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NBC (ended 1966)



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Branded followed the life of Jason McCord, former Captain in the U.S. Cavalry. Court martialled for cowardice under fire during the Battle of Bitter Creek from which McCord was the only survivor, McCord knows he is innocent but refuses to pin the blame where it belongs, his commanding officer, General Reed, who died in the battle. Featuring one of the most recognizable signature songs in the history of television, Branded was also notable as one of the few dramatic productions to come out of the production team of Goodson / Todman, best known for their game show properties like The Price is Right. The Complete First Season of Branded is now available on DVD!
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  • United States Calvary Captain Jason McCord is the only survivor of a massacre by the Apache. He his dishonorablly dishchared for abandoning his unit in the time of battle. Now he must wander trying to prove he isn't a coward like everyone believes he is.moreless

    I just recently watched this show for the first time ever. I heard the theme song about 20 years ago and thought the story in the song seemed like a good premise for a show. And I was right. I have always been a fan of Chuck Conners since I was a boy. This show is a classic. It is one of the few westerns that doesn't make the the Native Americans look like bad guys. Jason McCord travels the land trying to live down his reputation as a coward that he isn't. HE helps others along the way. He has several oppetunities to clear his name yet he diesn't to protect the peace between the Indians and to not tarnish the reputation of the General who died at Bitter Creek who was really resposible for the deaths of the 33 men who died there.moreless