Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 16

One of a Kind / Believe in the Bunny

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Mar 11, 2005 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

One of a Kind: Mr. Whiskers and Brandy are spending some time together, trying to figure out what common interests they have with one another. However, when it turns out that Mr. Whiskers doesn't really have much of a clue when it comes to what Brandy is talking about, she decides to head back home as she feels that it is pointless to keep talking with him. As soon as Brandy leaves, Mr. Whiskers hears a voice claiming that they can't believe they're stuck in the Amazon, in which he assumes Brandy was the speaker and he makes a snide remark towards her, though when it turns out that the voice is actually that of Tiffany Turlington, another dog stranded in the Amazon, he immediately rushes to get Brandy and let her know. When Brandy meets Tiffany, the two of them instantly bond and they begin to cherish their time together, though Tiffany expresses that there is a transmitter in her collar that signals her location to her owners, in which they'll be coming to rescue her before a matter of time. Tiffany offers to take Brandy back to Florida when the rescue helicopter comes, in which Brandy immediately accepts her offer and the two head off to spend more time together, much to Mr. Whiskers' chagrin. As Brandy and Tiffany interact with one another, through fixing one another's hair and discussing their favorite bands and favorite travel destinations, Mr. Whiskers contemplates what he should do as he is lonely. He decides to try to associate himself with Brandy and Tiffany, though when Brandy kicks him out of the house, Tiffany expresses that he is one of a kind and that the world is probably better off that way. Taking her words to heart, Mr. Whiskers decides to try to prove her wrong so he heads off to find some of his relatives in the Amazon. He first attempts to bring in a small mammal, though when it is eaten by a bird of prey as Mr. Whiskers is trying to find an old photo album, he decides to keep looking. His next idea focuses on dressing Ed up as a rabbit, in which Mr. Whiskers tries to force a carrot down Ed's throat in front of Tiffany and Brandy, though his plan backfires and they see right through Ed's costume. Tiffany and Brandy decide to head down to the lagoon in order to sunbathe and talk, though on their way they encounter Mr. Whiskers yet again, who has made a friend out of coconuts, though when he inadvertently knocks the head off of his coconut friend, Brandy suggests he build something more indestructible and Brandy and Tiffany continue their stroll to the lagoon. At the lagoon, Brandy and Tiffany continue to talk, though Brandy starts to realize that the Texas Turlingtons are much richer than the Florida Harringtons, though she tries to lie to Tiffany in order to try to keep her current social status. Meanwhile, Mr. Whiskers has just completed a robotic rabbit, which he plans to use in order to have a friend just like himself, though the machine goes haywire and it starts to chase him in an attempt to destroy him. Mr. Whiskers runs past Brandy and Tiffany and the two of them witness his plight, though at the same time Tiffany's rescue helicopter arrives and Tiffany starts to climb up. Brandy expresses that she needs to rescue her friend, in which Tiffany expresses that the world would be a better place without him and that she shouldn't waste her only opportunity to get rescued over a loser such as Mr. Whiskers. Brandy then angrily replies that if Tiffany doesn't understand what she's doing then there's no point in trying to explain it, so Brandy rushes off to rescue Mr. Whiskers. Right before the robotic bunny pulverized Mr. Whiskers, Brandy swings in on a vine and she cripples the robot and knocks off its head. Tiffany is on the helicopter and she insults Brandy one last time before she heads off, in which Mr. Whiskers attempts to cope with the fact that Brandy must actually like him, as she rescued him instead of rescuing himself. The episode ends with Brandy thanking Mr. Whiskers for showing her the true meaning of friendship, though the robotic bunny comes back to life, in which Mr. Whiskers tries to sacrifice Brandy in order to stop the robot as he runs off into the depths of the Amazon. Believe in the Bunny: Mr. Whiskers is prancing around in the Amazon when he is hit by a sudden bolt of lightning. However, when Mr. Whiskers gets up after the incident, he discovers that his right foot is tapping uncontrollably and he bursts out in a wacky dance of sorts. He immediately rushes home in order to show Brandy what is going on, in which he interrupts Brandy who is trying to tell Cheryl and Meryl a story about what happened earlier that day. Mr. Whiskers shows Brandy what he can do and he expresses the fact that it means Easter is near, though Brandy mentions that they don't have a calendar so it's impossible to know what day it is. Mr. Whiskers then expresses that all rabbits naturally know when Easter is coming, in which Mr. Whiskers pulls down a sheet and a film begins to play that shows two trains crashing into one another. After he fixes his mistake, the film shows how an ancient alien bunny once lived on another planet, though after meeting a female bunny and having the bunny population multiply in number, the ancient alien bunny took all the rabbits to earth and that is where they have lived ever since. However, Mr. Whiskers proclaims that every Easter the ancient alien bunny returns to earth in order to hide some Easter eggs, though Brandy doesn't believe his story as she believes Easter had a different meaning and purpose. Mr. Whiskers doesn't care much for Brandy's claims and he runs off to spread the word of the Easter Bunny. However, when he runs past Gaspar and Cousin Slim, Gaspar's cousin from Texas, they decide to try to hunt down and eat a rabbit, as Slim likes to hunt and hunting is the primary reason that he's decided to visit Gaspar. Later that night, Mr. Whiskers is at the tree house attempting to play a banjo while working on his Easter Bunny song, though Brandy tells him that it's nighttime and that he needs to go to sleep. However, when Mr. Whiskers keeps making noise, Brandy threatens him and he agrees to remain quite until the Easter Bunny arrives; though when Mr. Whiskers hears something in the middle of the night, he screams that the Easter Bunny has arrived. Brandy wakes up in a terrible mood, in which she angrily tells Mr. Whiskers that the Easter Bunny isn't real and that the reason nobody has ever seen him is because he isn't real. Mr. Whiskers refuses to believe Brandy, though he shortly succumbs to her logic and he bursts into tears, which keeps Brandy awake all night. In the morning, Brandy attempts to calm him down by expressing that she now believes in the Easter Bunny, though Mr. Whiskers ignores her and he continues to cry. Lola Boa arrives and tells Brandy that if she doesn't stop Mr. Whiskers from crying, she'll squeeze the both of them; as his crying has kept nearly the entire Amazon awake all night. Brandy decides that in order to restore Mr. Whiskers' faith in the Easter Bunny, he'll need to think that the Easter Bunny has actually arrived and visited the Amazon, though since that cannot occur, she decides that she'll dress up as the Easter Bunny and perform the deeds herself. Brandy dresses up in a makeshift rabbit disguise and she starts bouncing around the Amazon hiding eggs, though she enjoys herself as she considers bouncing to be quite entertaining. However, Brandy hops right past Gaspar and Cousin Slim while proclaiming that she is the Easter Bunny, in which Gaspar and Cousin Slim decide to capture and eat her, as they haven't been able to find a rabbit up until that point. Gaspar and Slim easily capture Brandy, though she tries to express that she isn't really a rabbit, though Gaspar is set on eating some rabbit and he refuses to believe that she is telling the truth. Brandy decides to leave a trail of eggs in order to let her friends know where she is, though the scene changes to Ed, Cheryl, Meryl and Lola waking Mr. Whiskers up in order to tell him that the Easter Bunny has been hiding eggs. Mr. Whiskers ecstatically jumps up and he begins to search for the eggs, though he drags Brandy's friends along with him. Eventually, Mr. Whiskers stumbles across the trail of eggs and he begins to follow them, consuming the ones that he picks up, though he eventually discovers that Gaspar and Cousin Slim are slow roasting Brandy over an open fire. Mr. Whiskers asks Brandy what is going on, in which Brandy confesses that she was trying to be the Easter Bunny in order to restore his confidence, though Mr. Whiskers expresses that he's come to terms with what has happened. However, Gaspar and Cousin Slim refuse to care, as they'll just eat Brandy even though she isn't a rabbit, though Lola Boa rushes out and forces Mr. Whiskers to spit out the eggs that he was eating, which causes Gaspar and Cousin Slim to run away. After Mr. Whiskers and the rest of Brandy's fans rescue Brandy, the two head home where Brandy expresses that she is sorry that she said what she said. The episode ends with Brandy & Mr. Whiskers returning home, though the two of them discover that their house is full of Easter eggs and candy, in which Mr. Whiskers looks out the window and he witnesses the alien bunny's spacecraft as it is taking off; though Brandy merely stands there in disbelief over what has just taken place.
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