Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 19

Mini Whiskers / Radio Free Bunny

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Jul 02, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Mini Whiskers / Radio Free Bunny
Mini Whiskers: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers find a baby Tapir after their picnic gets ruined. Brandy decides to take care of the baby until they can find its parents and she leaves the baby in Mr. Whiskers' care until she can find out more about the child. However, when the baby begins to look at Mr. Whiskers for a role model, Brandy is upset because Mr. Whiskers doesn't grasp the concept and begins to teach the Tapir some poor behavioral choices. Radio Free Bunny: Mr. Whiskers is upset because he doesn't have many friends and is highly unpopular. However, when Mr. Whiskers inadvertently swallows a piece of a meteorite and turns into a living radio, he discovers that he may have just of found a method to become popular, though will he find popularity to be all it's supposed to be?moreless

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  • This is two great episodes that gives you that edge of your seat feeling.

    Mini Whiskers was a great episode that I found to be quite funny in every way. The characters were portrayed quite well and it changes the mood of the cartoon. Mr. Whiskers goes from someone who does not like or trust babies due to past experiances where he was stuffed in a washing machine, to a person who is proud to be the tapir's role model. This episode deals with the moral values of being somebodies role model which is unique in it's own way. Since most kids that watch this show are too young to be a role model. It was also was surprising to see Brandy and Mr. Whiskers white water raft down the amazon river and when they think they were safe drop right off a waterfall.

    Radio Free Bunny: was another great episode that dealt with Mr. Whiskers. He is feeling let down due to the fact he can not make friends. Mr. Whiskers swallows a meteor and he becomes a radio. The music was not that bad since most of them I do reconize since my mom listen's to them from her collection of 80's soundtracks. And it gives the viewers the good moral lesson of the importance of not using people and to be a true friend to people. Plus it was surprising to see Brandy admit that she was really Mr.Whisker's true friend.

    All in all it was 2 great episodes that I will not forget for a long time and I recomend the fans to actually watch this episode.moreless
Greg Baldwin

Greg Baldwin

Talk Show Host, Snail, Monkey

Guest Star

André Sogliuzzo

André Sogliuzzo

Gaspar Le Gecko/Announcer, Alligator #2

Recurring Role

Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Bird, Baby Boy/Lola Boa

Recurring Role

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Alligator, Mr. Pecarry/Ed

Recurring Role

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    • Brandy: Whiskers and I have a baby in the house and...
      Ed: Congratulations! I had no idea...
      Brandy: NOT OUR BABY!!!

    • Brandy: Whiskers, would you do a favor for me?
      Mr. Whiskers: Sure, Brandy, anything...
      Brandy: Swallow that rock.
      Mr. Whiskers: Whoa, Brandy, you're a good friend and all but that good of a friend.

    • (In reference to Mr. Whiskers' ability to pick-up radio stations)
      Brandy: Listen, I love music just as much as the next pooch, but don't you think it's freaky, or weird?
      Margo: Oh, it's freaky weird.
      Cheryl: And we like it!
      Meryl: We're gonna hip-hop 'till we can't stop!
      Lola: I like the stuff with the horns!

    • (When Mr. Whiskers was picking his nose at the picnic)
      Brandy: It's a picnic, not a pic-nose!
      Mr. Whiskers: Oh, sorry. Gosh Brandy, I'm just amazed about how much you know! One day, I want to be just like you! Except for the dog part, and caring to much about your looks, and being mean.
      Brandy: Well, that's understandable Whiskers. Everybody wants to be me, and who can blame them?

    • Brandy: (to Mr. Whiskers) Of course you're not popular! There are three simple facts of life: the earth is round, bargain shoes are never a bargain, and Mr. Whiskers is not popular.

    • Brandy: (referring to Poncho) Aw, it looks like a baby!
      Mr. Whiskers: It's pretty big to be a baby.
      Brandy: Whiskers, babies come in all sizes.

    • Mr. Whiskers: (to Brandy, about Poncho) You're going to let a filthy, slobbery beast into our home?!
      Brandy: I let you in.

    • Brandy: So, tomorrow, does anyone want to guess?
      Cheryl and Meryl: Gossip?
      Margo: Shopping?
      Lola: Boys?
      Brandy: Try all of the above!
      (They all begin to laugh)

    • Brandy: So, what have we learned today?
      Mr. Whiskers: That just because you're popular doesn't really mean you have real friends, they were just using me for what I could do.
      Brandy: I was going for 'Brandy is always right', but that will do.

    • Brandy: Popularity is something you are born with, you either have it or you don't.

    • Mr. Whiskers: I guess I didn't take that role-modeling thing seriously enough.
      Brandy: That's the understatement of the year. Look, I don't want to talk about it right now. I just want to go home and take a warm bath, and throw all of your stuff into the woods.

    • Brandy: Whiskers, are you just getting home?
      Mr. Whiskers: Oh yeah, partied the night away. Everybody just loves the ol' radio free bunny!

    • Brandy: Whiskers, stop it! I don't get it, why do you have such a problem with babies?!
      Mr. Whiskers: I don't know.
      (The scene flashes back to Mr. Whiskers' youth, he's being dragged towards a washer by a baby)
      Baby: Bunny get all clean!
      (The scene fades out while the younger Mr. Whiskers is screaming)
      Mr. Whiskers: Well, that could be it.

    • Brandy: Whiskers, what are you doing?!
      Mr. Whiskers: I was just trying to be a good role-model by showing Poncho some of the things he shouldn't do.
      Brandy: That is, by far, the stupidest idea you've ever had!
      Mr. Whiskers : Well, you don't have to be so mean about it!
      Poncho: Brandy mean! (Poncho pushes Brandy off the cliff)
      Mr. Whiskers: Tell me that didn't happen. (the scene replays) Oh, ok, thank you. (to Poncho) Why did you do that?!
      Poncho: You said Brandy mean!
      Mr. Whiskers: Don't listen to everything I say!

    • Radio Announcer: I hear a lot of boohooing over the rainforest these days and I must ask the good citizens, does anybody really care what happens to a bunch of slimy jungle animals?
      Gaspar: I know that I don't.

    • Mr. Whiskers: (tied up like a piñata) There is candy inside me, really? (excited) Then swing away!

    • Brandy: Whiskers, what are you doing?
      Mr. Whiskers: We're just having a little fun, I found out his name is Poncho and he is actually pretty smart, he can do everything I can do.
      Brandy: This is so not funny.
      Mr. Whiskers: That is because you haven't seen him drink milk through his nose.
      Brandy: Whiskers, I asked you to watch him, not turn him into a mini you!
      Poncho: Yay, mini Whiskers!

    • (Whiskers brakes down the door, crushing Margo, Cheryl, Meryl and Lola)
      Mr. Whiskers: Brandy! Brandy! Something is terribly wrong with me!!
      Brandy: What is it today?
      Mr. Whiskers: My feet are smelly, I've got a rash on my backside, my eyes are too close together...
      Brandy: (angrily) Whiskers! Anything new to report here?

    • (Poncho scares away the crocodiles, and comes out laughing)
      Brandy: Poncho, what are you doing? That was very dangerous.
      Poncho: I help friends.
      Brandy: You help your friends? (hugs) That is so sweet!
      Mr. Whiskers: Help your friends? That sounds familiar...
      Brandy: teach him that?
      (Whiskers pulls out a book labeled "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers" script)
      Mr. Whiskers: What do you know? I did! Here it is on page 14!

    • (Brandy is nailing a 'found' poster on a tree)
      Ed: And what are you doing on such a splendid day in this tropical paradise, Ms. Brandy?
      Brandy: Whiskers and I have a baby at the house, and...
      Ed: Hey, congratulations! I had no idea!
      Brandy: Not our baby!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Aired during Disney Channel's "So Hot Summer Click It To Pick It". It beat out "The Show Must Go Wrong / Whiskers The Great". It was then followed by three other episodes of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.

    • "Mini Whiskers" aired on 12 January 2005 and "Radio Free Bunny" aired on 13 January 2005 on Toon Disney in the UK.


    • Episode title: "Radio Free Bunny"

      The episode title "Radio Free Bunny" is a reference to the series Radio Free Roscoe, which is a series involving a radio station.