Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 1

Mr. Whiskers's First Friend / The Babysitter's Flub

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Aug 21, 2004 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Mr. Whiskers's First Friend: This episode begins with Brandy and Mr. Whiskers on an airplane, Brandy is on her way to a resort to be pampered as she usually does and Mr. Whiskers is on his way to camp. Mr. Whiskers gets up and stumbles to Brandy's cage. After they talk, Brandy tells Mr. Whiskers that he isn't going to camp, but rather, he is being sold to a zoo for thirty three cents. Shocked and saddened, Mr. Whiskers asked Brandy if she would be his friend, in which she declined, rather, telling him to go turn on the light so she can read her magazine. As Mr. Whiskers goes to turn on the light, he accidentally opens up the airplane's evacuation door, causing Brandy and himself, along with a bunch of luggage to fall out of the plane and into the Amazon. Of course, Mr. Whiskers managed to pull on an inflatable raft which saved his and Brandy's life. Brandy then begins to panic, trying to pack up her luggage to find the quickest way out of the jungle, all the while being annoyed by Mr. Whiskers who seems to love the new environment. Lola Boa then comes by, scaring Mr. Whiskers, though he then insults her, by claiming she doesn't have eye lids, hands and so forth. Lola Boa then runs away in a tearful state, causing Brandy to get made at Mr. Whiskers. Gaspar Le Gecko then comes and talks to Brandy, offering her a map if she will give him Mr. Whiskers to eat. At first Brandy is reluctant to do so, but after Mr. Whiskers makes some coconuts fall onto her head, she decides to go ahead and do it. However, after Gaspar takes Mr. Whiskers away and Brandy starts to walk towards civilization, she begins to see and hear Mr. Whiskers in various forms, which plays on her conscience. She decides to go back and save Mr. Whiskers. Brandy then goes with Lola Boa to rescue Mr. Whiskers, Brandt distracts Gaspar and his henchmen while Lola goes and puts Mr. Whiskers in her mouth, as she slithers back, Brandy tells Gaspar that a deals a deal and she leaves, though Gaspar quickly notices that Brandy tricked him and they begin to run. Soon, Brandy, Mr. Whiskers and Lola come across a cliff, in which Lola extends to the other side, permitting Brandy and Mr. Whiskers to cross and she retracted as Gaspar was trying to cross her, making him fall down into a cliff. Unfortunately, Brandy looses the map due to a bizarre number of circumstances, though Brandy realizes that she was glad to save Mr. Whiskers. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers then make their house out of some of the debris that fell from the airplane and they begin their life in the Amazon, or at least until they can find away back. The Babysitter's Flub: This episode begins with Brandy and Mr. Whiskers at the beach, Mr. Whiskers is trying to learn how to swim but he isn't sure exactly what to do. Brandy tells him that she will be there if anything happens, so he steps in, though he unfortunately nearly gets swallowed by a crocodile. As Brandy rushes to his rescue, Brandy gets the crocodile to spit out Mr. Whiskers, which causes the crocodile to believe Brandy is his babysitter, in which she responds that she's something of that sort. The crocodile introduces herself as Mama Crock, who needs someone to baby-sit her eggs for awhile, which Brandy eventually agrees to. Brandy takes good care of the eggs and makes sure they are all good, though when Lola Boa, Cheryl and Meryl invite her to come to a watering hole, in which she assumes it will be similar to a mall and she places Mr. Whiskers in charge of watching the eggs, despite Lola Boa's insistence that it was a bad idea. Mr. Whiskers tries to take good care of the eggs, giving them baths and reading them stories, though he finds the job to be much more tiring than he anticipated. He falls asleep next to the eggs, but when he begins to breathe deeply in his sleep, he sucks in the eggs and then spits them out into the top bunk of their bed. Meanwhile, Brandy doesn't like what the watering hole turned out to be, though she still feels it is better than nothing and she enjoys her time, but when Lola once again insists that they go back she declines. Back at the house, Ed the Otter wakes up Mr. Whiskers, in which Mr. Whiskers notices the eggs are gone, though Ed tells him they were in the top bunk of the bed just in time for Mr. Whiskers to catch the eggs before they rolled off. Mr. Whiskers then decides to take the eggs outside but when a bunch of various female animals complement him saying that a man with a stroller is cute, he begins to flex, which caused the stroller to roll down a hill. As Mr. Whiskers chased the eggs to the best of his ability, he went through many hazardous locations and by many dangerous animals to get the eggs back. Meanwhile, Brandy tells Lola Boa that it was Mama Crock who let her baby-sit the eggs, which she then finds out that Mama Crock eats her babysitters, causing Brandy to rush back to her house. She finds Mr. Whiskers there with the eggs, in which he tries to pretend nothing happened, but when the eggs hatch and they find out that there were many different animal eggs there, Mr. Whiskers confesses and Brandy and Mr. Whiskers rush around the jungle to find all the crocodile eggs and to return the other babies. They manage to find all the crocodiles just in time for Mama Crock to pick up her children, though in their haste to return the crocodiles they accidentally picked up a tenth crocodile, which left them in an odd scenario as the episode ended.