Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 17

Bad Brandy / Two Heads Are Not Better Than One

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Apr 29, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Bad Brandy / Two Heads Are Not Better Than One
Bad Brandy: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers have a try at the jungle's biggest sport, Leaf Boarding. Brandy feels she will be the best with her past experience in snowboarding, while Whiskers is afraid to even try the sport due to his overwhelming fear of plants that occurred during his youth. However, Brandy does horrible at the sport while Mr. Whiskers may just be the best Leaf Boarder in the Amazon. With the upcoming Leaf Boarding championship coming up, will Brandy manage to improve her skills or will she embarrass herself completely? Two Heads Are Not Better Than One: After Mr. Whiskers attempts to install a skylight into the house, nearly destroying it all in the process, Brandy insults him claiming that he doesn't think things out. When Mr. Whiskers consults Ed for advice, he goes to the Forbidden Swamp, obtaining himself a second head, one that is incredibly smart, polite and charming. While his new head is quite popular with the other jungle denizens, he himself begins to doubt that getting a second head was wise.moreless

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    Jennifer Hale

    Jennifer Hale

    Margo/Badger Leafrider, Snake Leafrider

    Recurring Role

    Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny

    Frog Leafrider, Fan/Ed

    Recurring Role

    Alanna Ubach

    Alanna Ubach

    Fan #2/Lola Boa

    Recurring Role

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      • (When Brandy greets those at the door, only to discover the two-headed Whiskers)
        Brandy: Aloha! Alo-huh?!

      • (Brandy is rubbing Gaspar's feet)
        Brandy: How is this supposed to make me a better leaf rider?
        Gaspar: Oh yes, leaf riding; back to training.

      • Mr. Whiskers: Brandy, you don't understand what's going on here.
        Brandy: You walk in and your annoying little head disappears.
        Mr. Whiskers: Oh, you do understand.
        Brandy: Understand? I'm looking forward to it!

      • Brandy: It's all my fault. I wanted to be the best, but I would rather be the worst leaf border in a clean competition than the best in a dirty one. I'm sorry, but I'm disqualifying myself.
        Announcer: Rider fourteen withdraws!

      • Brandy: (to Mr. Whiskers' Second Head) You got to get out before anyone else shows up! You're a creepy freak of nature and I don't want you around!

      • Brandy: (angrily) Gaspar, you said you would make me the best and you totally disappeared on me! Ugh, you lied to me!
        Gaspar: Oh Brandy; I am on the tippity-top of everything, you must trust me.

      • Brandy: You bet antique wooden dolls?
        Gaspar: Yes, I'm a collector.

      • Ed: Well, that idea is so dumb, it might just circle around the horn back to smart.

      • Ed: Where does one go to acquire a second head, except the forbidden magical swamp of stay the heck away.
        Mr. Whiskers: Ew, sounds inviting.

      • Brandy: Wow, me twice more beautiful. It is like you'd need to invent new math just to measure it.

      • Brandy: (trying to convince herself) I am the best leaf rider in the Amazon. I am the best leaf rider in the Amazon. (Brandy breaks down and begins to cry) I am the worst leaf rider in the Amazon!

      • Brandy: It's just like snowboarding; the Harringtons take a trip to the slopes every winter. I'm gonna rock this sport just like I rocked that one.

      • Brandy: My snowboarding suit; dress like a champ, shred like a champ!

      • Mr. Whiskers' Second Head: In which I said, why not make me head of state!
        (All the animals begin to laugh)

      • Brandy's Poster: Brandy's like totally beyond great!

      • Mr. Whiskers: What is you self obsession of being the best?
        Brandy: I like to follow an old philosophy that says, why bother doing something if you're not the best at it.
        Mr. Whiskers: That is a horrible philosophy, it will bring you nothing but misery! I once told myself that I was the best racehorse in North America but it didn't work out.
        Brandy: Thanks for the useless advice.

      • Lola: If I had two heads, I could use them as hands!
        Brandy: I don't know Lola, it worked on Whiskers because his first one didn't! (Brandy falls over laughing)

      • Brandy: Whiskers, you're a lot of things: annoying, smelly, gassy, but smart isn't one of them!

      • (In reference to Gaspar's cheating)
        Brandy: This was your plan from the beginning!
        Gaspar: No, the beginning plan was to train you, but surely you are hopeless. The only way to make you the best was to make everyone else worse!

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      • "Bad Brandy" aired on 17 January 2005 and "Two Heads Are Not Better Than One" aired on 18 January 2005 on Toon Disney in the UK.

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