Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 5

Funky Bunny / The Going Bananas Republic

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Aug 28, 2004 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Funky Bunny: Brandy is preparing for the Harrington Ball, a formal dance in which the Harrington's attend each year. Unfortunately, Brandy is not capable of attending the real one since she is trapped in the Amazon, but she feels that the one she is creating will work quite well. However, while the decorations look great and the ball begins looking like it will be a success, Brandy remembers that she is lacking the most important necessity for a dance, which is a date. Most of the other jungle denizens have dates, in which she attempts to ask everyone, including Ed the Otter, though everyone she attempts to ask to the date declines her offer and she is incapable of finding a proper date for the Harrington Ball, that is, except for Mr. Whiskers, who is Brandy's only choice. Brandy realizes that Mr. Whiskers will just embarrass her, she understood that she will likely regret the choice because Mr. Whiskers is more like her brother and it would be a total embarrassment for someone to take their brother to a dance, but she realizes that she cannot shine like a diamond without a date, so she considers him a necessary evil. Mr. Whiskers, however, decides to do a dance called the Funky Bunny, in which Brandy demands he stops and orders him to not do that dance at the ball, in which he reluctantly agrees to. Brandy goes to get ready, despite the fact that she is worried how the dance will work with Mr. Whiskers as her date. When the Harrington Ball arrives, Mr. Whiskers arrives and he does his best to remain courteous. He complements Margo and Lola Boa, in which they become impressed with the way he is behaving himself, but when he goes to get them a drink he slips and knocks over various tables, causing much of the Ball to become ruined. Brandy gets mad and yells at Mr. Whiskers, in which her friends defend him, though she storms out. Mr. Whiskers, using the advice his brain gives him, finds a way to save the party, in which he does the Funky Bunny dance, which Brandy believes will embarrass her even more. However, when Mr. Whiskers becomes popular due to the dance, Brandy becomes even sadder because the ball was supposed to be her moment to shine. Mr. Whiskers expresses that he needs a dance partner, in which Brandy then joins him in doing the Funky Bunny, in which she enjoys the ball after all and she thanks Mr. Whiskers for doing what he did. The Going Bananas Republic: While Brandy and Mr. Whiskers are going to a swimming hole so that Brandy can work on her tan and so Mr. Whiskers can try not to drown, they get stopped by some of Gaspar Le Gecko's henchmen. They inform them that the swimming hole is restricted to all visitors except Gaspar, in which he proclaims he can do because he is dictator of the jungle. Brandy declares that he isn't allowed to do such a thing, in which she decides to go rally support for an election, in which she says the jungle should be a Democracy because Gaspar doesn't have the right to force people out of swimming. After giving many various speeches and after turning the jungle denizens into a mob of angry protesters, she eventually manages to force Gaspar to hold an election. However, when Brandy announces that she will run against Gaspar, the jungle denizens refuse to permit her to do that because they do not consider her to be any better than Gaspar. Mr. Whiskers then accidentally trips over various things and then sticks his feet into a snake's mouth, in which he then runs away due to his fear of snakes and he runs into a tree. Brandy, upon seeing how the jungle denizens were laughing at Mr. Whiskers, decides to permit Mr. Whiskers to be the candidate for the election. While Brandy gets Mr. Whiskers to avoid issues and say funny things, Gaspar is trying to force people to vote for him, which proves to be his undoing. When the polls close, Mr. Whiskers was deemed the winner through a majority vote, and he becomes the new president of the Amazon. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers then go to the swimming hole in which they attempt to enjoy, but Brandy begins to exclude groups such as stink bugs and carnivores until she deems that no one except the chief advisor and invited guests can visit the swimming hole. Mr. Whiskers decides enough is enough and he tries to convince Brandy that they have been oppressing the jungle denizens for too long after he notices the discontent. Brandy realizes the folly of her ways after she speaks to one of the guests, and after she sees a stink bug and his family, in which she forced out of the swimming hole earlier. She goes to try to apologize to the jungle denizens, in which they refuse to listen to her and they begin to chase her and Mr. Whiskers until Gaspar rescues them. He informs Brandy that if she gives him power back, he can guarantee their safety, in which she agrees to under one condition, that everyone is permitted to use the swimming hole at all times. Gaspar agrees, and the episode ends with Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, along with many other jungle denizens enjoying the swimming hole, with Gaspar trying to hold onto order to no avail.
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