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  • Clever and witty

    This is one of my favorite shows of all time. It's very clever and witty, and the voices absolutely made the show. Disney needs more shows like this, and they need to bring this one back!
  • One of the greatest Disney shows in history

    This show was awesome with great plotting, cool characters and so much more.
  • Brazil seems so enticing...

    Back in July 2004, when I was watching a commerical break during 'Lilo and Stitch: the Series', every so often I would see a commercial advertising a new Disney animated show called 'Brandy and Mr. Whiskers'. They didn't look like looked like the two title characters just having one big block party in the jungle (a memorable shot involves Brandy and Whiskers shaking their butts at the camera), and I didn't know what to expect. One of my friends thought it looked like another 'Ren and Stimpy' wannabe (it was surprising, coming from Disney).

    Come August 21, 2004, the world got their first official introduction to Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. After watching a few episodes, I was ready to deem this new show a 'Tier 2' Disney cartoon (ie. a show I would watch, but not hold dear to me).

    Then, something hit me. I don't know what it was, but I started to love Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Maybe it was the fact it was an American cartoon that was actually being an American cartoon, rather than an American cartoon that just does...'whatever works for the Japanese' that sold me (I had seen many 'anime-wannabes' since the days of 'Dexter's Labratory' and 'The Powerpuff Girls').

    The setup behind the show is a well-pampered dog from Florida and a poor bunny with a horrible case of body odor fall from an airplane and crash land in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. They must forge a friendship with themselves, and the other jungle natives, until rescue.

    I know it isn't Dickens, but I like the show, after a hard day's work, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is relaxing. As Whiskers, Charlie Adler ends up reusing voices he did for other series (at times, I hear Buster Bunny, Cow, Chicken and Mr. Bighead/the Red Guy), but his delivery is quite humorous. While not a veteran voice actor like Adler, I love Kaley Cuoco's voice acting for Brandy. Her interpetation of a dog only knowing the finer things in life is suitable, and while used to having her way, Brandy does have a sweet side, and makes her chemistry with Whiskers believable. I like how she knows she isn't perfect, and tries to learn from experiences. Due to this role, in my view, Kaley Cuoco has gone from 'John Ritter's daughter from '8 Simple Rules...' to 'the voice of Brandy Harrington, of the Florida Harringtons'.

    Of the secondary characters, the strongest roles come from Lola Boa, Ed the river otter and Gaspar Le Gecko. While one can see the characters as stereotypes, they are nothing to worry about. Yes, Lola is obviously a Mexican woman, Cheryl and Meryl are dysfunctional African-American twins and Ed is the 'resident geek' but to Brandy and Whiskers, they are friendly and supportive, and willing to aid the two in time of need.

    The characters' designs...are different, very Max Fleischer (think the old Betty Boop cartoons). At first, it threw me for a loop (features like the wide, expressive eyes made the characters look quite alarmed at times, like the time my cat first caught sight of a puppy), but I adjusted quickly.

    I enjoy the humor, such as the cuts to photo-realistic images. It is a series I can reccommend to anyone, it's themes are appropriate for children and interesting enough for the older audiences. It's earned it's status as one of my personal 'Tier 1' Disney cartoons, as well as it's high ratings, and I hope one day to buy a 'Brandy and Mr. Whiskers' series boxset.

    In addition, yes, I think Brandy is hot.
  • A Disney Channel Original Series, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers! Although, not too known after it's cancellation, it was still one of the best show's I've ever seen.

    One of my favorite cartoon shows! It's very funny and unique in it's own way. It's also the ONLY show I'd watch on Disney, besides House of Mouse. I admire the theme and drawings for the show, they're cool and interesting to look at. The whole idea for a Comedy is genius in my opinion, because pairing up two completely opposite characters in a Jungle stranded together is something to laugh at. Survival relies on them both working together and getting along to survive, which these two obviously can't seem to do. The Theme Song is very catchy and is performed by Lou Bega, who is famous for doing Mambo No. 5. I wish I would have been able to see more of this series, but Disney had to cancel it for no apparent reason. Hopefully we will one day see this cartoon revived, if Disney actually listen to their viewers. Probably, they'll listen to us in the year 3010 when we'll all be dead. Nah, maybe 4101...3010 is way too early for them to actually start listening to us. Lol.
  • This is the 100th Brandy and Mr. Whiskers review!

    Yes, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Everyone loved them. Everyone loved Amercian Dragon and Kim Possable. But, now, you can't see them durning the day. You can only see them at night! Why? I'll tell you why. Hannah Montana took over nd, there is no more animated classics on TV! I'm so sick of Hannah Montana. That's why I don't watch it. Anyways . . . Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is about a dog and a bunny that fell out of the plane and into the jungle. Except their at the bottem of the food chain. Can they survie?

    Final Score: A+, 10
  • Finally, after nearly 3 years, I have a new favorite Disney Channel cartoon! (Just too bad it's over)

    Well, I'm back to writing reviews now. But I'm still vying for my editorships for the shows I'm contributing to.

    Anyway, I think I've finally discovered a show that I like just as much as The Buzz on Maggie. Well, I've liked this show for two and a half years but just this week, I felt some sort of a strong spark for this. There's so many things to like about this show. The animation is creative, Brandy's cute, Mr. Whiskers is *hilarious*, Brandy's cute, I think some writers may have worked for Suite Life, Brandy's cute, oh, and have I mentioned Brandy's cute? :D

    The reason that I think some writers may have worked for Suite Life is because the dialogue in the episode "Sandy and Mr. Frisky" really reminds me of a couple episodes of the Suite Life. Like when Brandy was all "It's time for Operation: Make Party Bad now...that is the last time I'm letting you name the plans," that reminded me of the Suite Life episode with the con artist and his daughter.

    Anyway, a lot of people say The Buzz on Maggie is like The Replacements, while I (and maybe a few others) say it's more like this show. Here are the reasons: For one thing, they were both canned around the same time (except TBOM was canned a couple months earlier). Other things include that they both star non-human characters, they both have sort of that mellow tone to them, they both have sort of selfish female protagonists, they both have imaginative male protagonists that you'd feel sorry for if they're in any trouble and they both have a lot of very cute characters. I could go on forever with the list but bottom line is TBOM is more like this show than The Replacements.

    I may have gotten a little off-topic there but anyway, it's so sad that this show was canned. I wish it could have gotten another fair shake, if not for the least. Maybe just a few more episodes, then I'd be satisified.

    Overall, I think this show was great and it's a shame haven't felt this sort of spark with this show earlier because it's been canned for nearly 2 years and I became a fan in February 2006 and just like a week ago, I got really into this show. This and The Buzz on Maggie really could have gone a long way had they been more appreciated.
  • One of my personal favorites, original, great voice talents, excellent animation, this show is awesome!

    Brandy and Mr.Whiskers is one of the best shows out there! Not only is it entertaining the whole way through, it actually keeps your attention throughout the episodes. This show is an instant classic, and it's perfect for everybody and anybody who appreciates good comedy, good animation, and sometimes random sequences of goofy lines and/or pictures. The voice actors and actresses fit perfectly with their characters. For example, Brandy Harrington, a pampered pooch and main character, is perfectly voiced by Kaley Cuoco. Brandy's "miss perfect" attitude, disliking of Mr.Whiskers, and knowledge of all things fashion are always entertaining. She once said "There are three rules in the world: the Earth is round, bargain shoes are never a bargain, and Mr.Whiskers is not popular." Mr.Whiskers, Brandy's "room-mate," is voiced by the always funny Charlie Adler, and later by Billy West. Whiskers is a funny, hyper, obnoxious bunny who seems to get on everybody's nerves, except his good friend Ed, who is voiced by none other than Tom Kenny. Tom Kenny's voice is perfect for Ed, making the slippery river otter sound hilarious no matter what he says, smart or weird. The animation is perfect, it's smooth and keeps your eyes glued to the TV. Whether it's wacky movements, like Mr.Whiskers once again falling from the 40ft. tree house, or Brandy just walking through the Amazon Rainforest, the characters and environments flow together. Even if you're just channel surfing and you happen to pass Brandy and Mr.Whiskers, you'll flip back to see what's going on. Yeah, it's that good. Sad to say, but the series has ended. Even so, every chance you get, watch the Disney Channel original animated comedy series Brandy and Mr.Whiskers. You wont think it's a waste of time, trust me. It's an excellent show and one of my personal favorites! 10/10

    On a little side note, I've e-mailed Disney and sadly they currently have no plans for Brandy and Mr.Whiskers DVDs. Maybe if all of the show's fans come together and show how much they love Brandy and Mr.Whiskers, Disney will change its mind. Hey, we can try.
  • Brandy and mr.whiskers revolves around the lives of Brandy a dog and whiskers a rabbit.They are 2 completely opposite people but still maintain a bond of friendship and live together in a jungle with all their animal friends and enemies.

    Brandy the dog is a trendsetter and the most popular animal in the jungle.She is from the dog family of "Harringtons" and thus she considers herself royal.She always wants her own way but she is kindhearted too which makes the viewer like the character of brandy.whiskers is the complete opposite;he is a rabbit who is dumb,cute,and totally unpopular.He is friends with an otter and brandy and he usually makes a mess out of things but his dumb ideas sometimes turn out to be useful.this odd couple lives together and even though they are completely different,they are best friends.they both have exciting adventures and sometimes the show focuses on the differences of brandy and whiskers and how they work things out.An outstanding show which is very funny and cute.It is a new concept and a great show!
  • a dog and a rabbit live in the amazon

    Brandy is a dog who is spoilt and wealthy and loves fashion and hates dirt and vulgarity and Mr Whiskers is a rabbit with lower body strength and less refined ways... they crash in the Amazon rainforest from a plane and must survive not only the forest but each other in a Lostesque manner... the other creatures of the jungleforest play minor roles, but much of the action is in the arguments and difficulties between Brandy and Mr Whiskers and how they always manage to get along in the end despite said difficulties... an alright show... not the best disney has made but better than some current ones...
  • This is a really good show! I watched it when it first came on and I never looked back! No one would be stupid enough to remove such an awesome show from their network!

    Oh, man! This show was so awesome! It should have gone longer than it did. I was expecting it to go on longer. It's really sad that it died at such a young age! It had such clever dialogue, great animation, beautiful artwork, and it got better in the second season! I miss this show so much! I was really hoping for a second season! Too bad it didn't have the ratings for it because not enough people actually gave it a chance and now look where it wound up! The only time it comes on is at three in the morning. I even set my alarm at that time on weekends (and days off from school) to watch it. I really wish they made more episodes of this! Even though not very many people liked it, I think this show had a lot of potential to it! I've also read somewhere that there was a movie being made! I sure do hope there's gonna be a movie! If there is I hope it'll be as good as the show was!
  • It should have been kept on the air...

    This animated TV show is about Brandy Harrington, a female dog who is the pampered pet of the Florida Harringtons. She is traveling on a plane and meets a very crazy, hyperactive rabbit named Mr. Whiskers, who tends to speak before he thinks. The door of the plane opens and both of the characters fall out of the sky and into the middle of the amazon rainforest! The two complete opposites must now live together in peace and rivalry while they make some new animal freinds along the way. Anger, hilarity, and romance insue in this completely irresistable cartoon!
  • I don't know what else to describe this.

    Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is one of my favorite cartoons. My favorite character is Brandy because she's so pretty and she's really smart. I don't really like Mr. Whiskers because he's really gross and he can be stupid at times. My favorite episode is when Brandy goes to this concert in Net of Lies (That's the episode). That is my review for the show.
  • the best thing i ever seen

    this has too be one of the top 10 shows you should watch. i mean i watched it, and i have promoted it on my other yeah watch it if you like watching a teenage dog and a dumb rabit or maybe bunny fight each other sometimes. don't listen to what people say and scoring it 0 it is the top class show that people at all ages whould love to watch. so go and agree with my review and agree with my other reviews, and do it now.this is the end of the review, stop reading right now!
  • If any show needs to be resurrected from the menacing flames of cancellation, this show is it! :idea:

    The one thing in the world that the public of the world always needs is comedy, and this show is one of the finest examples of comedy on Earth there is. And yet for all it's great positive attributes, Disney says they have cancelled it! But I refuse to give in to the belief that the series is no longer going to be. Perhaps Disney doesn't realize that with the right script ideas and an ingenious mind, they could easily make the show last a total of seven seasons! For what it's worth, I know that I definitely could make the show last for seven seasons, so I hope that there's enough public pressure out there, to keep the chance alive of having this show air on television! Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is about a pampered dog and a unmannered rabbit who get stuck together in the amazon rainforest. Now, they must live together and set aside their differences and become friends.

    I love this show its so funny especially now that Brandy is being actual friends and they get along great. But I still love those first episodes where all she wanted to do is kill him. But I loved how she used to treat him and hurt him too!!! I would tell any body that this show is so funny and every one should watch it. Also I like how around last year they found their was money in the rain forest and there was also a big mall there too with a food court shops jobs an every thing. Its the best show of 2003
  • This is about a pampered pooch , Brandy Harrington of the Florida Harringtons, and a smelly rabbit, Mr. Whiskers. After they both fall off a plane, they get stuck in the Amazon rainforest.

    This is a great animated comedy made by Disney about a pampered pooch, Brandy Harrington, and a smelly rabit, Mr. Whiskers. This is one of my favarite shows of all time. For me, the only time i can watch it would be 3:30 in the morning,b ut I still watch it! I really can't even pick my favorite episode because they are all soo good, but if I had to choose, it would be Rip Van Whiskers. If anyone hasn't ever watched this show, I suggest watching it as soon as possible. Remember, I rated it a 10 out of 10, so it has to be great!
  • This show is great, I stumbled on it by accident and never looked back. I never get tired of any episodes, no matter how many times I see them!

    I always wanted a LOST spinoff (I think) that is a comedy. This show started off with a pamperd pooch (Brandy Harrington [of the Florida Harringtons}) and a simple, gross, yet entertaining rabbit (Mr. Whiskers [of the Miami municiple zoo]) fall out of a plane, and end up having to deal with each other, through good and bad times. Every episode after that is just as good as the first. I especially like this series because the series' plot moves with a changing world, and we can all relate to it. This show also has many funny flashbacks (because they are relevant, unlike Family Guy [I still like FG though]). Finally, I just want everybody here to know that the fight to save the series is going good, and I cant wait to see what happens next. Also, to those who don't like this show, we watch it with an OPEN MIND! The people who hate this show's minds get so focused on one thing, that you can shine a light into the back of their heads and burn ants. Now I ask you, if you know someone from Disney, are from Dinsey, or have connections to someone at Disney, contact them, and tell them that you want this show back on today!
  • Great Show, one of my farovites.

    I wasn't sure about this show at first. But it grew on me.
    And now it is one of my favorite shows. I really don't think this show gets the respect it deserves. It is funny, witty, and intelligent. The animation is great! In my opinion, I really think more people should give this show a chance. Despite its dark humor, it seems to have good morals at times. And at the end of the day, it can teach some of us a lesson. Anyway, I think this is a really great show and I watch it every chance I get.
  • Best show on earth next to Bratz.

    I Love this show it is very smart and I love the plots and vocie actors and animation i just love everything about this how it is so funny and original it also has very original chacters and plots it is classic and I will most likely like it forever best thing on tv you should tune in!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this show!

    This show is hilarious! Usually in that weird off the wall sort of way, but its still funny nontheless. I was hoping that this show would go on for a long long time, but now I see that its going to get cancelled in 2007. Its going to be a sad loss. Disney really has a bad habit of canceling their best cartoons.
  • Brandy & Mr.Whiskers is a cute,funny show! somehow i enjoy it alot. now i dont like alot of cartoons but this one is my all-time favorite show to watch when there is nothing good on tv..

    Brandy & Mr.Whiskers a cartoon/animated series about a pampered pooch*Brandy harrington of the florida harringtons* and Mr.Whiskers a weird bunny , fall off of a plane and get stranded in the jungle...A New clever plot for a animated series, i would expect this kind of plot from a reality type of show,but this is the best disney has come up with in years, But now disney is going very down hill with all there animated series that they have recently made...but brandy and mr.whiskers is a great show to watch.sometimes i cant stop watching it. it is a great show.
  • I totally love this show, it is just amazingly funny and cool!

    I totally love this show, it is just amazingly funny and cool! I also like the bibliographical and historical references they put on it, most people might not notice but there are many, for example "The Tell-Tale Shoes", where they take some things from "The Tell-Tale Heart" from Edgar Allan Poe. I also like the characters, and every episode leaves a message, I like that sometimes even thought it is not explicit and they say, like in one episode, "wanna talk about what we learned today?, no, wanna talk about what we didn't learn today? ok", the message is still there. So there are many more reasons why this show is so great and Disney should keep doing more and more episodes because it rocks!
  • If you're a kid (or adult or teen or whatever) who wants something funny and different, you should give this show a try...

    If you're a kid (or adult or teen or whatever) who wants something funny and different, you should give this show a try.
    "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers" reminds me of Squidward and Spongebob. Brandy hates being around Mr. Whiskers, but never wishes for him to die (kind of like how Squidward feels about Spongebob).
    It's funny to watch Brandy get upset at how stupid Mr. Whiskers is.
    The other characters like Ed and Lola make this show more interesting.
    I don't know what the creator of this show was thinking when he made Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, but he definitely had the right idea!
    I reccomed this show to people who need to laugh.
    Enjoy everyone!!
    I'm done.
  • My name is Angel and I am a recent College Graduate and I love cartoons, and B& Mr. W is quickly becoming my FAVORITE! In fact, a lot of my college friends now love the show.... You\'re never too old to love THIS show or cartoons... grown-ups rule!

    I Love Brandy and Mr. Whiskers! It's fabulous and I hope to see it everyday! It's completely original and written beautifully! GO B&Mr. W!!!! love this show~~ You must WATCH THIS! brandy is not your typical pampered pooch and Mr. Whiskers is nothing like your average hare (rabbit).... They Love one another no matter how many arguments-- the way we all love our brothers and sisters! As a matter of fact, I have my television timed to all Brandy and Mr. Whiskers episodes... I also love their friends and think that the arguing sister tucans are halarious! Love the show!
  • nice show

    i i i i i i ii i ii i ii i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i ii i ii i i i ii i i ii i i ii i ii ii ii i ii ii i i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • A dog and a rabbit try to survive in the Amazon together.

    This show is very fun to watch! Mr. Whiskers is flat out funny. And Brandy's reactions to him are great too. The second season starts airing next month, and I can hardly wait! It's about time we get new episodes. I hope it gets good ratings because I want to see the show extended to a third season.
  • I love this show but for a weird reason.

    The weird reason why i love this show is because it contains yet another hot female cartoon character, Brandy. Everybodys fallen i love with a cartoon character before so if you wanna start something like say i'm crazy, I don't wanna hear it. We've all been down that road. This show is about a dog named Brandy who gets separated from her family & winds up in the amazon. She's friends with a rabbit named Mr. Whiskers who's technically a nut case. She befreinds him & they do all sorts of whacky things & go on whacky adventures. A good show. I hope to see more episodes.
  • Best show ever

    This probably the best show ever created. It is better than any show ever created. Most shows on now are mediocre at best but this show puts all others to shame. It is incredibly funny and clever. It is good for everyone from babies to the elderly. Watch this show at all costs.
  • This is SUCH a funny show!! it ALWAYS keeps me laughing!

    I think this shows is hilarious!!! its so funny, Whenever theres a funny part I just laugh for a really long time!.

    Even though the plot of each episode is kinda wierd, some would say they are stupid, I can always count on seeing somthing very funny!.

    I give this show a 10 out of 10
  • I love the episode One of a kind and Believe in the bunny!

    I love this whole show! It is one of my favorite shows. Ed is definately favorite characters! My favorite episode is Believe in the bunny because I love easter and also that episode is funny and intereting! I also like one of a kind because I loved seeing another Brandy!
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