Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • Brandy and Mr. Whiskers was my favorite show. I just it had gotten more of a chance on Disney Channel. But I still like it anyway.

    The first commercials I saw for this show came across as the stupidest show ever made. I was disgusted by the commercials and I told myself, "I will never like this show." Well, I can certainly tell you right now I was wrong. What happened was, Disney was beginning to advertise this like crazy, so the night it aired, I said, "What the heck. I'll give it a chance." So I sat down and watched a few of the episodes, and when they were over, I was like, "Oh my gosh! I love this series!" Eventually, this show became my favorite TV show of all time and I vowed that I would never miss a single episode. Unfortunately, I broke my vow when they begun airing the new episodes during the hours I was at school. (Darn you, Disney Channel! Darn you!) Anyway, I love this series because of the adventures they go on and the comedy they add. Yes, there's many gross parts to this series such as when Whiskers was pulling out his ear wax (ugh I thought I was going to puke on the floor when I saw that) or all the time he picks nose and stuff. But at least there were several funny parts to this series. The voice actors which they chose for really fits the characters. I'm very sad it's over now but I can say that I really enjoyed this series. If I had a wish, it would be for Disney Channel to re-air this series and begin making more episodes. Then maybe a lot of people would begin to like it.