Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 4

The Fashion Fascist / Happy Birthdays

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Aug 21, 2004 on Disney Channel
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The Fashion Fascist / Happy Birthdays
The Fashion Fascist: Mr. Whiskers wants to try to go to the moon using a sling shot while Brandy wants to try to introduce fashion to the jungle. However, when the jungle denizens disapprove of Brandy's tastes and Mr. Whiskers fails to reach the moon and plummets to the ground through a bunch of tree limbs, the jungle denizens proclaim Mr. Whiskers a fashion genius do to him inadvertently wearing debris from the trees after he fell. Brandy then becomes jealous of Mr. Whiskers and she begins to fall out of the fashion circle, but will Brandy manage to regain her social status or will Mr. Whiskers continue his reign as the king of fashion? Happy Birthdays: It's Brandy's birthday though she is unhappy because it's her first birthday away from her family and she is afraid that she won't be able to have a good party. Brandy decides to send Mr. Whiskers out in order to get people to come to her party but when no one shows up because they consider her to be mean, she tries to throw Mr. Whiskers a party so that she can still have hers and improve her reputation at the same time. Will Brandy be able to prove that she is nice and have a very good party for herself or will she need to accept the fact that nobody likes her?moreless

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  • Perfect Episode

    Brandy doesn't Know the Meaning of the Jungle's Greatest Fashion Designer and The Top Desinger goes to Whiskers and His Clothes and Ascessories are Everything and She Wants him out of Business.Brandy Wants a Birthday Party but no one in the Jungle Likes her so she pretends to Give Whiskers a Party in hopes of her Being Popular.
  • For the Birthday kid in all of us.

    Coming off a birthday buzz, I figured now would be a good time to review these two episodes.

    'The Fashion Fascist'--Brandy is annoyed when Whiskers suddenly becomes a fashion guru after a few dumb accidents are regarded as brilliant.

    We learn that Brandy has a big taste for fashion (as is kind of expected from someone of her social stature), and it helps establish that the Amazon isn't exactly a fashion hotspot, as Lola, Cheryl, Meryl and Margo show us. I thought Brandy's 'eye-fluttering' after the 'cargo pants/baby tee' line was cute; it gave Brandy some personality.

    I didn't care for the 'social flush' visual gag; it felt like a (literal) attempt at toliet humor and it failed to make me laugh.

    Whiskers' best fashion design was the beehive; it was a highly funny scene to watch (Calvin Klein he ain't). I liked Brandy's 'give in' to try and fit in only to learn she couldn't stand having that beehive on her head.

    The message of this episode was 'Just be yourself', a message that I think is mixed. Sure, be yourself if it would be accepted out in public, but not in a way that would be thought of as immoral or in ways that would get you beaten up. This is the the way I take that message; not a completely good message, but it's a workable one.

    Ultimately, this episode is just acceptable, it's a little bland at times but it's okay. Stronger episodes exist in the show.

    'Happy Birthdays'--Brandy is sad when no one will attend her birthday.

    Okay, lots of 'credits pictures' here. Anyone curious as to where they would find the human brain, cooked ham or my favorite, the tabby cat with the bulging eyes will get their answers here.

    I'll start by saying this was the superior of the two episodes, I thought that the writing was much tighter and there was much more to laugh at. I loved the little 'interlude' to Brandy doing a black and white social service message. There was more character development, in that Brandy has a sweet side that she has underneath her demanding exterior and the Amazon residents will not act as mindless drones to push around; they have intelligence and will power. One of the strongest sequences so far is where we see Brandy burst out crying after she sees everyone abandoned the party she was preparing for Whiskers (intended for herself). I truly sympathized for her; after all, no one wants to think they don't mean anything to anyone--it helps emphasize the message in this episode.

    The message behind this episode is 'Be nice to your friends', which is a stronger message in my opinion and does a lot more for me.

    As said before, I thought 'Happy Birthdays' was stronger than 'The Fashion Fascist'. 'The Fashion Fascist' was an okay episode in the show, but 'Happy Birthdays' was a lot better and I would encourage viewers to watch them both.

    'You call that a close-up, you dumb chromy marsupial?!'

    --C'mon, my birthday's all about me!, 'Happy Birthdays'moreless
  • Great episodes a must watch for any fan.

    Both the fashion fascit and Happy birthdays were both great episodes of the series and needs to be acknowlaged. It was quite funny to see how Brandy fell out of fashion and second guess her own sense of fashion. It was also quite ammusing to see that Whiskers was prepared to cut of the tail of the ringed tail animal just to be a fashion genious. This was way out of Mr. Whiskers character when all the animal's would do whatever he said when normally they thought of him as a annoying nusence.

    Happy birthdays told of Brandy being upset because her birthday was coming and she could not see her family. It was also a good Brandy episode to see that she was not as popular as she thought she was and that 80% of the jungle would not come to her birthday but would come if it was her funeral (according to whiskers.) Only to have a big surprise at the end where she gets the birthday of her dreams due to the animals coming around and realising how nice she truely was.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: In the episode "Happy Birthdays", when Mr. Whiskers thinks Brandy is talking about Christmas, he mentions Santa and says he needs to write him a list. However, this episode takes place before "On Whiskers, On Lola, On Cheryl and Meryl", in which he was terribly afraid of Santa in that episode.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Ed: Ok, watch the master at work.
      (Ed inflates a frog and shapes it into a poodle)
      Frog: A poodle, gimme a break.
      Brandy: Ok, is it possible to work even slower?
      Ed: You know I haven't really given that much thought, but I reckon it just might be possible.
      Brandy: I was totally being sarcastic.
      Ed: Oh, well it shames me to admit it Miss Brandy but I don't traffic in sarcasm too much, so I don't really tend to recognize it when it is out there. If you could give me a heads-up like "hey sarcastic comment comming." Just let me know and I could have my eyes open. (opens eyes widely) I mean come on, a sarcastic otter, that'd be unnatural.

    • Brandy: Happy birthday Whiskers.
      Mr. Whiskers: Happy birthday Brandy.
      Animals: Happy birthdays!

    • Mr. Whiskers: Oh, so that's the reason you're sad! Another whole one year older and one year closer to the big dirt nap!
      Brandy: Ok, that whole getting older thing wasn't bothering me until just now!

    • Brandy: Wow, it's as if the fashion gods just puked!

    • Brandy: (to Lola) I don't know who started all this, but I am a thoughtful, considerate and kind person!
      (Lola pukes up her lunch, her lunch pukes up its lunch)

    • Brandy: Ok, I'll just have to show them how kind and thoughtful I really am!
      (Mr. Whiskers begins to laugh in a hysterical fashion)

    • Mr. Whiskers Brandy, it's a beautiful day! The birds are singing, the frogs are frogging, the monkeys are… (he gets hit with some fruit) …throwing things at me again!

    • (When Whiskers explains the situation of nobody coming to Brandy's party)
      Mr. Whiskers: Well, let's see, shall we. 53% said "Your not nice", 75% said "What has she ever done for me", and 48% think "If Brussels sprouts had a chocolate liquid center, they'll eat them".
      Brandy: Everybody thinks I'm mean?
      Mr. Whiskers: There's some good news.
      Brandy: Yeah?
      Mr. Whiskers: Nearly 80% would come...
      Brandy: (cutting him off) Yes, yes!
      Mr. Whiskers: If it were your funeral.

    • Brandy: What do those stupid lice and maggots know about how nice a person I am, anyway?
      (The scene cuts to Brandy, in the process of filming a black and white social service message)
      Brandy: Hi, I'm Brandy. Here to talk about a very serious subject: being mean. Although I sometimes play a mean person in the show, I am not, and I certainly do not condone such behavior. (Brandy loses her cool with the shoddy camerawork) You call that a close-up, you dumb chromy marsupial?!

    • Brandy: My philosophy? Niceness is contagious! Spread a little, and soon, we all have it.
      (The anteater sneezes, covering Brandy in ants)
      Brandy: Are you like, the biggest loser on Earth?

    • (When Brandy discovers that nobody went to the party she held)
      Brandy: Uh, there's nobody here.
      Mr. Whiskers: If this is what a birthday party is like, I'm not sure what you were missing.
      (Brandy begins to pout, which develops into stronger crying)

    • Brandy: I'm sad, Whiskers, because this is my first birthday without my family.
      (Brandy picks up a picture frame, only to discover a picture of ham)
      Brandy: Uh, Whiskers, where is the picture of my family?

    • (When Brandy's friends insult her because she's not wearing Whiskers' styles)
      Brandy: Maybe I'm the one whose wrong, maybe Whiskers is a fashion genius. Well, if you can't beat them, join them!
      (Brandy grabs a beehive and puts it on her head, but then runs around screaming about the pain)

    • Brandy: Whiskers, these are my best clothes, shoes and hair accessories!
      Mr. Whiskers: You're a very brave girl for admitting that; it's the first step towards recovery.
      Brandy: There's nothing wrong with these clothes, Whiskers!
      Mr. Whiskers: Well, there's certainly nothing right about them!

    • (When Brandy sends the sloth onto the walkway during the fashion show)
      Brandy: The latest fashion is no fashion at all. Just wear comfortable clothes or no clothes; just be yourself!

    • Mr. Whiskers: It's fun being a fashion genius.
      Brandy: Yesterday, you didn't even know what fashion was!

    • Brandy: Ok, I've been in the jungle for awhile now and there's one thing it's sorely missing. Fashion! (Brandy pulls out some clothes)

    • Brandy: Whiskers, everyone has a birthday.
      Mr. Whiskers: Not me.
      Brandy: You were born, weren't you?
      Mr. Whiskers: Was I? Are you sure?
      Brandy: Of course you were! You're here, aren't you?
      Mr. Whiskers: True, but what is existence anyway? It mean, could I be here or I'm not actually exist? And if I do exist, where do I come from?
      (an image of an elephant's butt is shown)

    • Mr. Whiskers (jumping rope with his long ears): My name is Uncle Betti and I love to eat spaghetti!

    • Mr. Whiskers: I just wanna stay home and smell my feet! (Mr. Whiskers then takes a whiff of it and then makes a relaxing sigh) Care to take a whiff?
      Brandy: Gag, no.

    • Brandy: This papaya is so hard it could cut diamonds!

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was up for "Wackiest Habit" in Disney Channel's New Year's Eve House Party (2005). The show lost to Kim Possible and Lilo & Stitch: The Series, but beat Dave the Barbarian.

    • Aired in part with three other episodes for a two hour period to celebrate the premiere.