Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 16

One of a Kind / Believe in the Bunny

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Mar 11, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • A great episode

    These two episodes were great even though I like all the epiodes I'd have to put this one in my top three faviortes okay first Brandy meets a new friend Tiffany Turlington of the Texas Turlingtons and they have so much in common but Whiskers starts to feel left out so he created a bunny robot type thing and it ended up trying to kill him but when the rescue plane comes to save Tiffany Brandy helps Whiskers instead, then its Easter and Whiskers is so excited for the easter bunny until Brandy tells him hes not real so after Brandy gets tiered of Mr. Whiskers constint crying she dresses up as the Easter bunny and went around and threw eggs around but when Brandy is captured by Gaspar and his cousin its up to Whiskers to save her which he dose and when they get home there treehouse is filled with chalocet and it turns out the easter bunny is real after all. These episodes were really funny like all the other episodes, but this one is in my top three.
  • I admit; I love these holiday episodes!

    Since I was a child, I grew up having a fondness for holiday-related episodes of a series. 'One of a Kind/Believe in the Bunny' is no exception.

    'One of a Kind'--Whiskers wants to make a friend who is just like him in every way, much like how Brandy makes a friend in the form of Tiffany Turlington, another dog with a similar story.

    It is a fun episode to watch, while the basic idea could have been a little risky. As anyone who writes stories will tell you, you don't want to pair up two characters that are too similar; they can make each other seem redundant.

    While Tiffany, as a character, is like Brandy is (almost) every way, there is enough differences to seperate them both; we learn that Brandy's family isn't as wealthy as originally thought and that makes for some good character development. Tiffany also lacks the compassion that Brandy has; she thinks only of her rescue when Whiskers is in danger and Brandy knows she must come to his aid.

    While there wasn't a lot of variety in the overall material (a lot of it involves Whiskers trying to prove he's not 'One of a Kind' to the girls, much to Ed's chagrin), I still thought of it as a good episode and I would reccomend it when you get the chance.

    'Believe in the Bunny'--Brandy must try to resurrect Whiskers' Easter spirit after she tells him that there is no Easter Bunny.

    I liked this episode a bit better; it might have something to do with the fact I am a sucker for holiday-related episodes and I enjoyed this one quite a bit.

    Whiskers, being a bunny, has a sixth sense about Easter (as established by his funny little film clip--he'll dress in drag if need be). The following night is also good for laughs; we can identify as Brandy wants to sleep and Whiskers is eagerly anticipating Easter that it is like having a younger sibling who clings to holiday characters as being real and one night can seem like weeks for them. While I know that I can see Whiskers' despair as a harsh reality check, his crying, unlike Brandy's, is often played for laughs rather than drama and it is heart-wrenching, but funny to watch. Brandy reveals to us that she does have a sweet, caring side as she tries to resusitate Whiskers' Easter spirit by hiding Easter Eggs (did anyone else think she looked cute in her Easter Bunny disguise?).

    We also get some character development for Gaspar Le Gecko, his cousin Slim is visiting as evidence that Gaspar does have family from the U.S., as previously stated. They both got great roles in this episode and it's a good vehicle for Gaspar as well. Seeing Brandy in trouble (she using her Easter Eggs in a straight line was resourceful, which I liked) and Whiskers become the hero alongside Lola, Ed, Cheryl and Meryl is a notable change of pace as well; we can tell that there is a strong sense of friendship between them. The ending, involving Brandy and Whiskers getting their treehouse full of Easter candy made perfect sense in relation to the start of this episode.

    In my honest opinion, I loved 'Believe in the Bunny', it is one of my personal favorite episodes in the series and I always try to watch it before my Easter Sunday. 'One of a Kind' is not perfect, but it is enjoyable. I would reccommend them both, but make sure you stay for 'Believe in the Bunny'.

    'Look, I realize I look fabulously like a bunny, and I was hopping, and my ears are on the long floppy side, but you're making a terrible mistake, I'm not a rabbit!'
    --Role-playing in cartoons can be dangerous, 'Believe in the Bunny'