Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • A very good Disney Channel classic but is too bad it got canceled.

    I enjoyed watching this show very much and was such a good classic, but then for some reason Disney Channel decided to canel it, may not have been a good choice, since there's more fans that like this show plus this show has a score that is higher than The Buzz on Maggie. I keep questioning as to why Disney not only canceled The Buzz on Maggie, but Brandy and Mr. Whiskers too, as back in the good old days when both of these shows weren't canceled, they were always so fun to watch and i enjoyed seeing them, but now i never see them anymore. Still though, it was another animated show that was great while it lasted. After this review i will have to look at the date when the last episode aired to find out how long this show was running for. This show had good characters with a good jungle theme! It had good settings equiped with some cool adventures and events for Brandy and Mr. Whiskers to do since they are lost in the jungle. Like having fun in the water and hanging around with other jungle creatures where some liked to hang with Brandy while some liked to hang with Mr. Whiskers. An Otter was Mr. Whisker's usual best friend. M favorite haracter was that cool lizard guy. Another show though that i haven't seen in a while too. This show was really good though becuase i still remember seeing it. So cool seeing episodes of this show in a nice Jungle with nice creatures who are used to living in the environment type.
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