Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 2 Episode 10

Con Hare / Rain Delay

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Apr 07, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Con Hare / Rain Delay

Con Hare: When Gaspar sells Mr. Whiskers some meteor insurance in exchange for a Sugartoad poster, Brandy realizes that what Mr. Whiskers' gained was merely a toaster. She tries to tell Mr. Whiskers and when he finally believes her, he heads off to Gaspar's in order to try to get his poster back, though his attempts yield no results. Mr. Whiskers then asks Brandy for help, in which she suggests that Mr. Whiskers attempt to con Gaspar back in order to retrieve the poster, so Mr. Whiskers employs Ed and the two head off to try to trick Gaspar into giving back the Sugartoad poster.

Rain Delay: Brandy has managed to schedule a samba lesson with a very attractive dancer, much to Margo's chagrin, though the weather takes an unfortunate turn for the worse. Mr. Whiskers wants Brandy to stay inside and play games with him, as the weather is too dreary to travel in, though Brandy decides that she must weather the elements or risk having Margo receive the samba lessons instead of herself.


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  • this episode Rocks!!!!!!!!

    In my opinion this episode was the best in the whole series. I just can't get enough of this episode, no matter how many times I watch it I just can't get enough of it. I have it on tape and I have seen it at least twenty times. Anyway this episode is great. If you are a fan of the show and you haven't seen this episode, you need to find a way to download it or something. But, uh that is really it, but I have like twelve words to go, so I will just make up stuff.Wig wag fling flung.moreless
  • Con Hare and Rain Delay were both very entertaining episodes that I really liked for the way they were handled.

    Con Hare was an excellent episode, despite a few flaws that made this episode not as exciting or as interesting as "Rain Delay". I really enjoyed how the episode started with a unexpected twtst. Usually, I would think the episode would be cliche in the sense Whiskers sold Brandy's poster but its his own one so I enoyed the originality the episode made. Brandy, Ed and Gaspar were also excellent characters in their lines and how they were plotted in the episode. The ending ended in a twist which was alright but not my favourite.

    Rain Delay was a Brandy episode which was really great in my opinion. Like the other Season 2 episodes, I think Margo isnt Brandy's friend anymore because she wasnt happy with her getting Tito. I just simply loved how Brandy was innovative even until she wanted to take off the raft. The ending ended in a yet another twist in which I believe the fans will enjoy because it is amusing.

    The breaking for fourth wall scene was also great, though different from "Loathe Triangle", this episode made it interesting and I liked how it cut to the credits.

    Overall, this episode was really great and I do recommend you to watch it as it is one of the better Season 2 episodes.moreless

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    • Brandy: Look Whiskers, Gaspar is a con-man. The only way to beat a con-man is to think like one. All you need is an idea.
      Whiskers: Great. An idea. All I have to do is sit here and think.
      (Whiskers head starts shaking and sputtering noises are heard)
      Whiskers: Oh, the pain! World, going dark...
      (Whiskers falls over)
      Brandy: Maybe ill just give you an idea.

    • Mr. Whiskers: Hey Brandy, I see you're getting all dolled up. Where are we going?
      Brandy: We're not going anywhere; I'm going to Tito's house.
      Mr. Whiskers: Tito? That swanky monkey all the ladies swoon over?
      Brandy: Yeah, I got samba lessons, which everyone knows is the codeword for romance!

    • (When Brandy was tricking Gaspar about the award ceremony)
      Gaspar: This is such short notice, where am I supposed to find a date?
      Brandy: I thought you'd never ask.
      Gaspar: I didn't.
      Brandy: Didn't you?
      Gaspar: Ah, touché!

    • (The episode ends, though the scene changes to Brandy and Mr. Whiskers on stage)
      Brandy: Well, that's another episode of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers!
      (Brandy stops Whiskers from picking his toe)
      Mr. Whiskers: See ya' next time!
      Cue Guy: (whispering) Forty-five seconds, guys.
      Brandy: Forty-five seconds?
      Mr. Whiskers: You're kidding me.
      Brandy: What do we do?
      Mr. Whiskers: I'll do my dance at the Celtic Moon!
      Brandy: No, no dancing!
      Mr. Whiskers: All right, wanna talk about what we learned today?
      Brandy: No.
      Mr. Whiskers: Wanna talk about what we didn't learn?
      Cue Guy: (whispering) Twenty-five seconds.
      Brandy: Fine.
      Mr. Whiskers: I didn't learn the square root of sixty-four.
      Brandy: I didn't learn not to hate Whiskers.
      Mr. Whiskers: I didn't learn the true meaning of Christmas.
      Brandy: I didn't learn, ugh, this is stupid!
      Cue Guy: (whispering) Ten seconds.
      Mr. Whiskers: I'm doing the dance!
      (Mr. Whiskers walks off camera, Brandy jumps after him)
      Brandy: I said no dancing!
      (The two struggle, Mr. Whiskers comes out wearing a kilt)
      Mr. Whiskers: Ha ha! And now, the dance of the Celtic Moo…
      (Mr. Whiskers gets cut off, the credits for the episode start to roll)

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