Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • Brandy and mr.whiskers revolves around the lives of Brandy a dog and whiskers a rabbit.They are 2 completely opposite people but still maintain a bond of friendship and live together in a jungle with all their animal friends and enemies.

    Brandy the dog is a trendsetter and the most popular animal in the jungle.She is from the dog family of "Harringtons" and thus she considers herself royal.She always wants her own way but she is kindhearted too which makes the viewer like the character of brandy.whiskers is the complete opposite;he is a rabbit who is dumb,cute,and totally unpopular.He is friends with an otter and brandy and he usually makes a mess out of things but his dumb ideas sometimes turn out to be useful.this odd couple lives together and even though they are completely different,they are best friends.they both have exciting adventures and sometimes the show focuses on the differences of brandy and whiskers and how they work things out.An outstanding show which is very funny and cute.It is a new concept and a great show!