Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 9

Dear Diary / Less Than Hero

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Sep 25, 2004 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Dear Diary: Brandy is writing in her diary when Mr. Whiskers comes in while dressed in a Shakespearian outfit, in which she ignores him and continues to write in her diary. Mr. Whiskers continues to try to get her attention, in which he eventually annoys her enough to where she looks at him. After she does, he asks her what he is doing and he pretends to try to escape from an invisible box in the manner a mime would, in which Brandy expresses he is just being embarrassing as he usually is. Brandy asks him if he knows how to read, in which he gives an elaborate answer stating what reading is, though when Brandy asks how he knew that he said he read it from the dictionary, in which Brandy is pleased because he can now read a book to pass the time. Brandy puts her diary down on her bed and she leaves the house to get a manicure, though on her way out she tells Mr. Whiskers that he can read anything he wants, in which she didn't realize her diary was still sitting out. As soon as she goes out the door, Mr. Whiskers grabs her diary and begins to read it. Brandy returns and she finds Mr. Whiskers reading her diary, in which she panics in shock and she tries to explain why he cannot read her diary, though he is more interested in teasing her for hating a certain "Mr. W" so much, in which Brandy tells him that "Mr. W" is him and she takes her diary back and hits him with it. She demands that Mr. Whiskers completely forget about everything he read he proclaims that he already forgot it, though when Lola Boa comes in and asks her out to lunch and Brandy agrees, Mr. Whiskers tells Lola Boa that Brandy is disgusted by how Lola Boa eats, which causes Lola Boa to begin crying and she runs away, in which Brandy smacks Mr. Whiskers with the book again, causing him and the book to fly out the window. Brandy then sticks her head out the window and she demands Mr. Whiskers stop telling people what she read, in which Brandy goes and gets her Diary and they head to the beach. Brandy finds Cheryl and Meryl there and she expresses that she needs to talk to them, but Mr. Whiskers comes up and states that Brandy hates how they keep on fighting, which causes them to become angry at Brandy and they run away. Brandy then tries to hide the diary so that Mr. Whiskers can never read it again, though every time she attempts to hide it, Mr. Whiskers appears out of no where and picks the diary up and begins to read it. Eventually, Mr. Whiskers dives for the diary and falls down a cliff, which in still not learning his lesson after that, Brandy decides to take more drastic measures. When Mr. Whiskers is asleep she makes a false diary entry claiming Lola has a crush on him and that Ed swears like a sailor and that they she is going to sacrifice Mr. Whiskers to a tarantula. The next day, Mr. Whiskers reads that and flips out, in which he then runs to try to fight the tarantula to prevent him from being sacrificed. On the way, Lola Boa says hello to him, in which he tells her that their relationship wouldn't work out since she is a reptile and he's a mammal, much to Lola's confusion. Ed appears and Mr. Whiskers insults him for a potty mouth, which puzzles Ed though he does confess to saying normal words in anger such as "fiddlesticks". Mr. Whiskers continues to run away after yelling at Lola Boa, Ed, Cheryl, and Meryl and he eventually comes to the tarantula's web, in which he gets captures. Later, Brandy is explaining what happened to Ed, Lola Boa, Cheryl and Meryl and they begin to go looking for him, though when Brandy finds him in the spider web she climbs up and explains what happened. However, when the tarantula comes, Brandy bites through the web with her teeth and Mr. Whiskers and her fall to the ground, though with Mr. Whiskers paralyzed due to the spider's venom Brandy drags him through the woods to try to save him, though the tarantula gives chase. Eventually they come to a cliff, in which Mr. Whiskers regains his movement and he begins to mock the tarantula by reading from the tarantula's diary. Brandy is upset because Mr. Whiskers still didn't learn his lesson and she begins to console the tarantula, in which Brandy and the tarantula become friends and they decide to work together. The episode ends with Brandy and the tarantula writing about each other in their diaries, while Mr. Whiskers is stuck outside hanging in the tarantula's web pleading to be let down. Less Than Hero: Brandy is holding a food drive for the less fortunate, in which Lola Boa is squeezing fruits to make juice, Ed was keeping inventory and Brandy was greeting people and giving out the food. Mr. Whiskers comes up and speaks with Brandy. He requests he be able to help out because he wants to be useful. But the only job Brandy can trust Mr. Whiskers with is holding a sign, which makes Mr. Whiskers depressed because he would just be doing the dirt's job. Brandy explains that Mr. Whiskers always ends up screwing things up, which Mr. Whiskers realizes is the truth and he goes off depressed, though when he leans on a sign and knocks over a stack of coconuts, which scare Lola Boa which causes juice to go into Cheryl and Meryl's eyes, the food drive begins to fall apart and Brandy gets angry with Mr. Whiskers and she sends him away. Mr. Whiskers then begins to walk throughout the jungle, depressed because he doesn't have a good purpose in the jungle, though when a comic blows into Mr. Whiskers face, after he requests he be given a sign, he notices something that he believes will give him a purpose. Upon reading the comic, in which he sees a superhero rescuing a woman from some thugs, Mr. Whiskers believes his purpose is to sell comics, though he shortly after changes his mind and decides that he will become a superhero. Mr. Whiskers then goes and dresses up in a superhero outfit and he calls himself Captain Fruity. He then goes and rescues a family of creatures from a pack of jaguars by tossing fruit at them until they runaway. Mr. Whiskers, ecstatic that he now has a purpose, runs back to Brandy to tell her, but she already knows and she doesn't care. Since they live in a low-crime part of the Amazon, she expresses that there isn't much of a need for super heroes. Mr. Whiskers refuses to believe that and he goes around the jungle throwing fruit at people for frivolous crimes, such as snoring or using improper grammar, which eventually makes the jungle denizens mad and they talk about how much of a menace Captain Fruity is. Brandy tells Mr. Whiskers that he is no good at being good, which makes him depressed. However, another comic blows in on a gust of fate and upon reading it Mr. Whiskers sees a picture of a super villain, and he decides to become one himself. Mr. Whiskers proclaims himself Dark Sith Fruity, and then goes around the jungle tossing fruit at everyone for practically no reason. They eventually grow weary, and news of his actions come to Brandy. Lola Boa suggests that they all dress up as super heroes and give him a taste of his own medicine, though Brandy refuses to go that far and while Lola Boa, Ed, Cheryl and Meryl all dress up as super heroes, Brandy refuses and she just goes as her. Mr. Whiskers, however, planted a trap for them and they all fall for it, though upon Mr. Whiskers' evil comments Brandy apologizes and she explains that she was wrong to say what she did, but Mr. Whiskers isn't evil and he knows that he isn't. Mr. Whiskers then becomes saddened and confused and he goes off to think, and another gust of fate blows a comic book into his face and he looks and sees an annoying, mess-up sidekick. The comic hero tells the sidekick that every hero needs a sidekick who screws up all the time. Mr. Whiskers becomes ecstatic upon hearing the news, as he now has a purpose. But when jaguars come to attempt to eat the trapped Brandy and her friends, Mr. Whiskers appears and tells Brandy that he learned his lesson, and the jaguars attack him. However, Mr. Whiskers bends over to pick up a rock, which causes a jaguar to slam into the tree, causing fruit to fall and trip the other jaguars, which causes one jaguar to drop the rope and Brandy and her friends fall on top of the jaguars, knocking them out. Mr. Whiskers is embraced by his friends for being who he is and later that day Mr. Whiskers is retiring his fruit so that he can be himself from that point on, though when he hears Brandy singing while putting on a facial mask for the night, he decides some things are too cruel and the episode ends with him attacking Brandy with fruit.