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  • This is a really good show! I watched it when it first came on and I never looked back! No one would be stupid enough to remove such an awesome show from their network!

    Oh, man! This show was so awesome! It should have gone longer than it did. I was expecting it to go on longer. It's really sad that it died at such a young age! It had such clever dialogue, great animation, beautiful artwork, and it got better in the second season! I miss this show so much! I was really hoping for a second season! Too bad it didn't have the ratings for it because not enough people actually gave it a chance and now look where it wound up! The only time it comes on is at three in the morning. I even set my alarm at that time on weekends (and days off from school) to watch it. I really wish they made more episodes of this! Even though not very many people liked it, I think this show had a lot of potential to it! I've also read somewhere that there was a movie being made! I sure do hope there's gonna be a movie! If there is I hope it'll be as good as the show was!
  • Can they avoid being eaten alive?

    This show is quite amusing at times with its brand of both word humor and its physical humor. The show's story centers on two animals, a rabbit with the intelligence of a five year old along a serious hygiene problem, and an arrogant, disdainful dog who feels herself to be above all others, with being somewhat self centered. The two have been lost in the jungles of the Amazon due to a heinous mishap and can't seem to find a way out of it. That having been done, they try to make the most of life in the jungle, with the friendship of some of the native inhabitants. Sometimes the two try to escape the jungle and at other times, they are stuck in there for good. With some dirty humor and a fair mix of more sophisticated humor, the show is definitely worth a watch on an afternoon and is good for all ages.
  • Okay. I going to added this review because, even if it's a old one, my critic is old-dated. Now, hee's my updated review of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.

    First of all, i want to make apologises to B&MW fans to bashed the series without know the real content. My sincere apologises. :(

    After watching some episodes, i realised that this show is not bad at all. Brandy is i know a pampered pooch with a hard-temper of being angry and Mr. Whiskers is a looney bunny. Maybe gross sometimes but he's kind of enjoyable for the viewers. And i think the plot of this show is original and unique. The Amazon Jungle is a rare place action for a cartoon series and they get it!

    I find damage that the show is cancelled now. The faults of this cancellation is not the fans but the Disney themeselves and... peoples like me who don't take times to appreciate this cartoon in their entirety. Very sad for a cartoon who deserve many supports despite their loudest humor.

    Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is not my favourite cartoon but just a nice cartoon with a original place for the action of this show.
  • it was okay.

    I only watched it because of Brandy! It was an alright show I dunno why people really don't like it, it was way better than The Emperor's New School! Anyways, the story is Brandy Harrington a spoiled rich puppy and Mr. Whiskers a really dumb bunny who both fall out of an airplane and land in the jungle and become stranded. Brandy being the spoiled pampered pooch that she is was very angry to be so far from civilazation but Mr. Whiskers seems to be doing fine, at first Brandy really can't stand Mr. W. but after awhile she thinks he is just "okay" the two have thier brother-sister moments but still are not exactly best buds. Overall I thought it was an okay show to watch if you were really bored so I'll give it a B.
  • brandy is a very well treated and spoilt dog but when she crashes on an island she meets an anoying, funny trouble making, crazy and wacky bunny wiskers. although they are total differnet they still manage to get along in a way.

    hahahahaha. i cant believe the first time i watched this was in my cousins home theatre and he put it on full volume and when whiskers farted in the episode we were watching, the whole mansion echoed with a boom. good thing it wasn't a real one or else i would have broke my arm that day. When i got back to my home i always made sure that whenever i was watching the show i would put it at a normal volume so that whenever something stupid happens the neighbours would not kill me or complain or worse blow down the door and tell me to lower the tvs F***ing volume but that would be the worst thing they would resort to so maybe i am safe for a while.
  • It should have been kept on the air...

    This animated TV show is about Brandy Harrington, a female dog who is the pampered pet of the Florida Harringtons. She is traveling on a plane and meets a very crazy, hyperactive rabbit named Mr. Whiskers, who tends to speak before he thinks. The door of the plane opens and both of the characters fall out of the sky and into the middle of the amazon rainforest! The two complete opposites must now live together in peace and rivalry while they make some new animal freinds along the way. Anger, hilarity, and romance insue in this completely irresistable cartoon!
  • I don't know what else to describe this.

    Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is one of my favorite cartoons. My favorite character is Brandy because she's so pretty and she's really smart. I don't really like Mr. Whiskers because he's really gross and he can be stupid at times. My favorite episode is when Brandy goes to this concert in Net of Lies (That's the episode). That is my review for the show.
  • the best thing i ever seen

    this has too be one of the top 10 shows you should watch. i mean i watched it, and i have promoted it on my other yeah watch it if you like watching a teenage dog and a dumb rabit or maybe bunny fight each other sometimes. don't listen to what people say and scoring it 0 it is the top class show that people at all ages whould love to watch. so go and agree with my review and agree with my other reviews, and do it now.this is the end of the review, stop reading right now!
  • Well...

    It's an okay show not really the best but it's okay. Well they could have done better but I do like it. How would I describe this...oh yes, it's a so-so show, which means it's okay. Well it's kinda bland and not that funny but it does make me smile sometimes. I'm not saying it's lame nor that it's the greatest show in the world, I'm saying it's okay. I can't really describe it but I'm doing my best. The plot DOES sound very familiar and it HAS been overdone. It isn't that great but it's kinda good I guess.
  • "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers" seems to be the kind of show you don't see these days...

    To me, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is the kind of show you don't see at this day and age -- one that does not go overboard with crude humor (like Fairly OddParents); one that does not give subtle hints of certain things I shouldn't bring up (as do further episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants); and, one that doesn't use too many dumb jokes (like Ned's Declassified).

    Being a video gamer, I've seen plenty of stuff as weird as what you'd see in Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, particularly the WarioWare games. So, when I see the zany humor, it often makes me think of either WarioWare or even EarthBound. There are some weird moments, but there are others that are so funny, they're priceless.

    Whiskers is especially a funny guy, with his dimwitted but loveable intellect, his overly dramatic personality, and sometimes, even his, er, poor hygiene.

    Brandy may be a cute puppy dog, but she's also the classic example of the likes of Paris Hilton (as the Wikipedia article suggests). Sometimes, she can be manipulative, "hyperconscious of her appearance", and stubborn. But, she does have a nicer side; she especially has a sort of fraternal bond with Mr. Whiskers. And, she's friends with Lola Boa, Meryl & Sheryl, and Margo (although Margo wouldn't admit it, I think).

    The animation isn't always top-notch, but it does display "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers"' zaniness almost accurately. Plus, there are various photo cues -- some of which are eyebrow-archers or eye-poppers, and others are funny-bone ticklers -- that emphasize or deliver the punch line.

    Overall, Am2K gives "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers" a 9.5/10. Message for Disney: do us fans a favor and extend the series, if, in any way, possible.
  • wow ok that show was weird lol.....

    well this show about a spoiled dog and a gross bunny living in a rain forest trying to be saved to me not a good story line to tell you the truth its boring you know in the long run brandy the spioled dog is going to be nice the bunny going to become smart there going to be good friends then be saved the end of the show this show is good for 9 year olds or under i cant belive i watched that show oh ya i forgot to say the dog and bunny are going to learn there lesson but i am not trying to put it down its just its kinda know whats going happen well thank you for reading my review and look for my other reviews lol
  • If any show needs to be resurrected from the menacing flames of cancellation, this show is it! :idea:

    The one thing in the world that the public of the world always needs is comedy, and this show is one of the finest examples of comedy on Earth there is. And yet for all it's great positive attributes, Disney says they have cancelled it! But I refuse to give in to the belief that the series is no longer going to be. Perhaps Disney doesn't realize that with the right script ideas and an ingenious mind, they could easily make the show last a total of seven seasons! For what it's worth, I know that I definitely could make the show last for seven seasons, so I hope that there's enough public pressure out there, to keep the chance alive of having this show air on television! Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is about a pampered dog and a unmannered rabbit who get stuck together in the amazon rainforest. Now, they must live together and set aside their differences and become friends.

    I love this show its so funny especially now that Brandy is being actual friends and they get along great. But I still love those first episodes where all she wanted to do is kill him. But I loved how she used to treat him and hurt him too!!! I would tell any body that this show is so funny and every one should watch it. Also I like how around last year they found their was money in the rain forest and there was also a big mall there too with a food court shops jobs an every thing. Its the best show of 2003
  • The two, very different characters, a mean, pampered dog Brandy and a crazy rabbit drop from an airplane to the Amazon rainforest, and are forced to live together.

    B&MW is a good examble of a Disney show that has broken the clishee and has great comedy and excellent characters. The animation is pretty, and the acting is excellent.

    B&MW also is good, because it has parodies of Disney shows, it has lots of things that Disney hasn't done before, even though it's still ment for children. If it would be a human show, it would suck.

    Because you can't watch every episode without getting embarrased, this show doesn't get the best possible score. It still is fun to watch, and is simply the best of the Disney Channel shows yet.
  • This is about a pampered pooch , Brandy Harrington of the Florida Harringtons, and a smelly rabbit, Mr. Whiskers. After they both fall off a plane, they get stuck in the Amazon rainforest.

    This is a great animated comedy made by Disney about a pampered pooch, Brandy Harrington, and a smelly rabit, Mr. Whiskers. This is one of my favarite shows of all time. For me, the only time i can watch it would be 3:30 in the morning,b ut I still watch it! I really can't even pick my favorite episode because they are all soo good, but if I had to choose, it would be Rip Van Whiskers. If anyone hasn't ever watched this show, I suggest watching it as soon as possible. Remember, I rated it a 10 out of 10, so it has to be great!
  • This show is great, I stumbled on it by accident and never looked back. I never get tired of any episodes, no matter how many times I see them!

    I always wanted a LOST spinoff (I think) that is a comedy. This show started off with a pamperd pooch (Brandy Harrington [of the Florida Harringtons}) and a simple, gross, yet entertaining rabbit (Mr. Whiskers [of the Miami municiple zoo]) fall out of a plane, and end up having to deal with each other, through good and bad times. Every episode after that is just as good as the first. I especially like this series because the series' plot moves with a changing world, and we can all relate to it. This show also has many funny flashbacks (because they are relevant, unlike Family Guy [I still like FG though]). Finally, I just want everybody here to know that the fight to save the series is going good, and I cant wait to see what happens next. Also, to those who don't like this show, we watch it with an OPEN MIND! The people who hate this show's minds get so focused on one thing, that you can shine a light into the back of their heads and burn ants. Now I ask you, if you know someone from Disney, are from Dinsey, or have connections to someone at Disney, contact them, and tell them that you want this show back on today!
  • Great Show, one of my farovites.

    I wasn't sure about this show at first. But it grew on me.
    And now it is one of my favorite shows. I really don't think this show gets the respect it deserves. It is funny, witty, and intelligent. The animation is great! In my opinion, I really think more people should give this show a chance. Despite its dark humor, it seems to have good morals at times. And at the end of the day, it can teach some of us a lesson. Anyway, I think this is a really great show and I watch it every chance I get.
  • its the best great but its not medicore along with the other lame disney shows (theproudfamily,davethebarbarion,thebuzzonmaggie,theemperersnewschool)

    well its now ended well it was cheesy i used to hate it im not saying anything bad abuot this show anyone who here likes this show im not saying its bad it could have gotten better its not the best disney channel show ever but its still good it was just gross stupid and unorigonel im not saying its bad or anything its okay but then again im no good with reviews once again i can never do reviews im new in this website anyways im now level 8 also i rewrote my review today
  • a good animated comedy show

    This show is about a dog (brandy) and a stupid rabbit (Mr. whiskers) that have got stranded in the Amazon after a plane crash. Mr. Whiskers always gets brandy in to trouble because and because of this things go wrong. Brandy who is bossy always wants everybody to do what she wants and goes angry if somebody doesn’t listen to her. Mr. Whiskers as always gets into trouble. This is a story of how these two characters and their friends live in the dense Amazon jungle with brandy always wanting to go home and Mr. Whiskers always ruining her plans.
  • Best show on earth next to Bratz.

    I Love this show it is very smart and I love the plots and vocie actors and animation i just love everything about this how it is so funny and original it also has very original chacters and plots it is classic and I will most likely like it forever best thing on tv you should tune in!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this show!

    This show is hilarious! Usually in that weird off the wall sort of way, but its still funny nontheless. I was hoping that this show would go on for a long long time, but now I see that its going to get cancelled in 2007. Its going to be a sad loss. Disney really has a bad habit of canceling their best cartoons.
  • This sahow awsome.

    This show is great and awsome and its my personal favorite and at first i thought this show was dum but then when i saw this more i started liking it more and more than it was really funny and my favorite character is whiskers because i think he's the funniest character.
  • This show rocks.

    Disney’s Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, an animated program from Walt Disney Television Animation, is the quintessential buddy comedy about a pampered pooch and an excitable, offbeat rabbit who must forge a friendship after they both fall out of an airplane and land right in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. While they often fight and bicker because there are very few similarities between them; they do share each other’s fate and they must work together if they wish to survive in the jungle
  • Brandy & Mr.Whiskers is a cute,funny show! somehow i enjoy it alot. now i dont like alot of cartoons but this one is my all-time favorite show to watch when there is nothing good on tv..

    Brandy & Mr.Whiskers a cartoon/animated series about a pampered pooch*Brandy harrington of the florida harringtons* and Mr.Whiskers a weird bunny , fall off of a plane and get stranded in the jungle...A New clever plot for a animated series, i would expect this kind of plot from a reality type of show,but this is the best disney has come up with in years, But now disney is going very down hill with all there animated series that they have recently made...but brandy and mr.whiskers is a great show to watch.sometimes i cant stop watching it. it is a great show.
  • A Pampered pooch living in the jungle with a stupid rabbit...and even though they are "trapped in the jungle", there has been an oppurtunity to go home in almost EVERY episode.. but somehow they pass it up or mess it up..pretty repeative!!

    The show isnt over yet ... there is ONE more episode left Airing in August ... Then Its over For Ever. This Show is OK... It is definitly in the \\\"horrible\\\" Disney channel show bin..which is most of there shows ... They only have about 5 shows that actually reach the cancellation number: 65 ... only shows that have at least 4 Million viewers daily can continue to air and produce episode ... such as thats so raven. Also what makes me angry is that there is about 40 episodes of this show..but the ones that they continue to Air are the same ones over and over...its very annoying.
  • I think it's already off the air, but this had to be one of the worst ideas for a TV show in history I mean even My Mother The Car was better than this. God it's like impossible for Disnet to have a show that lasts more than 40 episodes at least

    I think it's already off the air, but this had to be one of the worst ideas for a TV show in history I mean even My Mother The Car was better than this. God it's like impossible for Disney to have a show that lasts more than 40 episodes at least.

    Some vermin and a stupid looking dog end up together by falling out of a plane. I mean honestly the show would be a alot more funny if they just died from the plane jump and we just watched their rotting corpses for a half hour. The humor is dry... really dry there's hardly any laughs from this show and occasionaly it's big on potty humor (which I hate.) Wow this was the start of the chain of some of the worst shows on Disney channel. And if you don't know what those are. They're the shows that last for about 4 months and end up at the 4:30 A.M. block. This show is terrible.
  • The show is about a canine of some kind and a bunny. They get into trouble but eventually become friends.

    This show sucks! I don't know why Disney Channel thought of this because it just take time away from good Disney shows like The Suite Life and That's so Raven. The show doesn't make sense at all. I H A T E T H E S H O W ! ! !
  • Better than I thought.

    Not bad, seriously, this show is funny.
    Maybe the animation-style looks weird, but I like it. The main plot is good after all.

    Despite the animation-style, the characters are very well-made, with good voice actors.
    However, sometimes the episodes are DUMB, childish and funny at the same time.

    Conclusion: Not the best Disney show, but it's good and I like it.
  • The show is ok but I think its already over.

    When It first came out, I watched it and it was ok. My fav caricture is Brandy of course in the intire show. Its relly a nightmear to be stuck in a jungle with or without someone....well, it woudn't be scary IF you planed to be living there. The show is sorta fun a funny for the kids like me (Sorta) but hears one question, what happened to Magneitoons!!!? So anyways I like the show not as much as Dexters lab but still good. I may hate some parts of the show but some parts I like. I think that there done with tthe show now. I mean whats up with Disney channel??!!! when theres a new cartoon show, it suddenly has new episodes but one year later, it's over.
  • A original and cool comedy series about a ding-a-ling rabbit and a vain pamered pooch getting trapped in a rainforest and must forge a friendship, deal with the animals to survive! Finally something great on Disney!!!

    Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is about a dumb ding-a-ling named Whiskers and a vain pampered pooch named Brandy who fall out of a airplane into a rainforest. The 2 have to forge a friendship and learn to survive and deal with animals. This show is pleaseable. Original too. The plots are funny, twisted, and original!!! My favorite character is Brandy because she is full of herself, peppy, cool, and just like me!!! (kinda) Anyway, this show is full of laughs and brings a smile! Mr. Whiskers jokes are hilarious and so is his stupidness. I love this show!!!
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