Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 10

Flim Flam Fever / Private Antics, Major Problems

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Oct 02, 2004 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Flim Flam Fever: This episode begins with Brandy trying to wash her clothes, though one of her favorite shirts get eaten up by piranhas. Brandy, frustrated with having to do her own chores when she is used to being pampered walks further downstream, but stumbles across Lola Boa who is coughing. Many of the jungle denizens rush to Lola Boa's aid asking if she needed any help but she declines. However, Brandy then decides to formulate a plan to pretend she is sick so that the jungle denizens will help her as well. As the next day arrives, Mr. Whiskers wakes up but when he tries to get Brandy out of bed she pretends to be sick, in which she informs Mr. Whiskers not to tell anyone else she is sick because she knows he can't keep a secret. As many of the jungle denizens come to help Brandy, she exploited the opportunity and she gets a nice bath and she gets Mr. Whiskers to go wash her clothes and so forth. However, Ed the Otter ruins her enjoyment by saying she needs to get a lot of sleep. After her friends leave, Brandy does a victory dance of sorts to celebrate her plan working, though Mr. Whiskers sees her, but she manages to trick him into thinking she is still sick. Later, Mr. Whiskers is informed that there is a plant that can cure any sickness that is on top of a mountain, in which he then begins to embark on the treacherous journey to retrieve that plant. Meanwhile, the jungle denizens then go back to Brandy's house to try some of their home made cures, which tends to be too much for Brandy to deal with. Brandy has to eat some horrible tasting soup and various other forms of home remedies that each of her friends brought to her, but after she takes as much as she can she confesses that she faked her sickness because she wanted to be pampered, which caused her friends to be shocked and upset. Meanwhile, Mr. Whiskers goes through a ton of ordeals in his attempt to find the plant that would cure Brandy, but when he reaches the mountain top he finds that there are two plants. When Mr. Whiskers picks the wrong plant and he brings it back to Brandy, he finds out that it wasn't the right plant, and the plant he had spit out a pollen that made all the friends sick except Brandy who was tall enough to avoid the pollen. However, since all her friends were sick, Brandy then takes care of her friends in repayment for her lie, and the episode ends right as one of her friends puke in which she sighs and leaves to get a mop of sorts. Private Antics, Major Problems: This episode begins with Brandy and Mr. Whiskers wearing military uniforms, in which Mr. Whiskers informs her she needs to watch for ant eaters and Brandy says she doesn't care why so Mr. Whiskers tells the story from the beginning. As Mr. Whiskers and Brandy are trying to find the most tasty fruit in the jungle, Brandy eventually gets the fruit but she finds that it tastes like dirty socks, in which Mr. Whiskers loves the taste of. In frustration, Brandy goes and kicks over an ant hill's mound, causing Mr. Whiskers to tell her that she has left the ants exposed, though she says that the ants will build a new mound in no time and she goes home, Mr. Whiskers follows her. However, the Sergeant Ant and a bunch of private ants come outside of the mound for a damage report, and the Sergeant Ant sees Brandy leaving, and he follows her home. Later that day the Sergeant Ant goes to her house and informs her that she has to join their army and defend their hill, Brandy attempts to dodge this duty by just saying sorry, but the Sergeant Ant doesn't buy her act. When she still refuses to go, he orders his ants to go and cut the floor, in which she nearly falls out of the house, though she then agrees to join the Ant Army. However, at Ant boot camp, Brandy doesn't enjoy her work while Mr. Whiskers loves it. Waking up early in the morning and marching for hours. When the Sergeant Ant tells Brandy that a member of the Ant Army needs to list 30 times their weight, she picks up the rock the ants were carrying and tries to smugly surpass the duty, but when she is ordered to lift 30 times her weight an animal jumps on her back, which she is unable to carry though Mr. Whiskers does just fine. However, when Brandy and Mr. Whiskers are placed on the night watch, it returns to the present time, in which Brandy still tries to go to sleep, but Mr. Whiskers hears a noise and notices a bush is moving. As Mr. Whiskers begins to panic, Brandy gets up and walks over to the bush, in which three ant eaters come out. Brandy informs them that they can't eat ants but they tell her that they are called ant eaters for a reason. Brandy then tells them that eating ants is unhealthy and they wouldn't be so fat if they just went from being ant eaters to being plant eaters, in which they agree to do so and the ant eaters leave. The Sergeant Ant watched her actions and he congratulation Brandy on a job well done, in which Brandy asks if she can leave and the Sergeant Ant gives Brandy and Mr. Whiskers an honorary discharge, though Brandy kept the uniform upon her request because she said it looked good on her. As Brandy and Mr. Whiskers go home, Brandy accidentally steps on the Sergeant Ant again, though he turned out to be okay.