Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • It had a good run.

    It was a pretty good show. I would have to say season one was the worst season. But in season two, Brandy started to like Whiskers more, they showed us a new mall we've never seen before, and Brandy even kissed Whiskers in the last episode. I'm going to write Disney and ask them to make one more episode where Brandy and Whiskers finds a way to Florida, and in the end, the make home to Florida, and Brandy asks Whiskers to live with her. :) I just don't think they should of ended it with "Rip Van Whiskers" because they had just started to show some sparks. That's what every fricken TV show does, wait until the very end to make couples and then ends the series. What happens next? Do they stay together, or does it not work out?
    My point is: B & Mr. W was a great Disney show and it should be against the law to cancel TV shows right after they reviele crushes.