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  • Brandy and Mr Whiskers

    This is another piece of Disney crap. What the hell is this show about. It needs to go off the air right away. It is unfunny all its about is the stupid rabbit who always sniffs himself and other disgusting things. I wish they do a last episode where he gets eaten by an alligator. Put the end to it before it gets more embarrasing.
  • BOO!

    Officially the stupidest show ever! I hate this show! I know a lot of people would disagree with me but I'm just not into that kind of show. I can't even bear to watch this show! It's got no point really! A spoiled dog and a stupid bunnie, hot dog, big deal, WHATEV! My words are harsh, but the truth isn't always pretty.
  • Horrible! this show is everything that is wrong with tv animation.

    Horrible! this show is everything that is wrong with tv animation.

    stumbling through the channels for a cartoon to watch, I cam upon Brandy and Mr.W. what a weak weak weak show. you can tell the executives haven't a clue, and they don't care.

    disney needs a hip replacement, fast!
  • brandy and mister whiskers is lame ,boringa nd not worthy of my time!!!

    Brandy and mister whiskers is boring and a waste of my time which could be a waste of your time too!!! brandy and mister whiskers is pathetic brandy is an annoying girly girl drama queen while mister whiskers is a slobby rabbit that is an idiot , all Brandy and mister whiskers ever do is go to boring forest partie's and bump into ridiculusuy stupid fixes. do not watch brandy and mister whiskers it is a complete waste of time!!!!
  • WOW! Disney is very desperate!

    Disney! What are you doing? DOn't put stuff like this on your channel! Shows like that are the reason why nobody watches Disney anymore! Why would you put a preppy rich stupid dog, with an idoit bunny? Everybody knows that they are gonna get home, and Brandy's gonna get a change of heart, and take Whiskers home with her. Please, stop watching this crap! You will thank me when you do!
  • Very Bad.

    Brandy and Mr. Whisker's is a horrible show! You can't get much worse then this show. It has a horrible plot, characters and scenery. This show needs to go! It is a waste of time to watch so why even bother turning it on. Change the channel and find something better to watch then this horrific show! What is with the characters? Brandy is so dang selfish and Whiskers is really just weird. It is a waste of time for Disney Channel to put on a show like this. Put a nice comedy that is not a cartoon on in this time slot. Maybe I'll watch it. But now, I will never watch Brandy and Mr. Whisker's again!
  • Can't Disney put any thing that's new AND good?

    Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is a peice of crap! I mean look at it! The bunny is retarted, and the dog is a jerk! They try to live together, and still be themselves. Brandy thinks that she's the coolest girl in the world, and Mr. Whiskers is a moron! Why in the world did Disney do this? Its the worste Spongebob rip off ever!
  • Boo! Terrible!

    This show is very stupid! Who the heck wants to watch a show like this? Its about a girl dog and a boy bunny. The dog is form a wealthy background and is a totol snob, and the bunny is a poor, dirty thing that no onw wanted. I only watch a few episodes, and I can't believe that I wasted my time doing that!
  • The show is about a canine of some kind and a bunny. They get into trouble but eventually become friends.

    This show sucks! I don't know why Disney Channel thought of this because it just take time away from good Disney shows like The Suite Life and That's so Raven. The show doesn't make sense at all. I H A T E T H E S H O W ! ! !
  • I think it's already off the air, but this had to be one of the worst ideas for a TV show in history I mean even My Mother The Car was better than this. God it's like impossible for Disnet to have a show that lasts more than 40 episodes at least

    I think it's already off the air, but this had to be one of the worst ideas for a TV show in history I mean even My Mother The Car was better than this. God it's like impossible for Disney to have a show that lasts more than 40 episodes at least.

    Some vermin and a stupid looking dog end up together by falling out of a plane. I mean honestly the show would be a alot more funny if they just died from the plane jump and we just watched their rotting corpses for a half hour. The humor is dry... really dry there's hardly any laughs from this show and occasionaly it's big on potty humor (which I hate.) Wow this was the start of the chain of some of the worst shows on Disney channel. And if you don't know what those are. They're the shows that last for about 4 months and end up at the 4:30 A.M. block. This show is terrible.
  • Why watch this show?

    This show is so weird. Who came up with the idea of a dog and a rabbit living together in the jungle? I can not picture it in my mind! Well it is for littler kids. ( But who in there right mind would watch it?) And don't even get me started on that theme song. The voices aree kind of creepy. The beat is kind of catchy thourgh.
  • Here\'s the main reason I dislike this show...

    Okay, at first, I thought this was a decent show.
    But I recently realized something.
    Brandy, who is super spoiled, is always mean in the middle of the show.
    At the end, she ends up saying \\\'Sorry\\\' or something to Mr. Whiskers!
    It\\\'s what really annoys me! And, Mr. Whiskers in just plain weird.
    But he always gets the stuff Brandy wants!
    Maybe thats the point of this show, but I still find this show mildly interesting.
  • I don't care much about this show anymore

    I think Zootopia is a good replacement for this show!
  • This isn't the worst show out there, but it needs some serious revamping.

    Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Disney Channel's not-so-new-anymore series, stars Brabdy, a snotty, pampered dog, and Mr. Whiskers, a goofy, stupid rabbit, along with a host of supporting characters. The two have gotten themselves stranded in the jungle and need to learn to get along and live in harmony until they can somehow get back home.

    The two main characters are pretty predictable, even run-of-the-mill. Brandy is your typical spoiled-brat, bossy character who usually doesn't have much of a conscience. Mr. Whiskers is your typical stupid, lovable, goofy one who is constantly bothering *insert "cool" character here*. The supporting cast is pretty unimpressive. It's clear that most of the various jungle animals usually appear so the whole show isn't simply Mr. Whiskers and Brandy. None of them get much character development at all.

    The flash animation doesn't really impress me. It's not that it's particularly bad (although it's not great either) it's just that I personally don't really like flash. Many people may disagree on this, however.

    The show has quite a bit of attempted humor, but a lot of it feels a bit forced and it rarely brings a smile to my face. Actually, this problem is very similar to one of Disney Channel's other shows, Dave the Barbarian.

    All told... it's not a very good show. WIth some adjustement in characters and humor, it could become relatively entertaining, I suppose. However, it would be tough to make the drastic changes needed, especially since the show is solidly cemeted the network by now. Give you love flash animation, you might want to try out one episode, but there other, better things to watch.
  • A Pampered pooch living in the jungle with a stupid rabbit...and even though they are "trapped in the jungle", there has been an oppurtunity to go home in almost EVERY episode.. but somehow they pass it up or mess it up..pretty repeative!!

    The show isnt over yet ... there is ONE more episode left Airing in August ... Then Its over For Ever. This Show is OK... It is definitly in the \\\"horrible\\\" Disney channel show bin..which is most of there shows ... They only have about 5 shows that actually reach the cancellation number: 65 ... only shows that have at least 4 Million viewers daily can continue to air and produce episode ... such as thats so raven. Also what makes me angry is that there is about 40 episodes of this show..but the ones that they continue to Air are the same ones over and over...its very annoying.
  • its ok but...

    i can live with this show. i can stand it. sometimes i even tune in on saturdays and sunday. but if i cound explain this show in one word it would absolutly positivly be mediocer. the plot line is a little weird and maybe even kind sorta stupid. but like i said i can sit through it. well i can sit through most eppisodes. im not so crazy about the eppisode feaky tuesday but thats about it. my oppinion has changed on this show. a lot. before i editeded this revew i gave it a 0.0 but i gave it a second chance and relized its not so bad.
  • It had a good run.

    It was a pretty good show. I would have to say season one was the worst season. But in season two, Brandy started to like Whiskers more, they showed us a new mall we've never seen before, and Brandy even kissed Whiskers in the last episode. I'm going to write Disney and ask them to make one more episode where Brandy and Whiskers finds a way to Florida, and in the end, the make home to Florida, and Brandy asks Whiskers to live with her. :) I just don't think they should of ended it with "Rip Van Whiskers" because they had just started to show some sparks. That's what every fricken TV show does, wait until the very end to make couples and then ends the series. What happens next? Do they stay together, or does it not work out?
    My point is: B & Mr. W was a great Disney show and it should be against the law to cancel TV shows right after they reviele crushes.
  • Well...

    It's an okay show not really the best but it's okay. Well they could have done better but I do like it. How would I describe this...oh yes, it's a so-so show, which means it's okay. Well it's kinda bland and not that funny but it does make me smile sometimes. I'm not saying it's lame nor that it's the greatest show in the world, I'm saying it's okay. I can't really describe it but I'm doing my best. The plot DOES sound very familiar and it HAS been overdone. It isn't that great but it's kinda good I guess.
  • Better than I thought.

    Not bad, seriously, this show is funny.
    Maybe the animation-style looks weird, but I like it. The main plot is good after all.

    Despite the animation-style, the characters are very well-made, with good voice actors.
    However, sometimes the episodes are DUMB, childish and funny at the same time.

    Conclusion: Not the best Disney show, but it's good and I like it.
  • May not have lasted long, but it was a decent cartoon that deserved to last longer than it did.

    Quick Review

    Art: 9/10 - Amazing design.

    Animation: 7/10 - Pretty good; Little flaws, though.

    Plot: 6.5/10 - Not that understanding, but still good.

    It's sad Disney Channel cancelled Brandy & Mr. Whiskers! WHY?!

    Character: 8/10 - Good people, even though it didn't last long enough for most of the characters to be known. Other than that, it's Disney.

    Voice-acting and dialogue: 10/10 - Perfect! Well done! Don't be afraid to watch this show! I have watched it.

    Music: 9/10 - Almost perfect.

    Overall: 6.5/10 - Decent show that actually deserved more seasons. I am a guy who watched the show between the ages of 12 and 14... Anyways, why did Brandy & Mr. Whiskers get cancelled?! It was an awesome show! Possibly because of low ratings. So, yeah, this show was actually decent in it's first run.
  • A pretty good show, compared to some of the other trashy Disney Channel cartoons.

    This is an overall great show! The characters are great and comedic, the voices can be somewhat irritating, but they are pretty good, the stories are interesting and hilarious. Even though some of this humor is crappy potty humor, other humor is pretty comedic. Compared to the other cartoons on Disney Channel, like the Buzz on Maggie and the Replacements, this show is one of the greatest cartoons Disney Channel has ever made. It is a shame Disney channel canned this wonderful, hilarious show. It hardly comes on anymore, which really sucks. It seems like Disney Channel, along with Cartoon Network and Nick, are just going downhill so fast.
  • A fun, amusing cartoon.

    This one doesn't really get shown all that often, but I actually sorta liked what I saw.

    The premise is amusing (even if it is kinda reminescent of the Das Bus episode of The Simpsons). The episodes have some entertaining plots, and the characters are likeable. There actually is some character development on the show (mostly on Brandy's part).

    This isn't the best cartoon, nor is it the worst. I know it's not all that well recieved but I find enjoyment in it anyway. Catch it, when it's on.
  • I can see why people like this show now.

    The idea of a pooch and a rabbit who were dropped in the amazon jungle. The ways Brandy tries to get back are somewhat funny. I used to think this show was terrible. But I judged it before I actully saw it. So now it is a decent show. This is suitable for younger kids but anybody can possibly like it.
  • An extremely funny, off-the-wall show, but lacks good plot. Worth a watch -- quite a lot of watches actually.

    Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is a show about a rabbit and a dog stranded in a forest. Like all other Disney shows, the dog--Brandy, the rabbit--Mr. Whiskers, and their friends can talk. Brandy is a sort of trend-following pampered teenager and Mr. Whiskers is a wierd, freaky sort of kid who likes to smell his feet. The show follows the two, who fight like brother & sister, and thier friends' adventures through the forest.

    The show is not without the extremely funny slapstick comedy that almost all Disney shows have, but it lacks a strong plot -- sort of like Untalkative Bunny. It has the wonderful voice talents of Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Timothy Bjorklund (Teacher's Pet), who add to the show tremendously themselves. If you ever happen to get a channel airing "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers", then you should watch it. But don't expect too much -- this show is good, but it's no "That's So Raven", "Kim Possible" or 'The Proud Family"
  • wow ok that show was weird lol.....

    well this show about a spoiled dog and a gross bunny living in a rain forest trying to be saved to me not a good story line to tell you the truth its boring you know in the long run brandy the spioled dog is going to be nice the bunny going to become smart there going to be good friends then be saved the end of the show this show is good for 9 year olds or under i cant belive i watched that show oh ya i forgot to say the dog and bunny are going to learn there lesson but i am not trying to put it down its just its kinda know whats going happen well thank you for reading my review and look for my other reviews lol
  • This is ok, but not all that good.

    I somewhat like this show. It's funny, and has mild adult humor at time. But Brandy and be a real Bitch at times. But funny thing is, she's a female dog. And Bitch is the word for girl dogs. Mr Whiskers is better, and I like him more then Brandy.
  • Funny

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • It had a good run.

    This show is about a spoiled dog named Brandy and a dirty rabbit named Mr.Whiskers who fell off of a plane and got stranded in the jungle. I wasn't really into this show but it was pretty good. Season 1 stunk, but season 2 got better. I wish it was on more but it's only on at 3:30 in the morning!, Disney should've gave it a better timeslot, but it stopped making episodes due to not much viewers, almost the same as what happened to Whatever Happened to Robot Jones. Disney should at least put it on at least maybe 3 times a day to get more viewers, then the show might last longer. This was an ok show, I'd recommend it to anyone. C+
  • it was okay.

    I only watched it because of Brandy! It was an alright show I dunno why people really don't like it, it was way better than The Emperor's New School! Anyways, the story is Brandy Harrington a spoiled rich puppy and Mr. Whiskers a really dumb bunny who both fall out of an airplane and land in the jungle and become stranded. Brandy being the spoiled pampered pooch that she is was very angry to be so far from civilazation but Mr. Whiskers seems to be doing fine, at first Brandy really can't stand Mr. W. but after awhile she thinks he is just "okay" the two have thier brother-sister moments but still are not exactly best buds. Overall I thought it was an okay show to watch if you were really bored so I'll give it a B.
  • This is a funny show

    I think Whiskers is retarded, but Brandy is really cool. Some of the characters like Margo,are really my least fave character as well as Gaspar and his monkey guards. Overall, I think the show is cool, but I hope they soon make new episodes of Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. :)
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