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  • A show when you just need a good laugh

    Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is a hilarious show about a pampered dog and a dim and smelly rabbit.They are traveling in an airplane when Mr. Whiskers accidently opens a door and sends them plummetting into the rainforest. There, they must survive the terrible extremes of the forest. Well, not that extreme. The rainforest is just like any other
    place. So Brandy tries to live and thrive while Mr. Whiskers tends to accidently ruin and help her.

    This show is a classic among funny shows.It is one of Disney\'s finest. True, I would like to see more Disney stars voice, but I think that Kaley Cuoco does a fabulous job at Brandy. All the stars do a fantastic job.The one thing I\'d want to change about this show is funnier
    things happening in the jungle.

    Other than what I feel should happen to this show, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is truly comical and cute.
  • I totally love this show, it is just amazingly funny and cool!

    I totally love this show, it is just amazingly funny and cool! I also like the bibliographical and historical references they put on it, most people might not notice but there are many, for example "The Tell-Tale Shoes", where they take some things from "The Tell-Tale Heart" from Edgar Allan Poe. I also like the characters, and every episode leaves a message, I like that sometimes even thought it is not explicit and they say, like in one episode, "wanna talk about what we learned today?, no, wanna talk about what we didn't learn today? ok", the message is still there. So there are many more reasons why this show is so great and Disney should keep doing more and more episodes because it rocks!
  • Can't Disney put any thing that's new AND good?

    Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is a peice of crap! I mean look at it! The bunny is retarted, and the dog is a jerk! They try to live together, and still be themselves. Brandy thinks that she's the coolest girl in the world, and Mr. Whiskers is a moron! Why in the world did Disney do this? Its the worste Spongebob rip off ever!
  • If you're a kid (or adult or teen or whatever) who wants something funny and different, you should give this show a try...

    If you're a kid (or adult or teen or whatever) who wants something funny and different, you should give this show a try.
    "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers" reminds me of Squidward and Spongebob. Brandy hates being around Mr. Whiskers, but never wishes for him to die (kind of like how Squidward feels about Spongebob).
    It's funny to watch Brandy get upset at how stupid Mr. Whiskers is.
    The other characters like Ed and Lola make this show more interesting.
    I don't know what the creator of this show was thinking when he made Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, but he definitely had the right idea!
    I reccomed this show to people who need to laugh.
    Enjoy everyone!!
    I'm done.
  • well..

    i have grown out of cartoons but not long ago i saw this and at first i was like wtf but then i heard the theme tune and i thought this show would be funny but i just like the theme tunes of many other disney programs such as the suite life and thats so raven but overall this show is pretty funny
  • Here\'s the main reason I dislike this show...

    Okay, at first, I thought this was a decent show.
    But I recently realized something.
    Brandy, who is super spoiled, is always mean in the middle of the show.
    At the end, she ends up saying \\\'Sorry\\\' or something to Mr. Whiskers!
    It\\\'s what really annoys me! And, Mr. Whiskers in just plain weird.
    But he always gets the stuff Brandy wants!
    Maybe thats the point of this show, but I still find this show mildly interesting.
  • This is ok, but not all that good.

    I somewhat like this show. It's funny, and has mild adult humor at time. But Brandy and be a real Bitch at times. But funny thing is, she's a female dog. And Bitch is the word for girl dogs. Mr Whiskers is better, and I like him more then Brandy.
  • Could this be? Disney is coming back with a good cartoon show?

    I have got to say that I have not seen o many episodes of this show, but from the episodes I have seen this show has potential. This show is packed with abstract and amazing colors. The characters are very different, but in a good way, and they actually do make me laugh. This show is without a doubt in my mind the Disney channels greatest cartoon. For a while now I have been waiting for that, and then this show came along. I think other Disney channel shows could learn from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. And then, then, maybe they would also be good shows too.
  • Funny, fast-paced (maybe a little too fast) and smart.

    Mr. Whiskers could slow down his dialog so it's ALL understood. But Brandy Harrington is perfect -- a princess, a brat, a cutie! I knew girls like her in high school (though none were as wealthy as she), and loved every one of 'em.

    Besides Brandy, Ed is another favorite. When he starts off a speech with words like “That’s very interesting, Mr. Whiskers. It reminds me of a story that is both fun and inspirational for children aged 9 to 99,” I know we’re in for some fun. (That story had the wonderful line: “and he could tell by the wonderful colors that this was a very special cesspool…”)
  • Its ok not the best but ok

    It has a simple plot-A dumb bunny and a spoiled dog land in the jungle out of an airplane and become stranded so they befriend the animals and adapt. It has its funny moments. Though I don't watch it all the time I enjoy watching it once in a while. Sometimes the episodes get a little boring.I can see some character development sometimes. It has a bunch of different animals in the jungle that contribute more to the show. So- Overall its a good show-not the best but its decent.
  • My name is Angel and I am a recent College Graduate and I love cartoons, and B& Mr. W is quickly becoming my FAVORITE! In fact, a lot of my college friends now love the show.... You\'re never too old to love THIS show or cartoons... grown-ups rule!

    I Love Brandy and Mr. Whiskers! It's fabulous and I hope to see it everyday! It's completely original and written beautifully! GO B&Mr. W!!!! love this show~~ You must WATCH THIS! brandy is not your typical pampered pooch and Mr. Whiskers is nothing like your average hare (rabbit).... They Love one another no matter how many arguments-- the way we all love our brothers and sisters! As a matter of fact, I have my television timed to all Brandy and Mr. Whiskers episodes... I also love their friends and think that the arguing sister tucans are halarious! Love the show!
  • nice show

    i i i i i i ii i ii i ii i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i ii i ii i i i ii i i ii i i ii i ii ii ii i ii ii i i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Why watch this show?

    This show is so weird. Who came up with the idea of a dog and a rabbit living together in the jungle? I can not picture it in my mind! Well it is for littler kids. ( But who in there right mind would watch it?) And don't even get me started on that theme song. The voices aree kind of creepy. The beat is kind of catchy thourgh.
  • Check this show out. Its not cheesy,for babys, for wooses Its just a great show that will have u laughing all through, Its smart witty and just basically a grade A show.

    Baaaaam. It hits right in the face, what was that , I\'ll tell u what it was, it\'s the suprisingly funny show.

    Dont get me wrong Disney is Mad but some Disney shows are a bit chidish but still great.

    Not this one though this encorperate very hillarious non childish jokes about a crazy bunny (Whiskers) and a stuck up dog (Brandy).

    Its not one of those cheesy odd couple shows this ones really funny with the bunny whiskers the comic relief.

    Episodes are always fresh and jokes are always funny. Don\'t think ur to old to watch it. Jokes are maure.

    See it, Seriously
  • Pure good of what happens in the jungle.

    This show is very funny, but sometimes I think they make Mr. whiskers too dumb and he falls of the tree house too much that makes the show a little less funnier. Other than that the show is funny and I like to watch it when I get the chance.
  • The Adventures of Brandy and Mr.Whiskers Trying To Survive in the Jungle

    It Began when Brandy and Whiskers Meet each other on a Plane When Brandy tries To Read a Book she asked Whiskers for a lightswitch But it's the Door and they Fall out of the Plane and they Must Survive the Jungle with Snakes,Monkeys and No Malls Will they Survive.
  • Began watching it and became interested on the cartoon. Very funny!

    I never knew wht this shows was really about until I watched it for the first time. I really like how it goes. I'm still new to it but I really like how Mr. Whiskers is very much a person (a rabbit, correction) that seems to be willing to help his friends. And Brandy seems to be very selfish, since she is rich, before she became stranded with Mr. Whiskers, and seems to learn her lesson at the end. Still, I really like to what this show is about. Willing to watch it a little more!
  • I thought this show was going to be a load of rubbish, but I was wrong! It's a great show!

    This show stands out from most of the crap that we get from Disney today. I admit I've only seen a few episodes, but I think it is really good and some people don't see that this show is better than what they say it is. It has good humour, strange yet appealing characters and a nice background too!

    For a new Disney show, it is very, VERY good!
  • A show that looked like it was gonna flop, but in the end didn't.

    I was amazed, as I often am, that I liked this show. The early commercials made the show look extremely stupid but upon watch it I saw it had a good amount of stupidity. I see this every night while getting ready and laying in bed, as it is on pretty late at night, and I have never been disappointed. A good show that just does things correctly. Being new and having only a few episodes I have seen so far it is hard to write a truly accurate review but my current speculation for the show is all good and I hope it has a bright future but my pessimistic side sees a quick end to it.
  • Cool show!

    I would give Brandy and Mr Whiskers a 8.8 as i don't really find it that nice. I like it coz i like watching shows with animals that can talk. I also like it coz i get to know how abt the Amazon. Keep going Brandy and My Whiskers.... I will always be there to support u^^
  • A dog and a rabbit try to survive in the Amazon together.

    This show is very fun to watch! Mr. Whiskers is flat out funny. And Brandy's reactions to him are great too. The second season starts airing next month, and I can hardly wait! It's about time we get new episodes. I hope it gets good ratings because I want to see the show extended to a third season.
  • Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is a great "buddy series" with a quirky twist. Brandy is a cute little stuck up poodle and Mr. Whiskers is a pet rabbit who..well..he's just funny!

    The show is a hilarious mix of "buddy comedy" goodness and hints of Marx Brothers-esque comedic timing whenever and wherever Mr. Whiskers pops up. Mr. Whiskers is a hilarious character for Chris Sanders (I think that's his name) to portray. You might remember his voice from such classic animated series like Tiny Toons, Animaniacs and a whole bunch of other ones. His voice is unmistakeable. He brings a certain style of unique humor and hilarity to Whiskers that few voice actors would be able to convey.

    Of course, since it's a Disney Channel show, it has morals and lessons to be learned. I mean, come on, critics, if you don't like the whole "learning morals" thing, what do you expect? It's the DISNEY CHANNEL!

    Anyway, that being said, I personally love this show and watch the new episodes every chance I get. To be honest, this is one of the channels that we watch almost all day long.
  • Its really a nice show, but Mr. Whiskers could possibly tone down his annoying acts, and the character designs could use some modernization, but its a OK show to pass the time.

    A lot of people hate this show, but i'll get through it.

    Animation & Style: Its very cute and cuddly but we have a some rough spots here and there. Majorly the character designs are somewhat simple. I'm pretty used to certain anthropomorphic styles and this show only uses some of it. Its a little bit like the very very old black and white style, and thats not really a great style when it comes to Monkeys, whom look hideous in this show. The style seems to be a more advanced version of Teacher's Pet, which is great for me. They already have Brandy modernized and Mr. Whiskers modernized but the rest of the characters are stuck in that Steamboat Willy Era.

    Plot: The episodes are pretty basic fun little episodes. Nothing really important going on, just some adventures, usually cliche adventures used in many other cartoons of this type. The only thing going for them is the humor and randomness of pictures being shown to enhance the comedy. Now this show is sort of funny, but not totally funny. It gets its main points across as they learn about how to treat each other in every episode, and they then ditch their understanding and treat each other like crap again.

    Characters and Voices: Brandy's voice is very very good and on point. I basically believe the voice actor acts like how she would normally talk and her voice is just naturally like that. Her character is also drawn at a different but acceptable style compared to everyone else. Her personality is the main drama of the show, because of her rich snobby attitude she gets herself into some problems with characters. Mr. Whiskers, is however a problem character, now he is the typical dumb character but atleast he shows some intelligence in it. His voice can become very annoying. Then comes Lola Boa, a very nice, very comedic boa. Cheryl and Meryl are pretty funny on their own, when they show their hatefull attitudes to each other.

    Sound: Atleast they play some original music but its a bit cheap sounding. However its music standards are above some cartoons better than it.

    Final Thoughts: Its really a nice show, Mr. Whiskers could possibly tone down his annoying acts, and the character designs could use some modernization, but its a OK show to pass the time.
  • Horrible! this show is everything that is wrong with tv animation.

    Horrible! this show is everything that is wrong with tv animation.

    stumbling through the channels for a cartoon to watch, I cam upon Brandy and Mr.W. what a weak weak weak show. you can tell the executives haven't a clue, and they don't care.

    disney needs a hip replacement, fast!
  • Boo! Terrible!

    This show is very stupid! Who the heck wants to watch a show like this? Its about a girl dog and a boy bunny. The dog is form a wealthy background and is a totol snob, and the bunny is a poor, dirty thing that no onw wanted. I only watch a few episodes, and I can't believe that I wasted my time doing that!
  • This is a funny show

    I think Whiskers is retarded, but Brandy is really cool. Some of the characters like Margo,are really my least fave character as well as Gaspar and his monkey guards. Overall, I think the show is cool, but I hope they soon make new episodes of Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. :)
  • It's funny!

    This is definitely one of the new shows from Disney that has the same style as the old 90's cartoons. Some of the funny things in this show are the facial expressions, sound effects, and Mr. Whiskers' voice. First he has a high pitched voice, then a low baritone and then back up to his usual voice. Hopefully DVDs of this show come out soon. Me and my sister thought this show was hilarious. Our father pointed out that sometimes the animation looks like Ren & Stimpy, but for kids. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is a great show for children and teenagers alike.
  • Brandy and Mr Whiskers

    This is another piece of Disney crap. What the hell is this show about. It needs to go off the air right away. It is unfunny all its about is the stupid rabbit who always sniffs himself and other disgusting things. I wish they do a last episode where he gets eaten by an alligator. Put the end to it before it gets more embarrasing.
  • WOW! Disney is very desperate!

    Disney! What are you doing? DOn't put stuff like this on your channel! Shows like that are the reason why nobody watches Disney anymore! Why would you put a preppy rich stupid dog, with an idoit bunny? Everybody knows that they are gonna get home, and Brandy's gonna get a change of heart, and take Whiskers home with her. Please, stop watching this crap! You will thank me when you do!
  • Loved it before I saw it!

    This show is one of the few shows on Disney Channel shows I can enjoy. It has great quality in it's animation and dialog. The characters all have perfect personalities and voices. It has funny ongoing jokes and regular jokes. One great voice talent in particular is Charlie Adler, the voice of Mr. Whiskers. One of the few flaws, however, are the plots. Most of them aren't so great, and the ones that are good seem to drag along. All in all, this is a great, but sadly underappreciated show that everyone should give a chance. It may take you a while to like it. However, I loved it from the start.

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