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  • I don't care much about this show anymore

    I think Zootopia is a good replacement for this show!
  • Clever and witty

    This is one of my favorite shows of all time. It's very clever and witty, and the voices absolutely made the show. Disney needs more shows like this, and they need to bring this one back!
  • This show was GOOD!

    This show was so f&^king hilarious. The antics and adventures were comical and just very funny. Short lived, but FUNNY AS HELL! It should have continued a little longer.
  • One of the greatest Disney shows in history

    This show was awesome with great plotting, cool characters and so much more.
  • Very Underrated Show

    Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is one of the shows that aired on Disney back in the mid 2000's, and was a pretty entertaining show. I don't think any of the characters are unlikeable (OK, Brandy has some flaws, but overall is a very attractive character), and the animation is very well put together. For people wanting to relive the magic that Disney Channel once had, this show still retains it.
  • Funny stuff.

    This show was hilarious especially Mr. Whiskers. I miss this.
  • May not have lasted long, but it was a decent cartoon that deserved to last longer than it did.

    Quick Review

    Art: 9/10 - Amazing design.

    Animation: 7/10 - Pretty good; Little flaws, though.

    Plot: 6.5/10 - Not that understanding, but still good.

    It's sad Disney Channel cancelled Brandy & Mr. Whiskers! WHY?!

    Character: 8/10 - Good people, even though it didn't last long enough for most of the characters to be known. Other than that, it's Disney.

    Voice-acting and dialogue: 10/10 - Perfect! Well done! Don't be afraid to watch this show! I have watched it.

    Music: 9/10 - Almost perfect.

    Overall: 6.5/10 - Decent show that actually deserved more seasons. I am a guy who watched the show between the ages of 12 and 14... Anyways, why did Brandy & Mr. Whiskers get cancelled?! It was an awesome show! Possibly because of low ratings. So, yeah, this show was actually decent in it's first run.
  • It had a good run.

    This show is about a spoiled dog named Brandy and a dirty rabbit named Mr.Whiskers who fell off of a plane and got stranded in the jungle. I wasn't really into this show but it was pretty good. Season 1 stunk, but season 2 got better. I wish it was on more but it's only on at 3:30 in the morning!, Disney should've gave it a better timeslot, but it stopped making episodes due to not much viewers, almost the same as what happened to Whatever Happened to Robot Jones. Disney should at least put it on at least maybe 3 times a day to get more viewers, then the show might last longer. This was an ok show, I'd recommend it to anyone. C+
  • Definetly didn't get a fair chance.

    If this show had been on Cartoon Network or Nick, it would've definetly ran longer. I think that the only reason it didn't make it is because it was on Disney Channel, and it wasn't advertised enough. There were only people I'd known who had seen this show and it were my two cousins, who hated it. The rest hadn't heard of it...or they never gave it a chance. After I saw the promos, believe me, I didn't want to give it a chance either. But, I did, thank God and within a few episodes, it actually became my most favorite series (I was 10-12 back then). Now, I haven't seen it in so long, so I don't like it as much now, but I wish it would return to Disney Channel. There were a lot of gross scenes in this show, like all of those scenes were Whiskers was smelling his feet, pulling out ear wax from his ears, and other times. However, there were some funny moments to this show and they had some great jokes in there. Another thing that I liked was the plots, for this show and the episodes. I think the plot idea for Brandy and Mr. Whiskers was extremely clever and all of the episodes are for the most part original and smart. They picked great voices to play the characters. The art work is well done and they have good artists. I really wish that this show would one day return back to Disney, cause I would rather watch this show than the other crap that channel has to offer nowadays. My final grade for this show is an 80/100.
  • Starting to like it better than I used to.

    After watching more episodes online or on television very late at night, I'm starting to enjoy this show better than I used to. I loved season 2 most of the time but season 1 was kind of a downer on me since the episodes weren't surprising or regular plots for episode of other shows, it was ok. I can bearly see this show anymore since it's like on once almost everyday at 3:30 am. I never really enjoyed the animation in this show to be honest but I love how the backgrounds are designed. I don't like many Disney shows either but I did like this one. It's too bad Disney completly trashed it. Final Grade: B
  • This was a good show that didn't get a fair chance.

    I will admit that I thought Brandy and Mr. Whiskers was a stupid show from the commercials. But after I saw a few episodes, my feelings for it completely changed. Actually, when I was eleven, I considered it to be my favorite show. Now, though, I've grown out of it a little bit, but I still get some enjoyment when I watch it. It's very funny, and much funnier than some of the other stuff Disney's airing. It had a unique style of humor, but I guess that's what made it fun. The animation looks a little bizarre, but I think the way they draw everything is very artistic not to mention creative. The one thing I really like about it though is that it's an original idea! It seems like as the years pass, TV got less and less original, but this show was very creative with a lot of unique and cute characters. My only complaint with Brandy and Mr. Whiskers-as well as the reason I think it was cancelled for-is the gross humor. Many times this show could get really, really disgusting such as a scene where Mr. Whiskers pulled loads of earwax from his ears, the constant nose picking and feet-smelling jokes, and so on. Other than that, I don't really have a problem with this show. I don't think it got a fair chance on Disney Channel, though. If it had been on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, perhaps it would've ran longer than just too seasons. But unfortunately the producers went to Disney, and it was canned after just a short run…even if it deserved more.
  • bring it back!!

    Brandy & mr. whiskers was one of the few good cartoons disney's had in a while. i wish it came on earlier than 3:30am where i live=[ i luv this show! it was really funny but some of the eps in season 2 werent that great=\ people need to give this show a chance cuz it's really good. that's why it only lasted 2 seasons. disney seems to can their cartoons after 2 seasons. all i ever see on disney anymore is stupid live-action crap while all the cartoons show in the wee hours of the morning. Disney, give your cartoons a chance(& more than 2 seasons!)
  • A pretty good show, compared to some of the other trashy Disney Channel cartoons.

    This is an overall great show! The characters are great and comedic, the voices can be somewhat irritating, but they are pretty good, the stories are interesting and hilarious. Even though some of this humor is crappy potty humor, other humor is pretty comedic. Compared to the other cartoons on Disney Channel, like the Buzz on Maggie and the Replacements, this show is one of the greatest cartoons Disney Channel has ever made. It is a shame Disney channel canned this wonderful, hilarious show. It hardly comes on anymore, which really sucks. It seems like Disney Channel, along with Cartoon Network and Nick, are just going downhill so fast.
  • Brazil seems so enticing...

    Back in July 2004, when I was watching a commerical break during 'Lilo and Stitch: the Series', every so often I would see a commercial advertising a new Disney animated show called 'Brandy and Mr. Whiskers'. They didn't look like looked like the two title characters just having one big block party in the jungle (a memorable shot involves Brandy and Whiskers shaking their butts at the camera), and I didn't know what to expect. One of my friends thought it looked like another 'Ren and Stimpy' wannabe (it was surprising, coming from Disney).

    Come August 21, 2004, the world got their first official introduction to Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. After watching a few episodes, I was ready to deem this new show a 'Tier 2' Disney cartoon (ie. a show I would watch, but not hold dear to me).

    Then, something hit me. I don't know what it was, but I started to love Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Maybe it was the fact it was an American cartoon that was actually being an American cartoon, rather than an American cartoon that just does...'whatever works for the Japanese' that sold me (I had seen many 'anime-wannabes' since the days of 'Dexter's Labratory' and 'The Powerpuff Girls').

    The setup behind the show is a well-pampered dog from Florida and a poor bunny with a horrible case of body odor fall from an airplane and crash land in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. They must forge a friendship with themselves, and the other jungle natives, until rescue.

    I know it isn't Dickens, but I like the show, after a hard day's work, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is relaxing. As Whiskers, Charlie Adler ends up reusing voices he did for other series (at times, I hear Buster Bunny, Cow, Chicken and Mr. Bighead/the Red Guy), but his delivery is quite humorous. While not a veteran voice actor like Adler, I love Kaley Cuoco's voice acting for Brandy. Her interpetation of a dog only knowing the finer things in life is suitable, and while used to having her way, Brandy does have a sweet side, and makes her chemistry with Whiskers believable. I like how she knows she isn't perfect, and tries to learn from experiences. Due to this role, in my view, Kaley Cuoco has gone from 'John Ritter's daughter from '8 Simple Rules...' to 'the voice of Brandy Harrington, of the Florida Harringtons'.

    Of the secondary characters, the strongest roles come from Lola Boa, Ed the river otter and Gaspar Le Gecko. While one can see the characters as stereotypes, they are nothing to worry about. Yes, Lola is obviously a Mexican woman, Cheryl and Meryl are dysfunctional African-American twins and Ed is the 'resident geek' but to Brandy and Whiskers, they are friendly and supportive, and willing to aid the two in time of need.

    The characters' designs...are different, very Max Fleischer (think the old Betty Boop cartoons). At first, it threw me for a loop (features like the wide, expressive eyes made the characters look quite alarmed at times, like the time my cat first caught sight of a puppy), but I adjusted quickly.

    I enjoy the humor, such as the cuts to photo-realistic images. It is a series I can reccommend to anyone, it's themes are appropriate for children and interesting enough for the older audiences. It's earned it's status as one of my personal 'Tier 1' Disney cartoons, as well as it's high ratings, and I hope one day to buy a 'Brandy and Mr. Whiskers' series boxset.

    In addition, yes, I think Brandy is hot.
  • A good cartoon that ended to soon.

    My summary pretty much sums it up pretty well. This was a pretty good cartoon, especially for something coming out of the Disney Channel. A lot of the episodes of this series were pretty entertaining and funny. And this show has a pretty good and likable cast of characters, mostly the two main characters Brandy and Mr. Whiskers were the most entertaining, and they should be since their the stars, although the supporting cast of characters have their moments to. I enjoyed the animation style of the show, it all seemed very clear, in my opinion. The series only ran for 2 seasons, and then was canceled when ratings dropped. I really think the series should have ran for at least one more season, to just wrap everything up, and so we could see if Brandy ever did get home. Although she seemed to care less about getting home once Season 2 rolled around. Overall I thought this was a good show that should have gone on just a little longer. Well maybe one day there will be a DVD release, but I highly doubt it.
  • Brandy and Mr. Whiskers was my favorite show. I just it had gotten more of a chance on Disney Channel. But I still like it anyway.

    The first commercials I saw for this show came across as the stupidest show ever made. I was disgusted by the commercials and I told myself, "I will never like this show." Well, I can certainly tell you right now I was wrong. What happened was, Disney was beginning to advertise this like crazy, so the night it aired, I said, "What the heck. I'll give it a chance." So I sat down and watched a few of the episodes, and when they were over, I was like, "Oh my gosh! I love this series!" Eventually, this show became my favorite TV show of all time and I vowed that I would never miss a single episode. Unfortunately, I broke my vow when they begun airing the new episodes during the hours I was at school. (Darn you, Disney Channel! Darn you!) Anyway, I love this series because of the adventures they go on and the comedy they add. Yes, there's many gross parts to this series such as when Whiskers was pulling out his ear wax (ugh I thought I was going to puke on the floor when I saw that) or all the time he picks nose and stuff. But at least there were several funny parts to this series. The voice actors which they chose for really fits the characters. I'm very sad it's over now but I can say that I really enjoyed this series. If I had a wish, it would be for Disney Channel to re-air this series and begin making more episodes. Then maybe a lot of people would begin to like it.
  • A Disney Channel Original Series, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers! Although, not too known after it's cancellation, it was still one of the best show's I've ever seen.

    One of my favorite cartoon shows! It's very funny and unique in it's own way. It's also the ONLY show I'd watch on Disney, besides House of Mouse. I admire the theme and drawings for the show, they're cool and interesting to look at. The whole idea for a Comedy is genius in my opinion, because pairing up two completely opposite characters in a Jungle stranded together is something to laugh at. Survival relies on them both working together and getting along to survive, which these two obviously can't seem to do. The Theme Song is very catchy and is performed by Lou Bega, who is famous for doing Mambo No. 5. I wish I would have been able to see more of this series, but Disney had to cancel it for no apparent reason. Hopefully we will one day see this cartoon revived, if Disney actually listen to their viewers. Probably, they'll listen to us in the year 3010 when we'll all be dead. Nah, maybe 4101...3010 is way too early for them to actually start listening to us. Lol.
  • Very good show and I'm sad it didnt get a lot of good/enough Reviews.

    We'll I must admit, when I first saw the commercials for this I thought 1. Brandy was nice :P 2. Whiskers wasnt dumb. and 3. Brandy wasnt spoiled. So I was really shocked when I got the exact oppisite of what I thought lol. So because it wasnt what I thought it was gonna be it was hard to get used to it/like it, but after watching a couple of more episodes I really started to like it! I guess the only thing I didnt like later about the show, is how everything bad happend to Brandy and she got nicer!! In the earlier episodes, mostly every bad thing happend to Mr.Whiskers and Brandy was mean! But when everything bad happens to her she gets nice?!? Lmao I just didnt get it, but I still loved the show and I always wished Disney would bring it back, but I know thats not going to happen D:. oh we'll... it was nice while it lasted! :D
  • It was a pretty good show.

    When I first saw the promos for this show, I thought to myself, "This isn't gonna be a good series." Then I saw an episode, and decided to give it another try and so on and so far until I grew into the lover of the show like I am today. At times, this show can be a little gross, like when Whiskers was pulling his ear wax out of his ears in the one where Brandy thinks she's just a mut. Other times, this show can be hillarious, like when Whiskers was doing the cherades in Rain Delay. I think that it could've been a bigger show, if it was on Nickelodeon, but oh well. There's nothing you can do about it. It used to be my favorite show, but when they moved it to the three thirty in the morning slot, I started to miss all the episodes until I just grew out of it.
  • This is the 100th Brandy and Mr. Whiskers review!

    Yes, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Everyone loved them. Everyone loved Amercian Dragon and Kim Possable. But, now, you can't see them durning the day. You can only see them at night! Why? I'll tell you why. Hannah Montana took over nd, there is no more animated classics on TV! I'm so sick of Hannah Montana. That's why I don't watch it. Anyways . . . Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is about a dog and a bunny that fell out of the plane and into the jungle. Except their at the bottem of the food chain. Can they survie?

    Final Score: A+, 10
  • Finally, after nearly 3 years, I have a new favorite Disney Channel cartoon! (Just too bad it's over)

    Well, I'm back to writing reviews now. But I'm still vying for my editorships for the shows I'm contributing to.

    Anyway, I think I've finally discovered a show that I like just as much as The Buzz on Maggie. Well, I've liked this show for two and a half years but just this week, I felt some sort of a strong spark for this. There's so many things to like about this show. The animation is creative, Brandy's cute, Mr. Whiskers is *hilarious*, Brandy's cute, I think some writers may have worked for Suite Life, Brandy's cute, oh, and have I mentioned Brandy's cute? :D

    The reason that I think some writers may have worked for Suite Life is because the dialogue in the episode "Sandy and Mr. Frisky" really reminds me of a couple episodes of the Suite Life. Like when Brandy was all "It's time for Operation: Make Party Bad now...that is the last time I'm letting you name the plans," that reminded me of the Suite Life episode with the con artist and his daughter.

    Anyway, a lot of people say The Buzz on Maggie is like The Replacements, while I (and maybe a few others) say it's more like this show. Here are the reasons: For one thing, they were both canned around the same time (except TBOM was canned a couple months earlier). Other things include that they both star non-human characters, they both have sort of that mellow tone to them, they both have sort of selfish female protagonists, they both have imaginative male protagonists that you'd feel sorry for if they're in any trouble and they both have a lot of very cute characters. I could go on forever with the list but bottom line is TBOM is more like this show than The Replacements.

    I may have gotten a little off-topic there but anyway, it's so sad that this show was canned. I wish it could have gotten another fair shake, if not for the least. Maybe just a few more episodes, then I'd be satisified.

    Overall, I think this show was great and it's a shame haven't felt this sort of spark with this show earlier because it's been canned for nearly 2 years and I became a fan in February 2006 and just like a week ago, I got really into this show. This and The Buzz on Maggie really could have gone a long way had they been more appreciated.
  • A very good Disney Channel classic but is too bad it got canceled.

    I enjoyed watching this show very much and was such a good classic, but then for some reason Disney Channel decided to canel it, may not have been a good choice, since there's more fans that like this show plus this show has a score that is higher than The Buzz on Maggie. I keep questioning as to why Disney not only canceled The Buzz on Maggie, but Brandy and Mr. Whiskers too, as back in the good old days when both of these shows weren't canceled, they were always so fun to watch and i enjoyed seeing them, but now i never see them anymore. Still though, it was another animated show that was great while it lasted. After this review i will have to look at the date when the last episode aired to find out how long this show was running for. This show had good characters with a good jungle theme! It had good settings equiped with some cool adventures and events for Brandy and Mr. Whiskers to do since they are lost in the jungle. Like having fun in the water and hanging around with other jungle creatures where some liked to hang with Brandy while some liked to hang with Mr. Whiskers. An Otter was Mr. Whisker's usual best friend. M favorite haracter was that cool lizard guy. Another show though that i haven't seen in a while too. This show was really good though becuase i still remember seeing it. So cool seeing episodes of this show in a nice Jungle with nice creatures who are used to living in the environment type.
  • This show was actually surprisingly good, they shouldn't have cancelled it after only two seasons.

    I didn't like this show the first time I watched it, but it grew on me. Some people have called this a cheap knock-off of Spongebob Squarepants, a slightly superiour show. I don't agree with that. The humour may be somewhat similar, but as long as it's funny I won't complain. And it IS times, but overall there aren't many laugh-out-loud moments for me. The reason is that the jokes are a bit too silly and over the top in a few episodes. But not all episodes are genuine comedic hits, there are a few misses. The main characters are, as you may have guessed from the title, Brandy and Mr.Whiskers. Brandy's an incredibly hot female cartoon canine. Yeah, I know, it's weird. But she IS the hottest cartoon character ever. She's also the funniest. Her co-star, Whiskers is a rabbit, and a completely annnoying one at that. But he's supposed to be, so it's okay. Brilliant voice acting all around, especially by the talented Charles Adler. I like this show primarily for two reasons: 1)It's quite funny now and then. 2)Brandy. The latter is the main reason I watch it. Okay, enough weird fanboyism. They should've made at least one more season.
  • One of my personal favorites, original, great voice talents, excellent animation, this show is awesome!

    Brandy and Mr.Whiskers is one of the best shows out there! Not only is it entertaining the whole way through, it actually keeps your attention throughout the episodes. This show is an instant classic, and it's perfect for everybody and anybody who appreciates good comedy, good animation, and sometimes random sequences of goofy lines and/or pictures. The voice actors and actresses fit perfectly with their characters. For example, Brandy Harrington, a pampered pooch and main character, is perfectly voiced by Kaley Cuoco. Brandy's "miss perfect" attitude, disliking of Mr.Whiskers, and knowledge of all things fashion are always entertaining. She once said "There are three rules in the world: the Earth is round, bargain shoes are never a bargain, and Mr.Whiskers is not popular." Mr.Whiskers, Brandy's "room-mate," is voiced by the always funny Charlie Adler, and later by Billy West. Whiskers is a funny, hyper, obnoxious bunny who seems to get on everybody's nerves, except his good friend Ed, who is voiced by none other than Tom Kenny. Tom Kenny's voice is perfect for Ed, making the slippery river otter sound hilarious no matter what he says, smart or weird. The animation is perfect, it's smooth and keeps your eyes glued to the TV. Whether it's wacky movements, like Mr.Whiskers once again falling from the 40ft. tree house, or Brandy just walking through the Amazon Rainforest, the characters and environments flow together. Even if you're just channel surfing and you happen to pass Brandy and Mr.Whiskers, you'll flip back to see what's going on. Yeah, it's that good. Sad to say, but the series has ended. Even so, every chance you get, watch the Disney Channel original animated comedy series Brandy and Mr.Whiskers. You wont think it's a waste of time, trust me. It's an excellent show and one of my personal favorites! 10/10

    On a little side note, I've e-mailed Disney and sadly they currently have no plans for Brandy and Mr.Whiskers DVDs. Maybe if all of the show's fans come together and show how much they love Brandy and Mr.Whiskers, Disney will change its mind. Hey, we can try.
  • Brandy & Mr. Whiskers was an animated program that I enjoyed, despite the fact that it was never too popular. However, at least it was fortunate enough to receive two seasons.

    Brandy & Mr. Whiskers was one of my favorite animated programs of all time, though it was cancelled due to poor ratings. However, I honestly believe that the show was better than most people thought; I realize that the show wasn't perfect, and I realize that it didn't have a ton of depth or continuity, but as a comedy, it fulfilled its purpose. Many of the episodes were genuinely entertaining, as even though the series relied heavily on clichés, each episode put a unique or bizarre twist on those clichés. This permitted the series to entertain the audience, all the while poking fun at many of the problems that plague other animated programs. Of course, most people failed to notice this due to the series' use of toilet humor; I can understand that point of view, as I dislike toilet humor as well, but the series shouldn't be judged based on that fact alone.

    The characters, however, were what I truly loved about the series. Brandy Harrington of the Florida Harringtons was an awesome character; I hated her when I first watched the series, since she's one of those Paris Hilton types, but she actually had a complex personality. I loved how her character developed over the course of the series, and each revealed fact about her past helped make her more of a tragic character. Still, such hardly matters in a comedy series, which is likely why most fans of the show never cared about her personality. Regardless, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers was an entertaining show and I will sincerely miss it; the series may not have been the best, but it was truly better than most people thought.
  • Brandy and mr.whiskers revolves around the lives of Brandy a dog and whiskers a rabbit.They are 2 completely opposite people but still maintain a bond of friendship and live together in a jungle with all their animal friends and enemies.

    Brandy the dog is a trendsetter and the most popular animal in the jungle.She is from the dog family of "Harringtons" and thus she considers herself royal.She always wants her own way but she is kindhearted too which makes the viewer like the character of brandy.whiskers is the complete opposite;he is a rabbit who is dumb,cute,and totally unpopular.He is friends with an otter and brandy and he usually makes a mess out of things but his dumb ideas sometimes turn out to be useful.this odd couple lives together and even though they are completely different,they are best friends.they both have exciting adventures and sometimes the show focuses on the differences of brandy and whiskers and how they work things out.An outstanding show which is very funny and cute.It is a new concept and a great show!
  • It had a good run.

    It was a pretty good show. I would have to say season one was the worst season. But in season two, Brandy started to like Whiskers more, they showed us a new mall we've never seen before, and Brandy even kissed Whiskers in the last episode. I'm going to write Disney and ask them to make one more episode where Brandy and Whiskers finds a way to Florida, and in the end, the make home to Florida, and Brandy asks Whiskers to live with her. :) I just don't think they should of ended it with "Rip Van Whiskers" because they had just started to show some sparks. That's what every fricken TV show does, wait until the very end to make couples and then ends the series. What happens next? Do they stay together, or does it not work out?
    My point is: B & Mr. W was a great Disney show and it should be against the law to cancel TV shows right after they reviele crushes.
  • a dog and a rabbit live in the amazon

    Brandy is a dog who is spoilt and wealthy and loves fashion and hates dirt and vulgarity and Mr Whiskers is a rabbit with lower body strength and less refined ways... they crash in the Amazon rainforest from a plane and must survive not only the forest but each other in a Lostesque manner... the other creatures of the jungleforest play minor roles, but much of the action is in the arguments and difficulties between Brandy and Mr Whiskers and how they always manage to get along in the end despite said difficulties... an alright show... not the best disney has made but better than some current ones...
  • This show would have done better if it was on Cartoon Network, and not Disney.

    I just don't get Disney. This is the funniest show i've seen on Disney, and then they just decide to cancel it. I mean, it's seriously funny! Even the episode titles are funny, like "Big Girls Don't Body Slam". But then, this and "American Dragon: Jake Long" just don't look good, being on the same channel together. Because this show is so much better than that unoriginal and unappealing dragon show. Cartoon Network should have bought over this show. I wish they made that move. Die-hard Disney fans and die-hard CN fans mostly have different tastes in gags and characters. And in my eyes, this definitely looks like it belongs in good ol' CN. Mr.Whiskers reminds me a little of Billy from The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy and the voice-over actors are amazing! Everything about this show wouldn't have looked out of place in Cartoon Network. Heck, i even think that this reminds of My Gym Partner's A Monkey!
    Cancelling this show was Disney's worst move ever. But at least they saved themselves by giving the world High School Musical. I should have been hired as an analyst.
  • Why? Why? Why did it have to end?

    Why did Disney Channel end this? It was so good, and I loved it. DC canceled it because there weren't enough veiwers. Hmm. I wonder why. Maybe it's because DC aired it while everyone was in school! Come on! Give it a chance. Almost all of my friends like it, I like it, air it again! Brandy is my favorite character, but I like Whiskers, because he is always in a good mood and is an idiot. I loved almost all of season 2, except for a few. I wish Disney just gave it chance, instead of canceling it. Come on, DC, air it again!