Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 2 Episode 9

Auntie Dote / Curses!

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Mar 31, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Auntie Dote / Curses!
Auntie Dote: When Brandy and Mr. Whiskers wake up and realize just how messy their house is, they decide to seek professional assistance in order to keep things clean. However, when Auntie Marla turns out to be the best thing that has ever happened to them, Brandy and Whiskers decide to keep their place a mess in order to keep her coming back each day. Though things soon take a turn for the worse when Brandy and Whiskers vie for Auntie Marla's affection in order to see who her favorite is. Curses!: When Brandy purchases an amulet from Gaspar in order to prove to Whiskers that she is an excellent bargain shopper, she is dismayed to discover that the amulet is actually cursed. However, when Gaspar tells her that the only way to remove the curse is to get someone to willingly take the amulet from her, Brandy must try to trick someone into taking the amulet or risk spending an eternity being haunted by a rude specter who has a tendency of causing problems.moreless

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  • This second season of "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers" just keeps getting better! ^_^

    This episode was very funny and had me laughing the whole way through! In "Auntie Dote", I enjoyed watching Brandy and Whiskers compete to win the "auntie's" love... only to come back to the realization that she loved niether one of them! She was hired by them! HAHA! "Curses" was very funny, too! I liked the part where Whiskers found a "square ball" and thought he had found a good deal! It tuns out neither Brandy, nor Whiskers found a good deal in this story! In the end, we find that Mr. Whiskers is stupid enough to "out-curse" a curse! ^_^ THAT was interesting to see.

    I'm done.moreless
  • A strong recovery after a few near-duds.

    After the very pedestrian 'Pet Peeves', the good 'What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!)', the missed oportunity 'You've Got Snail', the good 'The Magic Hour', the fairly weak 'Net of Lies' and the good 'Dog Play Afternoon' (a series of poor episodes paired with a just 'good' episode), 'Auntie Dote/Curses!' is a nice rebound; they are both great episodes that I hadn't seen since 'Better Off Wet/Loathe Triangle'.

    'Auntie Dote'--Brandy and Whiskers abuse the help of a seeming sweet clean servicing anteater.

    At a glance, it looked as if this was going to be a 'Brandy and Mr. Whiskers' themed episode of the Teen Titans ep "Mother Mae-Eye" (regarded by many as a poor episode of that show), but I'm happy that wasn't the case.

    Auntie Marla proved herself to be a deep character; there is more to her than meets the eye (cue Transformers theme). While she appears kindly, we get a hint at the ending (where she says she was working for a price, not out of love) through the pie she left out to cool on the table. Brandy and Whiskers thought was for them and proceeded to fight over it, but in truth was for her nephew. She's no Mary Poppins, that's for sure.

    I liked Brandy and Whiskers' constant vies for her affections, through the constant 'syrup in the pants', the fancy outfits and the paint fight reference from 'Jungle Makeover'. All was for naught, though.

    I know that the message is 'Don't abuse others'. That, I know, is a good message, taking advantage of someone's good nature is a bad thing and can come back later on.

    Despite the somewhat slow start, I will finish by saying it is a strong episode.

    'Curses!'--Brandy buys a cursed amulet from Gaspar's close-out sale, which she regrets.

    It manages to stay on par with 'Auntie Dote' as a solid episode.

    The humor was a definite asset in this episode. All the different curses that Brandy and Whiskers had to avoid and the fact the curse even had a sense of humor made it a very funny episode.

    I felt the pacing was good and I thought that Kaley Cuoco and Charlie Adler did a bang-up job with the emotions Brandy and Whiskers had to have been feeling.

    If there were any flaws, I thought the shot of Brandy with a photo-realistic bloodhound's head can be seen as a little creepy. The secondary characters, namely Gaspar, Margo, Lola and Ed also could have had some more extensive roles, but I guess that is simply the limits placed on the 11-minute timeframe.

    All things considered, 'Auntie Dote/Curses!' are a superb pair of episodes that I would encourage viewers, both newcomers and veterans of Brandy and Mr. Whiskers to see; they are worthy additions in the show as a whole, with great humor and strong messages in both.

    'Well, how about that? Boy, we really should have read the whole thing. Or at least, looked at the pictures.'

    --Can't buy me love, 'Auntie Dote'moreless
Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


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John DiMaggio


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    • Ed: Nice to meet you Mr. Voice of Doom and Destruction.
      Specter: Nice to meet you Ed. Curse you Brandy Harrington!
      (The specter laughs menacingly)
      Ed: An odd sense of humor on that one, no?

    • Mr. Whiskers: Got any threes?
      Specter: Go fish.
      Mr. Whiskers: How about fours?
      Specter: Uh, I just asked you for fours, you said you didn't have any!

    • Brandy: (to Mr. Whiskers) You didn't just say I don't know a bargain, did you?! There is no one, no one who knows a bargain like Brandy Harrington! If there is a bargain to be found, I will sniff it out like the 1/8th bloodhound I am!

    • Brandy: I'll become the most perfect girl ever, then we'll see who Auntie Marla loves more!
      Mr. Whiskers: Not if I become the most perfect girl ever first!
      Brandy: Don't you mean most perfect boy ever?
      Mr. Whiskers: Maybe.

    • Brandy: (to Auntie Marla) We want to know who you love more.
      Auntie Marla: I love you both just the same amount, zero!
      Brandy & Mr. Whiskers: What?!
      Auntie Marla: I'm a housekeeper little darlin's, you hired me! You can't just buy love like that!

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