Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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Disney's Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, an animated program from Walt Disney Television Animation, is the quintessential buddy comedy about a pampered pooch and an excitable, offbeat rabbit who must forge a friendship after they both fall out of an airplane and land right in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. While they often fight and bicker because there are very few similarities between them, they do share each other's fate and they must work together if they wish to survive in the jungle. However, they are not alone; amongst the jungle denizens they encounter a few new friends: Lola Boa, an over-analytical boa; Cheryl and Meryl, twin toucan sisters who are always fighting; Ed, a bumbling river otter; Margo, the diva; and several other characters. However, not all the jungle is kind to them, for they must constantly avoid many Amazonian dangers, weather they're avoiding being eaten alive or facing difficulties arisen by Gaspar, the antagonist and self-proclaimed leader of the Amazon.

Brandy Harrington: Brandy Harrington is a member of the Florida Harringtons, a luxurious lineage of dogs who only know the finest things in life. However, after an encounter with Mr. Whiskers on a plane trip to a five-star spa, Brandy finds herself stuck in the middle of the Amazon without a way to get home. Despite her struggles in her new surroundings, she still knows how to make use of the environment, taking every precaution in order to always look her best; though with Mr. Whiskers by her side, such tasks aren't always possible. While Brandy may appear to be shallow and materialistic, she does care deeply her friends, even though exploiting them in order to get what she wants doesn't seem to be a problem.

Mr. Whiskers: Mr. Whiskers is a happy-go-lucky bunny who just wants to have fun, much to the dismay of other individuals. While Mr. Whiskers may annoy many people with his repugnant habits, he still never hesitates to lend a hand to a friend in need. Unfortunately, he's responsible for stranding himself and Brandy in the Amazon, which despite having caused some animosity between them, has also allowed their friendship to first blossom.

Lola Boa: Lola Boa, one of Brandy's new best friends, is typically the voice of reason among her friends' constant disputes; When things get a little wild, her reactions are often unpredictably negative. Despite this, she's a loyal friend who helps Brandy adapt to foreign life in the jungle, despite her disgust towards a snake eating raw meals. Lola mostly wants a nice, new set of arms, which is why she is very sensitive about the fact that she has none, often crying whenever people mock her otherwise.

Ed: Ed is a river otter who functions much better in the water than on land. While he may appear to be be clueless at times, he is quite wise in traditions of the jungle, despite his often dull expression of such knowledge and ongoing rambles about stories of little importance or relation to existing matters. Despite his flaws, he is one of Mr. Whiskers' few loyal friends, keeping close to him despite Brandy's indifference of his presence. Ed often ignores insults, for he prefers just to live a nice, quiet life among his friends.

Cheryl and Meryl: Cheryl and Meryl are two sassy twin toucans who have a bad habit of bickering and fighting with one another. Although They don't always speak in the most gentle tones and often blurt out insensitively, they deeply care about one another.

Margo: Margo is a stuck-up stick bug who's used to being part of the cool crowd, knowing all the most popular hang-outs in the Amazon. Even though she may openly belittle Brandy in order to raise her own social status, Margo still looks up to her new, strange friend at opportune times.

Gaspar Le Gecko: Gaspar is the self-proclaimed leader/entrepreneur/musical-director of the jungle, who isn't afraid to weasel his way to success. While most of the jungle fears him, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers' arrival to the jungle has caused him to lose some influence, as they are often challenging his authority. Gaspar's paramount target is Mr. Whiskers, whom he had planned to make a meal of ever since they first met.


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