Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 2 Episode 1

Get a Job / Jungle Makeover

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Feb 03, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Get a Job: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers are outside of a Mayan Temple, in which Brandy is holding a map and she tells Whiskers that they're very close to finding what they're looking for. They enter the Mayan Temple and trigger a trap, which causes them to plummet straight down into a secret room, which turns out to be a shopping mall that the animals use to purchase things. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers each head off to find the item of their desires; Brandy comes across a jewel encrusted handbag while Mr. Whiskers comes across a huge container of monkey wax, though they discover that the price is much too high for them to afford. Mr. Whiskers suggests that he and Brandy go get a job in order to get the shiny rocks they require and Brandy reluctantly agrees, so they get employed by one of the food courts in the mall. Soon, they appear in their new uniforms and they're standing at the counter of the food court they work in. Ed drops by and asks for a smoothie, in which Brandy proceeds to make the item he requested, though she fails to do it in the proper manner and Mr. Whiskers forces her to keep trying to do it better. Eventually, she gets it right, though the smoothie explodes from the container and it covers her and much of the store in the liquid, though Ed tastes some off the counter and he gives Brandy a shiny rock for her troubles. The manager of the food court shows up and discovers that Mr. Whiskers has alphabetized the condiments, so he promotes Mr. Whiskers to assistant manager and he scolds Brandy for lying down on the job. In the next scene, Brandy tricks Mr. Whiskers into doing her job by asking him to show her how to do things, though after a while, she tells him that he does it so much better and she convinces him to let her go hang out with her friends, as she tells him she'll be representing the food court. Brandy leaves Mr. Whiskers, though the customers soon start to pile up and Mr. Whiskers finds himself unable to keep up with all the elements of the food court; Brandy watches Mr. Whiskers struggle, but she refuses to do anything to help him and she continues to talk to her friends. The day eventually ends and Mr. Whiskers heads home, though he passes out right before getting into the bed and the alarm rings within a matter of seconds. He reluctantly gets up, smashes the alarm clock, and heads off to work; all the while Brandy is still sleeping in bed, which causes her to arrive at work late. Brandy shirks her responsibilities again and she heads off to do some shopping, though Mr. Whiskers once again finds himself overwhelmed by the demands of the customers. While Brandy is trying on some new shoes, she hears that Mr. Whiskers has gone crazy and she arrives at the food court to discover that such actually was the case. When the manager arrives, he fires Mr. Whiskers and he promotes Brandy to the new assistant manager, though Brandy attempts to decline his offer. After the manager promised to increase her salary and give her a paid vacation, Brandy accepts the job offer, though she expresses the fact that she didn't believe she earned it. The episode ends with Brandy going home to find Mr. Whiskers in a depressed state; she shows him that she purchased the monkey wax for him as a gift and he gives her a big hug, though the scene fades out as Mr. Whiskers starts to chase the monkey delivery men, in hopes of giving them a wax. Jungle Makeover: The episode begins with Brandy being upset at Mr. Whiskers, since he invited the entire jungle over to their house for a party, despite the fact that their house doesn't look good enough to actually hold a party in. While Mr. Whiskers expresses that he likes the way the house looks, Brandy says she is tired of having the cast away styles in her home, so they head to the mall in hopes of getting some supplies for their new house. While there, Mr. Whiskers spends a shiny rock in order to enter a Jungle Makeover contest, though Gaspar Le Gecko is there as well and he spent many more rocks than Mr. Whiskers did to enter the contest. Brandy shows up carrying the stuff that Mr. Whiskers was supposed to carry, in which she angrily drags him back to help her out and they eventually head home to redecorate their house. Brandy attempts to give the house some good Feng Shui, though Mr. Whiskers antics soon ruins many of her changes and after being drenched by Mr. Whiskers' special nose-nugget green paint, she decides to divide the house in an attempt to stop Mr. Whiskers from messing with her. The two get into an argument, though the doorbell soon rings and Brandy discovers that Mr. Whiskers won the Jungle Makeover contest. Brandy becomes ecstatic and she picks up Mr. Whiskers to tell him that they won, though Mr. Whiskers reminds her that they're no longer living together, so he redirects the Jungle Makeover team to his half of the house. Brandy attempts to get Mr. Whiskers to change his mind, though nothing she says can convince him to do such, so she decides to just concentrate on her half of the house. After the house gets built, Brandy finds herself in a jealous demeanor as Mr. Whiskers' new home has a swimming pool and various other luxuries that she was once accustomed with. However, Brandy refuses to believe Mr. Whiskers' house is better than hers and she begins to skulk over how her house now has a beanbag chair and a pink fish, though the tone in which she says such indicates that she is quite angry that her side of the house isn't receiving a makeover. When Mr. Whiskers' house is completed, he invites all the jungle animals into his home for the party, though Brandy attempts to convince them to go to her side of the house, only to be trampled by their stampede. As the party continues, Brandy attempts to convince the animals to go to her party, though all of the animals are enjoying the fine luxuries that Mr. Whiskers' house provides. Eventually, Brandy swallows her pride and she asks Mr. Whiskers if she can come over to the party, though Mr. Whiskers refuses so Brandy begins to beg him by saying he was right and so forth. After she said several things, Mr. Whiskers decides to let her come over because he still considered her to be his best friend, though as soon as Brandy stepped over to Mr. Whiskers' house, it collapses as it exceeded the maximum capacity that was allowed. The episode ends with Brandy & Mr. Whiskers living in their rebuilt house that has changed in several ways, though Mr. Whiskers starts trouble again by claiming that Brandy's girlie items in the bathroom are getting in the way, so he demands they divide the bathroom into two parts; Brandy calls dibs on the toilet side of the bathroom and the episode ends with Mr. Whiskers sighing in defeat.
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