Branded - Season 2

NBC (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • Kellie
    Episode 32
    The daughter of a bank robber, 11-year-old Kellie, has sworn to kill the man responsible for her father's death: namely, Jason McCord.
  • Cowards Die Many Times
    Tad Evers owns a freight line and knows that McCord is doing a survey for a railroad. He knows that the railroad will put him out of business and tries to stop McCord.
  • Headed for Doomsday
    Headed for Doomsday
    Episode 30
    Once again, Jason McCord (Chuck Connors) has a fateful brush with history when he saves legendary journalist Horace Greeley (Burgess Meredith) from an assassination attempt. Impressed by Jason's courage, Greeley hires him as his "social secretary" (translation: bodyguard). Now it is up to Jason to find out who wants to kill the eminent newspaperman--and why. (Incidentally, if you're thinking that Horace Greeley will at some point in the story say something like "Go west, Young Man", chances are that you're right...and never mind that Greeley never actually uttered those words).moreless
  • The Assassins (2)
    The Assassins (2)
    Episode 29
    McCord escapes his captors after finding out that the President will be poisoned by a performer at a costume party that night. Jason runs into Ashley and knocks him out, taking his costume and invitation. McCord saves the President in front of most of Washington and his Grandfather, erasing most people's notion that he was ever a coward.moreless
  • The Assassins (1)
    The Assassins (1)
    Episode 28
    McCord returns to Washington once again only to find himself in the middle of a plot to assassinate the President. McCord discovers the plot only to wind up unconscious and captured by the assassins.
  • The Ghost of Murietta
    McCord has been entrusted with $50,000 in gold and Juan Molinera is out to steal it.
  • Call to Glory (3)
    Call to Glory (3)
    Episode 26
    The crisis averted and Custer's political ambitions quelled for now, McCord and Custer part ways as Custer tells his friend he is on his way to a place called Little Big Horn.
  • Call to Glory (2)
    Call to Glory (2)
    Episode 25
    McCord prevents a clash between the cavalry and the Indians. Soon after Chief Sitting Bull shows up at a party for General Sheridan and asks for peace.
  • Call to Glory (1)
    Call to Glory (1)
    Episode 24
    Jason McCord is sent undercover by the President to gain information on a potential Presidential bid by General George Armstrong Custer. Because McCord and Custer are old Academy buddies, President Grant hopes that Jason can uncover information on a plot to incite an Indian war that will place Custer in the Oval Office.moreless
  • Yellow for Courage
    Yellow for Courage
    Episode 23
    A foreign female doctor gives McCord a serum she is developing to try and cure his diphtheria and save his life.
  • Barbed Wire
    Barbed Wire
    Episode 22
    McCord is hired by cattleman Roy Beckwith to put up a barbed wire fence around his land. This sparks off a war over the open range between the farmers and cattlemen.
  • Nice Day for a Hanging
    McCord has come to town to witness the execution of a man who once saved his life. He meets the man's son who has sworn revenge on the town's residents.
  • McCord's Way
    McCord's Way
    Episode 20

    McCord is asked to be sheriff in a town where sheriffs don't usually live very long. Three have been shot in the last year.

  • A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers
    McCord in awakened by a messenger from President Grant, bearing a bottle of whiskey. McCord remembers a chance meeting during the Civil War with the future President when they were both captured by Confederate soldiers.
  • This Stage of Fools
    This Stage of Fools
    Episode 18
    McCord is hired as a bodyguard for actor Edwin Booth, whose brother, John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln.
  • The Wolfers
    The Wolfers
    Episode 17

    McCord happens across a young Indian woman and a dead companion while traveling. He tries to help the women only to run afoul of a trio of wolf trappers, one of whom has taken the Indian as his own.

  • The Golden Fleece
    The Golden Fleece
    Episode 16

    McCord is arrested by uniformed troopers and put into a prison wagon with Randall Kirby. Randall is a former Confederate officer who is planning to establish a military empire with stolen Union gold.

  • A Proud Town
    A Proud Town
    Episode 15
    Julius Perrin, who runs an orphan home, is being forced out of town. One of the orphans has been accuses of killing a man so the town wants to get rid of all of them.
  • Romany Roundup (2)
    Romany Roundup (2)
    Episode 14
    Shields is successful in putting McCord to jail under false charges. However, Kolyan - the gypsy whom he had saved from Shields - wouldn't allow McCord to suffer that way. He tries to bail him with his jewel box, but the Sheriff will not accept it. He then trades the jewel box for $300 with Shields' daughter. Upon learning, Aaron Shields is infuriated and decides to wipe out the entire gypsy community.moreless
  • Romany Roundup (1)
    Romany Roundup (1)
    Episode 13
    Jason McCord goes to Jimmy View Ranch to survey the land upon the request of the governor. Shields - the land owner - gets angry assuming that the governor is out to get him. He later states it was nothing personal, and that he can go ahead and survey his land. Everything is going well until McCord steps out of his line and defend a gypsy being punished by Shields for courting his daughter.moreless
  • $10,000 for Durango
    $10,000 for Durango
    Episode 12
    McCord is cashing a $10,000 bank draft for his employer when Frank Ross and his gang stage a holdup.
  • The Greatest Coward on Earth
    McCord's skills as a fighter cause him to turn down an offer from P.T. Barnum. Barnum uses McCord's name and the massacre at Bitter Creek as the basis for his new Wild West Show, which irritates McCord. To get Barnum to drop the Bitter Creek reenactment, McCord engineers the merger between the Barnum & Bailey circuses.moreless
  • Fill No Glass for Me (2)
    Macon and McCord are forced to fight to the death.
  • Fill No Glass for Me (1)
    Another flashback episode, McCord stops off at the grave of a friend and remembers the incident that brought them together. Both captured by Indians, the Chief makes the coward and the Black soldier fight to the death.
  • The Richest Man in Boot Hill
    An undertaker asks for McCord's help in hauling a coffin into town. McCord doesn't know that the man in the coffin is still alive and plans on robbing the freight office.
  • Salute the Soldier Briefly
    McCord saves a man who claims to have witnessed the massacre at Bitter Creek. The witness agrees to testify to the Army that McCord didn't run out on the battle but something about the story doesn't seem to ring true for Jason.
  • Seward's Folly
    Seward's Folly
    Episode 6
    McCord is paid to survey the newly acquired US possession of Alaska, where he finds evidence of gold and oil in abundance. But others want to steal the report to monopolize the find for themselves.
  • The Bar Sinister
    The Bar Sinister
    Episode 5

    McCord gets caught up in a land use battle revolving around the seemingly orphaned son of an old friend. When the boy's estranged uncle shows up to take the boy and the land rights he now owns, it's up to McCord to get the boy's Indian housekeeper, Neela, to speak up about her connection to the boy and his father.

  • I Killed Jason McCord
    A drifter robs McCord, stealing his horse. When he strolls into a saloon looking for trouble, the bandit winds up getting killed. After finding a letter addressed to Jason in the dead man's belongings, the town turns the young man who killed Jason McCord into a hero. That is, until the real Jason McCord shows up and wants his name back.moreless
  • Mightier than the Sword
    Ann Williams, a newspaper publisher, refuses to support Paul Mandell for an important public office. Mandell decides he will do whatever he has to do to get her support and McCord tries to protect her.
  • Now Join the Human Race
    McCord tries to prevent an Indian war by attempting to negotiate the surrender of Red Hand.
  • Judge Not
    Judge Not
    Episode 1
    McCord finds himself on a stagecoach with one of the officers from his court-martial and a prisoner who is going to be hung.
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