Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • Finally, after nearly 3 years, I have a new favorite Disney Channel cartoon! (Just too bad it's over)

    Well, I'm back to writing reviews now. But I'm still vying for my editorships for the shows I'm contributing to.

    Anyway, I think I've finally discovered a show that I like just as much as The Buzz on Maggie. Well, I've liked this show for two and a half years but just this week, I felt some sort of a strong spark for this. There's so many things to like about this show. The animation is creative, Brandy's cute, Mr. Whiskers is *hilarious*, Brandy's cute, I think some writers may have worked for Suite Life, Brandy's cute, oh, and have I mentioned Brandy's cute? :D

    The reason that I think some writers may have worked for Suite Life is because the dialogue in the episode "Sandy and Mr. Frisky" really reminds me of a couple episodes of the Suite Life. Like when Brandy was all "It's time for Operation: Make Party Bad now...that is the last time I'm letting you name the plans," that reminded me of the Suite Life episode with the con artist and his daughter.

    Anyway, a lot of people say The Buzz on Maggie is like The Replacements, while I (and maybe a few others) say it's more like this show. Here are the reasons: For one thing, they were both canned around the same time (except TBOM was canned a couple months earlier). Other things include that they both star non-human characters, they both have sort of that mellow tone to them, they both have sort of selfish female protagonists, they both have imaginative male protagonists that you'd feel sorry for if they're in any trouble and they both have a lot of very cute characters. I could go on forever with the list but bottom line is TBOM is more like this show than The Replacements.

    I may have gotten a little off-topic there but anyway, it's so sad that this show was canned. I wish it could have gotten another fair shake, if not for the least. Maybe just a few more episodes, then I'd be satisified.

    Overall, I think this show was great and it's a shame haven't felt this sort of spark with this show earlier because it's been canned for nearly 2 years and I became a fan in February 2006 and just like a week ago, I got really into this show. This and The Buzz on Maggie really could have gone a long way had they been more appreciated.