these contestants brain dead?

    Watching BrainSurge is like being dragged along a street of glass for 10 hours, it's really painful. The show is a new type of game show where contestants have to memorize things and remember them to score. Idea wise, the show doesn't sound too bad, but it falls apart once you see it. The show is NOT hard in the least bit. This show is just having a 5 second memory, and yet the contestants make it harder than it seems. It's insulting to see people over 7 not be able to remember some of the most simplest things ever. Most of the memories are just disgusting though. For example, they had to remember how many times a dog farted. Why? Who thought that was a good idea at all? Jeff is an utter moron of a host who always cracks lame jokes that are not funny to anyone. There's even a live audience and I am sure that they were payed well to enjoy this show, but in reality they hate it. This show is just utterly pointless. The host is annoying, the contestants are stupid, and the questions and challenges are not hard in the least bit. If you want a good game show from Nick, go see reruns of Legends of the Hidden Temple, Figure it Out, or Nick Arcade.moreless
  • come on guys don't be so hard Brainsurg is pretty awesome.

    come on guys don't be so hard Brain surge is pretty awesome. I love Brain Surge and i play it at home all the time. It's a fun game and it's a bit difficult you have to agree to that. There are sometimes where i would want to be a contestant. Brain Surge is one of my favorite game shows. The main reason i would want to be on Brain Surge is the Brain Drain. That looks so awesome to ride in. overall an awesome gameshowmoreless
  • Come on! Just how lame can Nickelodeon get in making this kind of "brainless" game show? The most annoying thing about it is the host. Who hired that guy anyway?

    I've seen many of Nickelodeon's classic game shows like Guts, Family Double Dare, Figure It Out, and Legends of the Hidden Temple, just to name a few. But BrainSurge? It's just the same old routine in every show. To me, after reading some other users' reviews on this show, they say the audience is phony. You guys may need a brain transplant. I mean, come on! The show is taped in front of a live studio audience--at least I believe so, do to my lack of sight.

    I also agree with some of you users. Jeff Sutphen is kind of annoying if you watch the show too many times. I only watch BrainSurge for my guilty pleasure whenever I get the chance. In the second round of the game, when he tells the contestants that "What I'm about to tell you from my book of stories is 100% true," you can hear the audience laugh. The real reason is because they hide their thoughts of "Yeah right! As if!" And those thoughtless jokes he makes...gimme a break! I say, we should send Jeff Sutphen down--say it with me, everybody--the Brain Drain! Might serve him right for being the host.

    I would also like to add that the puzzles they show in the first round need plenty of adjustment. Just how stupid can kids under the age of twelve be in trying to solve them? Jeff's stories are...well, you get the idea. As for the final round, the one thing many people want to see in any Nickelodeon game show is the winner getting slimed. They also need to get better prizes.

    Overall, despite the stupidity of the show, I kind of like the music. I give BrainSurge a 6 out of 10. That's better than giving any Nick game show a miserable 1.moreless

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