Branded - Season 1

NBC (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • Price of a Name
    Price of a Name
    Episode 16
    Jason and his friend Roy ride into a town after working on a long cattle drive. Miss Benson hires McCord as a supervisor for her expanding ranch but when Jason begins his new job, he finds a number of men waiting to rough him up. As the abuse continues, Jason begins to suspect that this is more than just a group of people seeking revenge for Bitter Creek and all of the clues point to McCord's lovely new boss.moreless
  • Taste of Poison
    Taste of Poison
    Episode 15
    McCord is escorting a woman doctor to a desert hospital. Along the way they pick up a wounded Army officer. Arriving at a stagecoach way station, they are told the well might have been poisoned by the Indians which have been raiding in the area.
  • That the Brave Endure
    West Point Cadet Bain faces expulsion for making statements that support McCord's actions at Bitter Creek. Taking his outstanding record into account, the Academy gives Bain one month to re-consider his opinion. If he doesn't tender an apology to the Commandant, who happens to be the man who wrote the opinion on McCord's court martial, after a month, the cadet will face his own court martial.
    Meanwhile, Jason is working as an engineer on a silver mine that won't drain. Bain joins up with the outfit McCord is working with and tries to determine the truth about Bitter Creek.moreless
  • One Way Out
    One Way Out
    Episode 13
    McCord is offered a job in order to lure him to a ghost town. A town inhabited by only 3 men - a half crazed religious maniac, who blames McCord for the town dying, and his two sons.
  • Very Few Heroes
    Very Few Heroes
    Episode 12
    A woman who despises McCord needs his testimony in order to keep from losing her land in a lawsuit.
  • The First Kill
    The First Kill
    Episode 11
    McCord pays a call on the family of a Confederate officer he was forced to kill in battle during the war. The father hasn't taken the loss of his first son very well, taking it out on his younger son in the form of perpetual disappointment. When the younger son learns that McCord killed his brother, he decides to gain his father's favor by killing Jason.moreless
  • The Mission (3)
    The Mission (3)
    Episode 10
    McCord turns on the Mexican bandits as they try to steal the gold from the Army fort. Unfortunately, the Commanding Officer recognizes McCord and decides that the coward of Bitter Creek deserves hanging as much as the others. Despite pleas to contact Washington, the C.O. plans to go through with hanging all of the men, including McCord. Only an ingenious last second stunt that tricks one of the Mexicans into confessing that McCord was a spy saves Jason.moreless
  • The Mission (2)
    The Mission (2)
    Episode 9

    McCord manages to meet with and infiltrate the Mexican bandits under the command of a rogue Mexican General. Jason convinces the bandits that his knowledge of military procedure will give them an edge in their most audacious atack yet; the theft of gold from a US Army fort. The plan calls for McCord to lead the group into the fort disguised as an Army unit. Unfortunately, a group sent out to collect uniforms for the plan comes back with the uniform of Col. Snow, McCord's contact. With the only person who knew of McCord's mission for the President dead and a Mexican General who plans to kill him after the job is done, McCord has only one choice - he has to go ahead with the raid.

  • The Mission (1)
    The Mission (1)
    Episode 8
    Jason McCord is asked to return to Washington at the request of an old flame whose father happens to carry some influence. It seems that a number of people in various businesses want to have the treaty negotiated by General Reed vacated so a new treaty, more beneficial to the current business interests, can be made. The only way to do this is to declare Gen. Reed incompetent. Since the only officer who could testify against Reed is McCord, the businessmen need his help, help that Jas refuses to give.
    As he storms out of the building, members of the Secret Service approach McCord. The President wants to meet with the former Captain to offer him a mission that could avert a war with Mexico.moreless
  • Coward Step Aside
    Coward Step Aside
    Episode 7

    With the Jefferson City menfolk away at a silver strike, the only people left in town are old men, women, and children. The bank looks to be easy pickings for a gang of outlaws.

  • Leap Upon Mountains...

    A widowed Quaker woman is being pressured by her neighbor to sell her ranch.

  • The Bounty
    The Bounty
    Episode 5

    McCord gets into a barroom brawl and a stranger helps him out. But he's got his own reasons for helping.

  • The Rules of the Game (A.K.A. - Elsie Brown)
    Elsie Brown once saved McCord's life and is also trying to live down a bad reputation.
  • The Test
    The Test
    Episode 3

    Jason unintentionally involves a Catholic priest in a deadly encounter with four drunken Comanches.

  • The Vindicator
    The Vindicator
    Episode 2
    A New York newpaperman tracks down the widow of Lt. John Pritchett who served under McCord.
  • Survival
    Episode 1
    Jason McCord helps a man he finds on foot and almost dead in the desert.