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Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 3

Lack of Brains vs. Brawns / The No Sleep Over

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Aug 21, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Lack of Brains vs. Brawns / The No Sleep Over
Lack of Brains vs. Brawns: After Mr. Whiskers and Brandy go to the Watering hole in order for Brandy to try to get into the in crowd, Mr. Whiskers sits on Lester's rock, which Lester turns out to be the local bully. Lester beats up Mr. Whiskers and tosses him, causing him to ricochet off of a tree and hit Brandy. Brandy needs Mr. Whiskers to improve himself so he doesn't embarrass her in the future, but in order to do so he needs to find away to avoid future conflict with Lester. Will Mr. Whiskers be able to stop Lester from bullying him or will he continue to remain a hazard to Brandy's social life? The No Sleep Over: Brandy is holding a pajama slumber party for the local girls to come to spend the night with her, however, Mr. Whiskers fails to understand the premise though Brandy eventually kicks him out. Mr. Whiskers goes and talks to Ed the Otter whom inadvertently gives him the idea to hold another party, which after it fails Mr. Whiskers reads Brandy's magazine and finds party pranks, in which he then goes to prank Brandy. Brandy's party in the meantime being isn't doing too good and her friends are unimpressed with the party, but will Mr. Whisker's pranks make her party even worse or will it manage to liven the party up?moreless

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  • Brandy & Mr. Whiskers delivers on comedy and great dialogue once again!

    What can I say about such an original and hilarious series? This particular episode had me laughing so hard and so often...I don't think I could pinpoint a specific moment that I loved the most. I think the best part of the "Lack of Brains Vs. Brawn" Episode was when Mr. Whiskers tried to "outsmart" the Ape. Then, the Ape did one over on the poor bunny by showing his intellectual prowess! Hilariously unexpected! I am really impressed by this series, really I am.

    You don't really see such originality and knack for comedic timing in a series made specifically for kids. It's very bold, I think. I also liked the "No Sleep Over" Episode, although I felt it was more of a recycle from some other Disney shows, like Even Stevens.

    All in all, I give this particular episode a "7".moreless
  • Another great installment

    Lack of Brains vs brawns was a very intertaining episode that allowed me to see some great character development in Whiskers and Brandy's characters. Brandy shows that she really was insecure about her popularity status and that she just wanted to be accepted and to make some friends. However I feel she did the wrong approach to do it by dodging Whiskers and showing off, as well as bragging about herself. This shows a little more about Brandy's personality and makes you wonder of how many friends she had back home with the Harringtons.

    I also enjoyed the fact that Whisker's character involved himself in a real life problem with bullies and that he tried everything within his power to stay away from, and befriend Lester until they failed and he decided to stand up to Lester. His idea's were all pretty funny that got a good laugh out of me when it blew up in his face and Lester used him as a back scratcher than shot him back to the treehouse. I also believe that Lester was a very entertaining villain and that it was a unique twist that he knew about chess and the more advanced moves in the game that even the chess master has a hard time pulling off.

    This episode was really unique and was one of the better episodes in the first season.

    The nosleep over was the better of the two episodes since it involved mostly about my favorite character Brandy. It was sad however to see her kick Whiskers out with out trying harder to explain what the party was really about. This episode was not perfect and many of the jokes got a good laugh out of me including the turtle that passed out from exhaustion when crashing into Whiskers and Ed. Another memorible scene was when Whiskers exhaled out into the air and the flew burst into flames which made me laugh quite a bit and still does everytime I see it.

    Some of the jokes however were not that funny like the helecopter incident since the motor is supposed to be loud enough that Brandy could hear it yet she did not believe Whiskers since she thought he was pulling off another prank. The pranks were original like the white chilly pepper and the snake in the present, others not so much.

    In closing these two episodes are one of the better in the season and many of the fans should enjoy these episodes.moreless

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    • Margo: So like, when are the cool girls coming?
      Brandy: We're here!
      Margo: You've got to be kidding.

    • Brandy: (to Whiskers) Why don't you go way over there and I'll go way over there, and maybe I'll see you when you stop ruining my life!

    • Brandy: This is it, the watering hole! The place to be seen; the social nexus of the Amazon!

    • Margo: (referring to Whiskers and Ed) Were those boys?
      Brandy: Only in the most technical sense.

    • Ed: Oh, that is sadder than a shaved monkey with no tail.
      Mr. Whiskers: You don't know the half of it, Ed.

    • Mr. Whiskers: Ed, are you thinking what I'm thinking.
      Ed: I don't know, I'm thinking that moon sure does look pretty tonight!

    • Brandy: I am having a slumber party tonight.
      Mr. Whiskers: A lumber party? That does not sound like much fun.

    • (When Brandy is trying to rescue Mr. Whiskers from Lester)
      Brandy: Hey, don't you touch him!
      (Lester and the jungle denizens gasp, seeing Brandy all torn up and dirty as she approaches them with an angry demeanor, causing them to run away in fear)
      Brandy: Whiskers, Whiskers, speak to me!
      Mr. Whiskers: What happened?
      Brandy: Lester ran off.

    • (When Mr. Whiskers is attempting to avoid Lester and sees him coming)
      Mr. Whiskers: Quick, hide!
      (Mr. Whiskers dives into a bush, Brandy walks up to Lester)
      Brandy: Hey, Lester.
      (Lester walks up, smacks Mr. Whickers through the bush, laughs and then walks away)
      Brandy: Ok, avoidance is a bust.

    • (When Mr. Whiskers sits on Lester's rock)
      Lester: Whose sitting on my rock? I'll rip the flesh from their bones!

    • Brandy: Appearances are everything.
      (Mr. Whiskers takes out a note pad and a pencil and then begins to write)
      Mr. Whiskers: Right, appliances are everything.
      (Brandy sighs)

    • (When Mr. Whiskers and Ed distract the puma that was about to eat Brandy and her friends)
      Margo: You know, that was really fun.
      Brandy: That was really nice what Whiskers did, I'm not sure if I'd of done the same thing for him.
      (The scene flashes to the next day, Mr. Whiskers and Ed are still in the puma suit)
      Mr. Whiskers: Brandy would definately do the same thing for me.

    • (When Mr. Whiskers asks a turtle to come to their party)
      Turtle: Run!
      (The turtle turns around and bumps into Ed)
      Turtle: Run!
      (The turtle turns around and bumps into Mr. Whiskers)
      Turtle: Run!
      (The turtle falls asleep due to exhaustion)

    • (When Brandy is joking to other animals at the watering hole)
      Brandy: And then I said, you just went from king of the jungle to king of the fungle!
      (Brandy and all the animals laugh)

    • Brandy: I'm never coming outside again!
      Mr. Whiskers: Me neither! Terror has a new name: LESTER!

    • Brandy: I don't like to brag, but...
      Mr. Whiskers: Yes you do!
      Brandy: You're right, I do; I throw the absolute best parties!

    • Brandy: I want you to disappear.
      Mr. Whiskers: Great idea! I could do magic tricks! (pulls himself out of a hat) I could pull a rabbit out of the hat! (pulls the hat out of his butt) I could pull the hat out of the rabbit! Then again, that may not be so suitable for all the small children.

    • Brandy: Okay, don't take this personally, but you're an embarrassment, a disgrace, and an eyesore.
      Mr. Whiskers: And I shouldn't take this personally?

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