Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 2 Episode 8

Net of Lies / Dog Play Afternoon

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Mar 24, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Net of Lies / Dog Play Afternoon
Net of Lies: When Brandy realizes that she promised to participate in a firefly event with Whiskers on the same day Lola Boa bought tickets to a concert in the Amazon, Brandy decides to try to figure out a way to lie to Whiskers in order to get out of her prior engagements. However, when Brandy decides to just leave Whiskers and head to the concert, Whiskers becomes worried because he thinks Brandy may have been abducted by the fireflies, so he heads off to rescue her. Dog Play Afternoon: Mr. Whiskers is excited because there is an audition taking place for a play in the Amazon, though his comments on the subject causes Brandy to decide to enter as well. However, when Margo sabotages Brandy's audition by messing with her drink, Brandy only manages to become the understudy while Margo gets the main role; though Gaspar makes a proposal to Brandy that may just help her get the position that she feels she deserved.moreless

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  • I'm going to talk about what happened to Brandy in these two episodes.

    In Net of Lies, Brandy promises Mr. Whiskers that she'll go to the Firefly event with him, but Lola bought tickets to a Sugartoad concert. She really wanted to go, but she lied in order to go. When I saw the dress that Brandy was wearing, I was thinking that she looked so pretty. Anyway, Whiskers and these other animals ruin the concert. What a bummer! In Dog Play Afternoon, Brandy wanted to try out for a part in the play. Margo decided to get a lot of revenge on her. Just then, she puts a form of water in the cup, but I don't know what's it called. While Brandy was trying out, something embarrassing happened to her. Backstage, Brandy broke down into a lot of tears. Poor, Brandy! The happy part came in when Margo looked like she was painted red, but Brandy did the trick. Brandy actually got the leading role in the play. The sad part was that Mr. Whiskers got seriously injured, but I think he acted out in the play. That's my review of this episode.moreless
  • Very Funny!

    I liked this episode alot.

    Mr. Whiskers was too funny with his crazy ideas about fire flys. I mean, he trys to convince Brandy, with a book, that fire fly are nothing to fear; they're "friends" and later he tells yhe kid scouts the book is nothing but LIES!

    I though I was gonna die laughing!

    So, the first part of this episode is about Brandy learning another lesson about telling lies.

    The second part is also about dishonesty, but isn't as funny as the first.

    I'm done.moreless
  • Netty.

    Net of lies was really an average episode, along with Blind Ambition. which has dreadful. Poking fun at boy scouts isn't funny! I agree with most that this episode had waaaaaaaaayyyyy too much modern involvment.Overall I give this 3.2.

    Dog Play Afternoon was the one that didn't meet my expectations. I liked Margos involvement and the flamango from Bad Hare Days involvment as well. The only charecter that didn't need to be here was the mannattee. I gave this a 4.4.

    YOu can watch this episode, but don't blame me if your not entertained.moreless

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    • (When Gaspar wanted Brandy to put Whiskers out of commission)
      Brandy: I didn't know who the lead was! Whiskers, he's one of my best friends, in a weird let's not overanalyze it sort of way.

    • Margo: Well, well, if it isn't Brandy Harrington.
      Brandy: Hey Margo, you here to try out?
      Margo: Try outs are for people who try; I merely call this a formality. I've won the lead role for the past three years.

    • Mr. Whiskers: Hey, what's the matter?
      Brandy: (crying) I didn't get the part!

    • Mr. Whiskers: So, you weren't kidnapped by giant fireflies?
      Brandy: No Whiskers.
      Mr. Whiskers: Wow, embarrassing.
      Brandy: You think? You only humiliated me in front of every girl in the Amazon, and Gaspar, as well as ruining my one chance to be with Sugar Toad!
      Mr. Whiskers: Actually, I was talking about how you lied to me and it blew up in your face.
      Brandy: Oh yeah, that wasn't my best moment either.

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    • Episode title: "Dog Play Afternoon"

      The title of the episode "Dog Play Afternoon" is a pun on the title of a 1975 film entitled Dog Day Afternoon.