Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 21

Freaky Tuesday / The Brain of My Existence

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Aug 12, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Freaky Tuesday / The Brain of My Existence
Freaky Tuesday: Brandy is attempting to teach Lola Boa how to give a pedicure while Mr. Whiskers is attempting to become a one bunny orchestra. However, their two goals soon collide and they get into an argument. Lola Boa threatens Brandy and Mr. Whiskers into going to see a relations counselor, who suggests that they try role-playing as one another to express their true thoughts. However, when Mr. Whiskers continues to role-play when the two return to their home, things take an unexpected turn as all of Brandy's friends begin to believe that Mr. Whiskers is the real Brandy. The Brain of My Existence: When Mr. Whiskers falls out of the tree for yet another time, Brandy insults him, saying that he never uses his brain. However, Mr. Whiskers' brain agrees with her, so he decides to leave his brain and head off to live his own life. Mr. Whiskers begins to become depressed as he feels lonely without his brain inside of his head, so Brandy decides to head off to find Mr. Whiskers' brain in order to return it to the rightful place where it belongs, though how will she manage to convince his brain to go back to the place he hates?moreless

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  • brandy and whiskers get to see how it feels to be in each other's shoes.this was a fantastic episode!!!

    brandy and whiskers get to see how it feels to be in each other's shoes.this was a fantastic episode!!! i started watching the series after i watched this was soooo funny~!! the way whiskers kept saying "Wateva" like brandy was really of the best episodes i have seen so far of this show.its great! its not stupid at all!

    the part where whiskers glues the rabbit ears on lola was wacky and everybody mistakes whiskers as lola and lola as whiskers. over all a great episode and a must watch for all you fans who enjoyed the movie "Freaky Friday"moreless
  • The Worst Episode of 1 of My Favourite Shows

    Brandy and Mr.Whiskers go to Dr.Phyliss a Relationship Doctor and Tries to Cure Them by Making Them Be each Other Which Good News for Whiskers But No for Brandy and Me.The Exsitance of my Brain Some of the Worst Episode in history was Just Cruddy Where Whisker's Brian Leaves Him
  • This episode wasnt the best but IMO, it wasnt the worst either. Freaky Tuesday had a happy ending so it was saved.

    Freaky Tuesday wasnt the best segment in the series but I didn't think it was as bad as some people made it out to be. Sorry if I offend your feelings. I believe Brandy was entirely abused in the episode by everyone and I was happy when she and Mr. Whiskers went back to normal. The flaw with the episode was Brandy farting. Now, when boys fart its funny but when girls do it, its just wrong. And the characters were dumb especially Margo. Only Ed and Brandy were good charatcers in the episode.

    The Brain of My Existence was IMO, not as good as Freaky Tuesday but I liked it. Mr. Whiskers climbing down the steps was character development in th eepisode. I feel Ed was so good in this episode with his lines and I feel as much as this episode was not good for many people, I seemed to like it.moreless
  • Sorry, guys. You've made better episodes.

    I've been trying to record the different episodes of Brandy and Mr. Whiskers whenever I see either a new episode or one I hadn't seen before. But 'Freaky Tuesday/The Brain of My Existance' is a pair of episodes I can just ignore.

    'Freaky Tuesday'--Setup to act like a spoof of Freaky Friday, the movie which was recently remade in 2003, this episode was about Brandy and Whiskers seeing a relationship counselor about how they can't seem to get along and she suggests that they roleplay.

    A lot of this short I just did not enjoy chiefly because the writing in this episode made it hard to decipher wheter Brandy and Whiskers truly did swap bodies or Brandy was only dreaming. It was like 2003's Anger Management all over again. Mainly because not only do Whiskers and their friends go along with the roleplay, but other minor characters...appear to go along with it as well. Unless it's another case of the characters 'just not paying attention to details' (which is something against some characters' natures, Lola and Ed being primary examples, as they have proven to be keen on details in earlier episodes), something tells me Whiskers is not high enough on the social ladder to get the entire Amazon to play along.

    Some other things that irked me included that to go along with the ruse, someone...must have undressed Brandy in her sleep (!!!) (I'm sure that's not a good message to send the kids!).

    Another part was the humor. As I said before, the writing made it confusing. Brandy was not buying that she was actually Whiskers, and Whiskers was now acting like her in every way. When she did go along with it, it didn't improve. Another thing was that before Whiskers cracks, Brandy makes a fart joke, which I thought was much more odd than funny. That type of humor only seems funny if the character making it is a guy. Girls don't strike me as funny in that way (much like how nobody appears to like a movie like 'The Sweetest Thing'), and it seems strange when a girl does it for comedic value.

    This episode did have a few good lines, but not enough to make it worthwhile.

    'The Brain of My Existance'--Whiskers fell out of the tree one too many times, and his brain has had it with not being listened to and leaves. As time passes, Brandy tries to talk his brain into returning to Whiskers. was not the best episode either, but a lot better than 'Freaky Tuesday'. I enjoyed seeing Brandy studying French, which gave it some intellectual value, but the episode was still really strange. Someone's brain just deciding to leave their body is a little eerie, and renting out your head to insects doesn't help. Regardless, Brandy did everything possible to ensure they'd be reunited, which I enjoyed.

    One factor I knew I didn't like was the fact this episode's central focus was not on our leads, but Murray, Whiskers' brain. A body part with a Yiddish-sounding voice, he doesn't appear to have much in terms of personality. I don't tend to like episodes based around characters other than the leads; often, they're not strong enough to be the central focus. He is best left as a minor character (like how he explained how he framed Brandy for the thefts in 'Paw and Order'). Then again, I was willing to buy Whiskers getting a second (and third) head in 'Two Heads Are Not Better Than One'...go figure.

    I did enjoy some parts in the episode, namely the nightclub sequence, and Brandy helping Whiskers in any way she could, and a few solid lines here and there. Them choosing against making Brandy's brain a character helped as well. It was by far the superior episode.

    'Freaky Tuesday/The Brain of My Existance' would not be a pair of episodes I would initate someone into the series with. They struck me as very strange, but not in a good way. They're episodes I can sit down and actually watch, but I will agree that 'Freaky Tuesday' currently stands as the series' worst episode. There are better episodes in the series.

    "What a dork."

    --Brandy towards 'Freaky Tuesday''s main writer, 'The Brain of My Existance'moreless
Hallie Todd

Hallie Todd

Dr. Phyllis

Guest Star

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Ed/Frog, Puma Dad

Recurring Role

Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Lola Boa

Recurring Role

André Sogliuzzo

André Sogliuzzo

Monkey Attendant/Gaspar Le Gecko

Recurring Role

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    • Brandy: Do I hear music?
      Mr. Whiskers: I've rented my head out for parties.

    • (When Mr. Whiskers discovered that his brain actually left him for good)
      Brandy: Oh Whiskers, don't cry. We'll get you a new brain.
      Mr. Whiskers: (cheering up) Really Brandy?
      Brandy: (smiling) No, I just told you that to get you to stop crying!

    • (When Mr. Whiskers is pretending to be Brandy)
      Mr. Whiskers: I don't know what you're talking about; Brandy Harrington can be nice and considerate when she chooses to be.
      Brandy: Brandy Harrington is a selfish jerk who only cares about herself. And what is that outfit? Brandy is hyperconscious about what she wears and she would never let anyone see her in anything less than her best style!
      Mr. Whiskers: Excuse me, I look fabulous. Besides, people like me for who I am.
      Brandy: Oh please, they like Brandy because she's glamorous and chic, the unobtainable beauty in which they all aspire.
      Mr. Whiskers: Ah, that is so, like, not true.

    • Brandy: You always do this Whiskers! Whenever I try to do something nice for myself, you totally ruin it!

    • (During a flashback to Mr. Whiskers' childhood)
      Teacher: Who can tell me the answer to one plus one?
      Mr. Whiskers (raising his hand): I can!
      Mr. Whiskers' Brain: Two! Two! The answer is two!
      Mr. Whiskers: Seven!
      Mr. Whiskers' Brain (disappointed in Mr. Whiskers): Oye!

    • Mr. Whiskers: Ahh! Please let me play it! (speaking quickly) I want to play it, Brandy, I want to play it! Please, oh please, oh please, I want to be Whiskers again! (crying) I want to be Whiskers again, please let me be Whiskers again!
      Brandy: Yes! I'm back! Brandy Harrington is back! And Whiskers, thanks, this was a really great experience for me. I just have one question. How do I get these stupid ears off?!

    • Brandy: (after Mr. Whiskers fell out of the tree house) I should insist on a helmet, but what's the use?

    • (When Mr. Whiskers is pretending to be Brandy)
      Brandy: (to Whiskers) Well, it's no fun being you, that's for sure; you have my sympathies. Now go to sleep, Whiskers, and leave being Brandy Harrington to Brandy Harrington.

    • Mr. Whiskers' Brain: You want to dance?
      Brandy: No thanks, I have a thing about dancing with body parts.
      Mr. Whiskers' Brain: Well, your loss.

    • (When Brandy saw Whiskers fall into the quicksand)
      Brandy: What a dork.

    • Brandy: Whiskers, this has to stop. Do you realize how many time's you've fallen out of the tree house?
      Mr. Whiskers: Seven, maybe eight?
      Brandy: Right, and that's just today.

    • (When Whiskers was recovering at the house after getting his Brain back)
      Brandy: You ok, Whiskers?
      Mr. Whiskers: Yes, in fact, I'm going down to the river for a soak.

    • Brandy: You and I don't work, Whiskers, we're like water and oil.
      Mr. Whiskers: (sadly) I know, I heard the theme song too.

    • Mr. Whiskers: (as Brandy) What if I said, I could do it better than you? I mean, can a Harrington do it best?
      Brandy: (as Whiskers) Nope, Brandy only does cool things, and this is definitely not cool. (Brandy farts).
      Mr. Whiskers: (as Brandy) (sniffing) That wasn't the tuba, was it?
      Brandy: (as Whiskers) Nope. That was me, and guess what, I don't care! If I was Brandy, I'd be embarrassed. But as Whiskers, there's more where that came from!

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    • The episode 'Freaky Tuesday' is a reference to the movie Freaky Friday, in which the characters of those various movies switch lives with another character, which is what occured in this episode.