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  • Great show all around one of the best I've ever seen.

    Now I'll admit this I am a teenager and I am proud to be watching a show such as Brandy and Mr.Whiskers considering I had no such shows when I was growing up. I am surprised that most people don't even give it the time to watch or just assume that it looks pretty dumb the moment they see a comercial on tv. I love this show and am a big anime freak and I must say this show is better than most Family guy and Simpson episodes I've seen. Brandy and Mr. Whisker's throws a spin on a couple of shows from the 60's-80's like Gilligan's island and the Odd couple. It tells of a pampered rich dog name Brandy Harrington, and her crazy mismatched friend named Mr.Whiskers who fall out of a moving airplane and become stranded in the Amazon rainforest. Now the story is Brandy is trying to get rescued but Whiskers always manages to screw it up somehow. This show is more popular with the younger kids but it teaches some very educational points like be thankful for what you got. Be nice to all around you, and to take life as it is thrown at you. This show is rated a 9 because it is somewhat predictable and it can be boring during some scenes. It is definately a show to sit down and watch.
  • silly!

    brandy and mr. whiskers is a silly show! whiskers is so crazy and hyper and brandy is so snobby and sef
    lf-centered, i was so happy when brandy agreed to be mr. whiskers frined, awww..... and they have crazy adventures all over the amazon! dude, this is a good show!
  • Well...

    After watching three unusual episodes of "Brandy & Mr Whiskers", I have come to re-review this show.

    "Brandy & Mr Whiskers" is about two animal friends who have nothing in common. Brandy Harrington, originally from Florida, is a selfish pooch who only cares about herself (she admitted she was). Whiskers is a rabbit with a weird personality that usually gets on Brandy's nerves. But they still remain friends. I admit that the show had a somewhat unique plot (even though I see these kinds of things in movie films), and the characters reminded me of Johnny Bravo's short "Jungle Kid" (I think?). "Jungle Kid" also starred some animal characters, much like the ones on this show, only with more "sarcastic" personalities. Mr. Whiskers is the better character out of the cast. He can do the impossible and still does not get hurt. He actually reminds me of Spongebob, even if the both of them have barely anything in common. Actually, I find Mr. Whiskers' manners similar to "Lilo & Stitch"'s Stitch.

    "Brandy & Mr Whiskers" does have some moral values that children need to learn during their growing up, but it is nothing new for me. But what I like most about this show is when everything turns into chaos (ex. the animals are chasing after Mr. Whiskers, who can play music out of his head). That is where the actual fun begins.

    I know that this show is targeted to an age group I do not belong in. And although I am not a fan of Brandy & Mr Whiskers, my younger cousin is. Turns out that when I was watching the show, my cousin wanted to watch with me. He instantly loved it, which was of no surprise for me, because he happens to love every show he watches. But I can tell from his guffaws and expressions that he does not just love "Brandy & Mr Whiskers. He's become a fan. He wanted more.

    Well, Brandy & Mr Whiskers does have an advantage on Disney Channel, and it certainly makes a fine cartoon - having all the material it needs to become a good children's show and all, including childish humour, moral value, and a charming cast of characters. But still, I won't be watching another episode of this show until, say, for a long while, due to schedule reasons.
  • It's nice, really!!

    It's about a pampered pooch and a simple-minded rabbit stuck together in the amazon among others they have yet to know.

    It's very educational and really teaches their viewers important lessons like treasuring what you have no matter how little it is.

    And here's a plus Point: it's funny!!!

    The only thing I don't like about this is that in other scenes, I get bored. I don't know why. Usually, in my reviews, I put in a 10. The reason why I subtracted .6 there is because of that.

    I'm not saying it's a complete waste of time. It's great, actually. It just needs a little bit of humor in the boring parts.
  • Come on! This is a GOOD show!

    I don't know why this show is being cancelled! I loved it, it was inventive and creative and I loved the characters... they shud get rid of shows like Jake Long or Buzz on Maggie! Because those are stinkers and this shows is a pure winner, don't listen to the bad reviews!
  • its ok but...

    i can live with this show. i can stand it. sometimes i even tune in on saturdays and sunday. but if i cound explain this show in one word it would absolutly positivly be mediocer. the plot line is a little weird and maybe even kind sorta stupid. but like i said i can sit through it. well i can sit through most eppisodes. im not so crazy about the eppisode feaky tuesday but thats about it. my oppinion has changed on this show. a lot. before i editeded this revew i gave it a 0.0 but i gave it a second chance and relized its not so bad.
  • Seriously, who thought of this? it is awsome.

    I love Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. It is an awesome show. The theme song alone deserves 9.8. It is funny and hilarious (same deal) and another great addition to Disney Channel. I dunno why some people wouldn't like it because I, for one, think it is awesome, especially for little kids.
  • I love this show but for a weird reason.

    The weird reason why i love this show is because it contains yet another hot female cartoon character, Brandy. Everybodys fallen i love with a cartoon character before so if you wanna start something like say i'm crazy, I don't wanna hear it. We've all been down that road. This show is about a dog named Brandy who gets separated from her family & winds up in the amazon. She's friends with a rabbit named Mr. Whiskers who's technically a nut case. She befreinds him & they do all sorts of whacky things & go on whacky adventures. A good show. I hope to see more episodes.
  • Best show ever

    This probably the best show ever created. It is better than any show ever created. Most shows on now are mediocre at best but this show puts all others to shame. It is incredibly funny and clever. It is good for everyone from babies to the elderly. Watch this show at all costs.
  • One smelly rabbit, one pampered pooch in the jungle. How can they survive?

    This is another favourite show of mine. It has the wonderful animation (as usual) and the voice acting is very good. One reason I watch this show is because of the humor in the show, its quite good. And I think Mr. Whiskers is a cute bunny, and even if Brandy is so called "bad", i still find her to be a very cute pooch. Well, Brnady and Mr. Whiskers are progressing to becoming closer friends in the season. Disney nowadays never gives any show a chance to have more than 21 episodes. We just have to wait and see if this show can pass their tough and vigorous test!
  • This is SUCH a funny show!! it ALWAYS keeps me laughing!

    I think this shows is hilarious!!! its so funny, Whenever theres a funny part I just laugh for a really long time!.

    Even though the plot of each episode is kinda wierd, some would say they are stupid, I can always count on seeing somthing very funny!.

    I give this show a 10 out of 10
  • I love the episode One of a kind and Believe in the bunny!

    I love this whole show! It is one of my favorite shows. Ed is definately favorite characters! My favorite episode is Believe in the bunny because I love easter and also that episode is funny and intereting! I also like one of a kind because I loved seeing another Brandy!
  • A fun, amusing cartoon.

    This one doesn't really get shown all that often, but I actually sorta liked what I saw.

    The premise is amusing (even if it is kinda reminescent of the Das Bus episode of The Simpsons). The episodes have some entertaining plots, and the characters are likeable. There actually is some character development on the show (mostly on Brandy's part).

    This isn't the best cartoon, nor is it the worst. I know it's not all that well recieved but I find enjoyment in it anyway. Catch it, when it's on.
  • brandy and mister whiskers is lame ,boringa nd not worthy of my time!!!

    Brandy and mister whiskers is boring and a waste of my time which could be a waste of your time too!!! brandy and mister whiskers is pathetic brandy is an annoying girly girl drama queen while mister whiskers is a slobby rabbit that is an idiot , all Brandy and mister whiskers ever do is go to boring forest partie's and bump into ridiculusuy stupid fixes. do not watch brandy and mister whiskers it is a complete waste of time!!!!
  • Very Bad.

    Brandy and Mr. Whisker's is a horrible show! You can't get much worse then this show. It has a horrible plot, characters and scenery. This show needs to go! It is a waste of time to watch so why even bother turning it on. Change the channel and find something better to watch then this horrific show! What is with the characters? Brandy is so dang selfish and Whiskers is really just weird. It is a waste of time for Disney Channel to put on a show like this. Put a nice comedy that is not a cartoon on in this time slot. Maybe I'll watch it. But now, I will never watch Brandy and Mr. Whisker's again!
  • Best. Disney Show. Ever.

    I just think that Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is the best show on Disney Channel since Kim Possible and American Dragon: Jake Long. I hope Disney plans to release new episodes later this year. Go check this show out, it is so freakin' hilarious, that it deserves some credit for delivering us some classic moments.
  • A Great Show!

    I just love this show, and for once a Disney Channel Original cartoon is not about teens. The artwork is just great and so are the characters and the stories. I don't know if the show is doing well, but I love to watch it, and I hope it gets a second season and maybe a third. My favorite characters are Brandy, Mr. Whiskers, Ed, Lola Boa and Cheryl and Meryl. I really prefer to watch this show over to those freak animes that most channel air nowadays.
  • BOO!

    Officially the stupidest show ever! I hate this show! I know a lot of people would disagree with me but I'm just not into that kind of show. I can't even bear to watch this show! It's got no point really! A spoiled dog and a stupid bunnie, hot dog, big deal, WHATEV! My words are harsh, but the truth isn't always pretty.
  • This show is funny so at least give it a chance.

    I like this show. The characters are good and has funny moments sometimes that make you really laugh. It's also a good show for the children, but I watch it because the show is hilarious after all. Please watch the show before judging it. Give it a chance and you may like it.
  • A good and funny show.

    When I saw the first episode, I found myself laughing for this is a funny show. I love this show and some people should give it a chance. I am a fan of this show and that's why I gave it a really good rating as I see the humor on the inside. My favorite characters are Whiskers, Ed, Cheryl and Meryl for they are pretty funny and I also like Brandy.
  • I can see why people like this show now.

    The idea of a pooch and a rabbit who were dropped in the amazon jungle. The ways Brandy tries to get back are somewhat funny. I used to think this show was terrible. But I judged it before I actully saw it. So now it is a decent show. This is suitable for younger kids but anybody can possibly like it.
  • Funny

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • This isn't the worst show out there, but it needs some serious revamping.

    Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Disney Channel's not-so-new-anymore series, stars Brabdy, a snotty, pampered dog, and Mr. Whiskers, a goofy, stupid rabbit, along with a host of supporting characters. The two have gotten themselves stranded in the jungle and need to learn to get along and live in harmony until they can somehow get back home.

    The two main characters are pretty predictable, even run-of-the-mill. Brandy is your typical spoiled-brat, bossy character who usually doesn't have much of a conscience. Mr. Whiskers is your typical stupid, lovable, goofy one who is constantly bothering *insert "cool" character here*. The supporting cast is pretty unimpressive. It's clear that most of the various jungle animals usually appear so the whole show isn't simply Mr. Whiskers and Brandy. None of them get much character development at all.

    The flash animation doesn't really impress me. It's not that it's particularly bad (although it's not great either) it's just that I personally don't really like flash. Many people may disagree on this, however.

    The show has quite a bit of attempted humor, but a lot of it feels a bit forced and it rarely brings a smile to my face. Actually, this problem is very similar to one of Disney Channel's other shows, Dave the Barbarian.

    All told... it's not a very good show. WIth some adjustement in characters and humor, it could become relatively entertaining, I suppose. However, it would be tough to make the drastic changes needed, especially since the show is solidly cemeted the network by now. Give you love flash animation, you might want to try out one episode, but there other, better things to watch.
  • An extremely funny, off-the-wall show, but lacks good plot. Worth a watch -- quite a lot of watches actually.

    Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is a show about a rabbit and a dog stranded in a forest. Like all other Disney shows, the dog--Brandy, the rabbit--Mr. Whiskers, and their friends can talk. Brandy is a sort of trend-following pampered teenager and Mr. Whiskers is a wierd, freaky sort of kid who likes to smell his feet. The show follows the two, who fight like brother & sister, and thier friends' adventures through the forest.

    The show is not without the extremely funny slapstick comedy that almost all Disney shows have, but it lacks a strong plot -- sort of like Untalkative Bunny. It has the wonderful voice talents of Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Timothy Bjorklund (Teacher's Pet), who add to the show tremendously themselves. If you ever happen to get a channel airing "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers", then you should watch it. But don't expect too much -- this show is good, but it's no "That's So Raven", "Kim Possible" or 'The Proud Family"
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