Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 2 Episode 6

Pet Peeves / What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!)

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Mar 10, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Pet Peeves / What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!)
Pet Peeves: Mr. Whiskers brings home a small pet rodent after accidentally destroying its habitat during a game with Ed. However, Brandy is skeptical because Mr. Whiskers' previous pet parakeet and fish both died due to his negligent nature, though she decided that she'll give Mr. Whiskers one last chance in seeing if he can be responsible enough to take care of the rodent. However, when Mr. Whiskers falls asleep with the tree house door open, he frantically searches for the rodent in hopes of bringing it back before Brandy notices his absence. What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!): When Brandy takes notice that some of her older outfits are falling out of fashion, Gaspar arrives and he shows her a new dress that he has, though he only offers to give it to her if she'll pretend to be his girlfriend while his mother is visiting. Brandy is reluctant to participate in the deal because she cannot stand Gaspar, though she decides to go through with the deal for the sake of the dress. However, Brandy soon discovers that putting up with Gaspar is too much even for herself, so she decides to use Whiskers in an attempt to drive Gaspar's mother out of the Amazon.moreless

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  • Another Good Episode

    In Pet Peeves, Mr. Whiskers gets a pet, but Brandy says he won't be able to take care of it. For a few hours, Whiskers takes care of it, but then he looses him. This episode wasn't that good, but it is still funny. Like, when Whiskers drew the horrible picture of Harold, that did not look anything like him, and it turned out that there was a species that looked exactly like the picture Whiskers had drawn. Hahahaha. I thought that was hillarious. I'm glad it all worked out in the end, though. Grade: B+

    The second one was much better. My favorite part was the thousands Whiskers. But, I also liked it when Whiskers was messing up the dinner party and it went to that kitty show. That was totally funny. But, I could not believe Brandy actually kissed Gaspar. Grade: A.moreless
  • Pet Peeves was quite entertaining. And What Price Dignity?!(Cheap!) were both really great episodes that I really enjoyed. I think this is so far one of my favourites.

    Pet Peeves was quite entertaining in my opinion. The rodent was very cute and it was hard to believe Brandy allowed Whiskers to keep the rodent as a pet. But it does seem disappointing she didn't mention the saga in "Mini WHiskers". I really enjoyed this segment because of the ways Whiskers tried to get something back before Brandy kills him (like in "Bad Hare Day"). The whole episode was running smoothly, and I think itr was very smart of Brandy to just let WHiskers torture himself with the ferocious replacement rodent. I would really like to see the rodent in future episodes because hes so cute.

    What Price Dignity?!(Cheap!) was quite funny. I really enjoyed how Mr. Whiskers helped Brandy to irritate 'Gasper's mother'. The humor was quite brilliant, especially the two clown humor. Anyway, the ending was quite nice to see that Brandy resorted to violence on Gaspar though she's never done it before.

    Overall, these two episodes are really flawless in the making. So, I really do recommend you to watch these episodes as they are a fine example of episodes in Season 2.moreless
  • These two episodes are excellent!

    These two episodes are both great in theie own ways. The episodes Pet Peeves had some really funny parts in it. The episode What Price Dignity had a fantastic storyline, with a reversing plot. Both these episodes are very funny, and now this is one of my favorite shows. I have to see more!
Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Guest Star

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler


Recurring Role

André Sogliuzzo

André Sogliuzzo

Gaspar Le Gecko

Recurring Role

Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Lola Boa

Recurring Role

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    • (When Whiskers was laying down next to Harold's cage)
      Brandy: (worried) Whiskers!
      Mr. Whiskers: Oh, hey Brandy. I was just resting my face, after a long day of bestfriendsmanshiping with Harold.
      Brandy: Wow, I got to hand it to you Whiskers; I didn't think he'd still be alive.

    • (When Gaspar's mother was revealed to be another gecko in disguise)
      Brandy: (to Gaspar) That wasn't your mother? You made up this whole scheme just to go out with me?!

    • (When Mr. Whiskers was making a mess of the dinner)
      Brandy: Yep, that's my kid brother, Whiskers! As vile and disgusting as the sun is shiny!
      Mr. Whiskers: Hey, look at my alphabet soup! I can do spelling!
      (Brandy, Gaspar and Gaspar's mother look into Whiskers' bowl)
      Gaspar: (gasping) That is simply obscene!
      Mr. Whiskers: Ya think that's obscene, wait 'til you get a load of this!
      (The announcer interrupts with a red banner that states CENSORED)
      Announcer: Warning! Due to the graphic nature of Mr. Whiskers' actions, we'll just watch the Happy Lump Clowns 'til he's done.
      (The scene changes to a pair of happy clowns in a sunny garden)
      Clown #1: Sharing makes smiles!
      Clown #2: You're special!
      (The two clowns hug)
      Announcer: And we're back!
      (The scene changes back to the show, Gaspar's home is trashed)

    • Gaspar: (while carrying some bones) Visit as long as you like mother; I'll have plenty of room for you once I clear the dead things from my dungeon.

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