Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 2

Cyranosaurus Rex / To the Moon, Whiskers

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Aug 21, 2004 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Nitpick: In the episode "Cyranosaurus Rex", Mr. Whiskers mentions that he would go along with Brandy's plan as long as it didn't involve changing his underwear. However, in the episode "To the Moon, Whiskers", he wishes for new underwear on the falling star.

  • Quotes

    • Lizard: What's that smell?
      Whiskers: Yo, whats the 911?

    • Lizard: What's on your head?
      Whiskers: It is a birthmark, and I would thank you not to stare.

    • Brandy: They say that if you make a wish on a falling star, your wish will come true.
      Lola: Come on, come on, mama needs some new arms.

    • Whiskers: Boy it stinks in here. You'd think that with all those getting swallowed by a giant lizard drills in school would have warned us about the SMELL!

    • Brandy: I use herbal shampoo, that's no reason to eat me.
      Monkey: You'll have to go through me before you touch the woman I love.
      (lizard hits it off the tree)
      Brandy: Freaky bug eyed monkey thingy!

    • Brandy: This isn't about you! Ok, maybe a little. But this lizard is challenging everything I know about romance and I am not going to let her win!

    • (Brandy watching Whiskers get beat up)
      Brandy: Oh, Not Good.
      (Freaky Monkey plays violin)
      Brandy: I'm still not going out with you.

    • Cheryl: Yeah, it's hard being the cute one.
      Meryl: How would YOU know?
      Cheryl: Excuse my sister, she can't see straight from the black eye I'm gonna give her.

    • Meryl: Cheryl.
      Cheryl: Meryl.
      Meryl: I didn't really wish you weren't my twin sister.
      Cheryl: you didn't?
      Meryl: I wished your beak got so big, you'd fall out of the nest and crack that bird brain of yours wide open!
      Cheryl: Mama told me there'd be days like this!

    • Lola: (about Whiskers) You know, if my wish came true, I'd be slapping him silly with my new set of beautiful arms!

    • Meryl: I wish I never had a sister!
      Cheryl: You calling me out?!
      Meryl: I'm calling you ugly!

    • Brandy: Oh, freaky bug eyed monkey thingy, I'm so sorry. I was so mean to you and you saved me, and I don't even know your name.
      (Brandy kisses the monkey)
      Monkey: You can call me Vegas, baby, because I just hit the jackpot!

    • Brandy: I am the unapproachable beauty; they all want me because they know they can't have me.

    • Brandy: You're not my boyfriend!
      Monkey: That's not what you said at the tree, Ms. Hard to Get.

    • Brandy: (to Whiskers, about Isabelle) Girls love a romantic; give her poetry and she's yours forever.

    • Brandy: What did you wish for?
      Mr. Whiskers: That we'd always be together.
      Brandy: (touched) Aw, Whiskers!

    • Mr. Whiskers: Now be gone so I can smooch my crayon drawing in peace!

    • Mr. Whiskers: (to Boris) I want to be you.
      Boris: You want to be fifty-year old monkey with a diaper rash?

    • Boris: What part of neit, don't you understand?
      Mr. Whiskers: The neit part.

  • Notes

    • "To The Moon" can be found on the Game Boy Advance Video Cartridge Disney Channel Collection Volume 2.

    • Brandon Sawyer, who wrote "Cyranosaurus Rex" was nominated for "Writing in an Animated Television" in the 2005 Annie Awards.

    • Rossen Varbanov, who storyboarded in "To The Moon, Whiskers" was nominated for "Storyboarding in an Animated Production" in the 2005 Annie Awards.

    • Aired in part with three other episodes for a two hour period to celebrate the premiere.

  • Allusions

    • Episode title: "To the Moon, Whiskers"

      The episode title "To the Moon, Whiskers" is a reference to the famous line said by Ralph from The Honeymooners. Brandy's head, in the title graphic, is even in a body that resembles Ralph's.