Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 15

Bad Hare Day / Paw and Order

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Feb 04, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Bad Hare Day / Paw and Order
Bad Hare Day: Mr. Whiskers accidentally destroys Brandy's favorite scarf when he barrows it in order to entice some boars. With Ed's help, Mr. Whiskers formulates a plan to shed his own hair and make Brandy a new scarf, but will Mr. Whiskers be capable of doing his plan, all the while keeping Brandy from finding out the truth? Paw and Order: When many of the jungle denizens have items go missing, all the evidence points towards Brandy. Brandy is arrested and sent to jail, though Mr. Whiskers vows to help find out who the real criminal is. But will Mr. Whiskers actually be able to prove Brandy's innocence, or is she even innocent at all?moreless

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      • (Brandy and her date, Tito, are sitting on a tree branch together)
        Tito: You look beautiful, and I adore that fur your wearing.
        Whiskers: Thank you.
        Brandy: What did I say about talking?
        Whiskers: I'm sorry. (Whiskers winks at the camera, then it goes to the commercial break)

      • Mr. Whiskers: Mandy (Saying her name incorrectly)
        Brandy: Brandy (Correcting Him)
        Mr. Whiskers: I don't drink.

      • (After Brandy forced Mr. Whiskers to crash into the wall)
        Mr. Whiskers: You're mean to me.
        Brandy: Guilty as charged.

      • Brandy: Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!
        Mr. Whiskers: But Brandy, I'm juggling! Who doesn't like juggling?!
        Brandy: It lost its charm somewhere around the third hour!

      • Mr. Whiskers: (to Brandy) Fear not, dear girl! All may seem hopeless, but there is no one more hopeless than Mr. Whiskers!
        Brandy: Yeah, I can believe that.

      • Brandy: Guess the only way to get out of here is to do it myself. Sorry, beautiful manicured nails but it's time to dig out.
        (Brandy starts to dig out of the prison)
        Brandy: Sometimes it pays to be a dog.

      • (After Mr. Whiskers used his evidence reading machine)
        Mr. Whiskers: Abraham Lincoln? The great emancipator? Well, he did it, can't argue with science!

      • (After being tossed in prison)
        Brandy: Can this get any worse? Even I can't make these stripes work.

      • (After Mr. Whiskers shriek's due to his hair growing too fast)
        Brandy: I heard you yelling, are you in pain?
        Mr. Whiskers: No, I thought I saw the grim reaper for a second, but it's just an old man's imagination.

      • Lola: (About Brandy's scarf) I could never wear a scarf like that.
        Brandy: Of course you could, Lola.
        Lola: (Sadly) No shoulders.

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