Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 2 Episode 1

Get a Job / Jungle Makeover

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Feb 03, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • I loved the ceiling fan sequence. That was hilarious.

    My favorite scene in this episode was the part where Brandy displayed the fan she installed in the ceiling. Than Whiskers shows Brandy his fan and it's gigantic. Whiskers turns on the gigantic fan and it blows an extremely powerful wind. The wind blows Brandy off-screen and she crashes through the wall leaving a Brandy shaped hole. That gag was really funny and it will go down in history as my favorite gag in the whole series. It's great to see Brandy get abused for a change because I dislike her. She's annoying and not even cute. I wish they would abuse Brandy more than Whiskers. I'd like to see Brandy get smashed in the head with an anvil. Fall off a cliff. Get punched in the head. Get swallowed by a snake. Crash through walls. Squashed by a falling safe. Smashed by a falling tree. Blown up by a stick of Dynamite. Hey, she would deserve all that abuse.
  • The season opener opened with some disappointing animation. But, overall, it wasn;t really a horrible episode, just disappointing.

    Get A Job was not one of my favourite storylines. The directors for the episode were Steve Loter (Kim Possible) and John McIntyre (Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls). And, from the superb work Timothy Bjorklund, I think the two of them had major problems with the animation. Mr. Whiskers was drawn out of proportion and the highlight in the eyes of the characters were too much. ANother thing which I actually disliked in this episode was the use of the modern involvement. I think that the directors missed a major detail in "The Babysitter's Flub" and "Trouble in Store". In those episode, no one knew what a mall was. Luckily the currency was still shiny rocks. But in this episode, I did enjoy the fact Brandy and Mr. Whiskers do not fight as much as before. Maybe Dr Phyllis's stupid role-playing did help.

    Jungle Makeover was better because it was directed by Timothy Bjorklund so the photos came back. I am actually happy for that and I really did enjoy the plot although I felt that it was predictable WHiskers would win the Jungle Makeover.

    Overall, this episode was preety disappointing but at least the later episodes are better.
  • A better than average start to Brandy and Mr. Whiskers' second season.

    After the overall weak first season finale (containing the disheartening Freaky Tuesday and the disappointing Brain of My Existance), Brandy and Mr. Whiskers finally return for their second season. The result is...well, not a bang, but not a whimper, either. Just somewhere inbetween.

    'Get a Job'--Finding a hidden shopping mall inside an abandoned Mayan temple, Brandy and Whiskers want to start shopping, but need shiny rocks for their purchases. They get a job working as food vendors, but things go wrong when Brandy starts shirking her share of work.

    There was a mall inside a Mayan temple that everyone in the Amazon knew about...only before, no one seemed to know what a mall was (see 'The Babysitter's Flub'). Brandy introduced the Amazon residents to them in 'Trouble in Store'...where did that come from? (I know I probably shouldn't gripe about continuity, shows like The Flintstones and The Simpsons neglect theirs left and right), but it was odd, like how I felt about The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa (see my review).

    What I liked in this episode included Whiskers' idea for a 'money tree' (it got a good laugh out of me), and there were some other consistencies, such as Brandy not wanting to work (again, stated in 'The Babysitter's Flub') and thinking the uniform would make her hips look big (self-explanatory). Of course, I know what it is like to work fast food (very hectic) so I know that it is a drag when I see a co-worker shirking their responsibilites.

    What I didn't necessarily like, beyond the previously stated 'out of continuity' error, was the 'generic' nature of this episode. It just didn't seem to go anywhere. It was directed by Steve Loter and John McIntyre rather than Russell Marcus and Timothy Bjorklund, and probably due to the direction shift, the animation style differed as well. Whiskers seemed to go out of proportion (especially with his head and his arms that 'flailed') and little attention was paid to shadowing, much like McIntyre's previous work on shows such as 'The Powerpuff Girls'. In addition, it never did the Brandy and Mr. Whiskers trademark of cutting to a photo-realistic image. I missed that.

    I won't say this episode was terrific, but it wasn't terrible either. Just 'in the middle'.

    Jungle Makeover: Whiskers is going to throw a party, but Brandy think the treehouse needs a makeover. They return to the mall where after entering a raffle ticket, Whiskers wins a remodeled home; and Brandy can have no say in the home remodeling (she swore him off).

    Okay, Timothy Bjorklund's directing again. This should be better.

    While obviously meant to exist in the same continuity as 'Get a Job', 'Jungle Makeover' was the superior episode. I loved Whiskers' way he spells his name ("Mr. Whisqqqqers"), and Gaspar Le Gecko not wanting to 'let go' of Whiskers winning.

    The painting part was also very funny (I can imagine someone retching around a set of walls colored like snot), and another nice touch was the 'shadowing'. This is more like the Brandy and Mr. Whiskers I came to know and love.

    Still, I couldn't help but think this episode felt a little generic. It just felt like I saw this episode a bunch of times before.

    Again, maybe my expectations were too high. There have been stronger episodes, but I am anxious to see future misadventures. They aren't the series' best, but it is definitely a rebound from 'Freaky Tuesday/The Brain of My Existance'.

    "This is my side, that is your side, and never twain shall meet, understand?"
    --Great, let's do the same thing for McIntyre and Bjorklund, "Jungle Makeover"