Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 2 Episode 3

The Tell-Tale Shoes / Time For Waffles

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Feb 17, 2006 on Disney Channel
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The Tell-Tale Shoes / Time For Waffles
The Tell-Tale Shoes: While at the Mayan Mall, Brandy is attempting to teach Whiskers how to walk around properly. However, when she is insulted and laughed at due to the fact that she isn't wearing the latest fashion footwear, she decides to head off to the store to purchase a new pair as quickly as possible. However, when it turns out that the new shoes cost too many shiny rocks, she takes the advice of her subconscious mind and she steals the shoes; though Mr. Whiskers' warning about the story of The Tell-Tale Heart soon puts her in a state of confusion. Time For Waffles: Brandy has had her eye on an attractive marsh deer named Melvin for quite some time, though when he refuses to talk to her, Brandy begins to wonder if there's something wrong with her physical appearance. When Gaspar shows up and offers her some teeth whitening merchandise, she accepts his offer and she begins to undergo procedures to make her teeth whiter, though will Melvin really like her new look?moreless

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  • Very fun episodes of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers!

    Edgar Allen Poe was very talented and I was very glad that he was alluded to. I thought that the morale of the story was very good. It was pretty funny as well. I kind of wish that Brandy didn\\\'t care so much about her clothing and the latest trends.. but whatver floats her boat.

    It was nice to see Gaspar be decent. This episode also had a good morale. It was a good example of how people change themselves to get other people to like them.

    The episodes were probably the best of the season so far. I enjoyed them very much.moreless
  • Episodes about anti-theft and teeth--I couldn't be happier!

    Another strong pair of episodes in the Brandy and Mr. Whiskers series, 'The Tell-Tale Shoes/Time for Waffles' is a wonderfully plotted set of episodes that I would encourage anyone to see for themselves.

    'The Tell-Tale Shoes'--Whiskers tells Brandy about 'The Tell-Tale Heart' after she steals a pair of fashionable shoes from the mall.

    Very well-plotted, I liked this episode's allusions to Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Tell-Tale Heart', while the crime committed in this episode (theft) is much less serious than that story's crime (murder), I liked this episode's theme because of its moral value. I can see it as something older viewers would appreciate.

    Brandy regretting her actions was short due to her fashion cravings, but Whiskers reveals to us he has actually read a story of such a dark nature. It is now apparent that Margo is there to give Brandy pressure, and isn't the friend that she has with Lola, Cheryl, Meryl and Ed. Brandy and Whiskers seem to get along a lot better too, they defend each other from the girls' taunting and is now evident they care for each other.

    There were some good laughs, too, namely Whiskers flipping out over socks ("I'm Sock-rates!")

    This episode is also noteworthy of Gabriella's return (the last time we saw her was in 'Pedigree, Schmedigree'), but it didn't add much. It was something that could have been deeper, but I guess that's the 11-minute rule.

    So, yes. I would reccommend 'The Tell-Tale Shoes', being something of a sucker for 'legal side of the law'-type episodes.

    'Time for Waffles'--Brandy gets her teeth whitened hoping to attract Melvin the Marsh Deer.

    Another strong episode, though I couldn't help but think that this episode was misnamed; this episode is more about teeth, waffles had little to do with the plot.

    The theme of this episode appeared to be 'like someone for themselves, not their glitz' as Melvin pointed out. Another returning 'originally one shot' character, Melvin did more for this episode than Gabriella did for 'The Tell-Tale Shoes'. He had more to do with the story and he has potential as a 'recurring' character. The only real nit that I had was his characterization. In 'Dear Diary', he seemed to be the 'Fabio' type, but here he's more 'hip'. I guess they were experimenting and now know what they want.

    Gaspar appears to do 'good' for most of the episode (though it comes for a price, but it's finanical rather than for 'other' reasons). It appears to minorly 'continue' the 'anti-theft' message in the previous episode; Whiskers taking Gaspar's experimental serum (which got some good laughs) but then losing his teeth in the end (it's done humbly; he does it to save Brandy and Melvin from the pumas).

    Other little touches, such as Brandy's attempts to win over Melvin (complete with the girly giggling) were a nice addition, Brandy seems more soulful than before. I liked the idea that Brandy's new romantic escapade didn't end in ruin.

    'Time for Waffles', while I thought was misnamed, was another great episode.

    Both these episodes are great and they would make fine examples of episodes to introduce someone into the show with. Brandy makes out to be a wonderful protagonist and Whiskers gets many funny parts. The additions of Gabriella and Melvin were nice (but Melvin actually did a lot more). While 'The Tell-Tale Shoes', in my opinion, just edged out 'Time for Waffles', they are terrific episodes that I strongly reccommend.

    'A dog in platform sandals?! So last season.'

    --Bring back go-go boots, 'The Tell-Tale Shoes'moreless
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Daran Norris


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Tara Strong

Tara Strong


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Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden


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Charlie Adler

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André Sogliuzzo

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Gaspar Le Gecko

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (15)

    • (When Mr. Whiskers was talking in his sleep)
      Mr. Whiskers: Why yes, Madame President, I do have a six o'clock appointment: for love.

    • Brandy: (nervously) Oh, what am I going to do, what am I going to do! I just stole shoes to avoid public humiliations! I feel so ashamed, I feel so…
      Lola: (interrupting her) Hey Brandy, cute shoes.
      Brandy: (happily) Oh my gosh, thank you! I just got them, they're the new model!

    • (When Margo was laughing after Whiskers fell down)
      Brandy: Oh guys, so not cool laughing at Whiskers. Totally understandable, but so not cool.
      Margo: Laughing at Whiskers; too easy! We were laughing at you!

    • (When Melvin ignored Brandy's comments)
      Brandy: Must you ruin everything for me?!
      Mr. Whiskers: Oh please, I haven't seen less attraction between two people since, well, we met.
      Brandy: Is it possible he's not attracted to me?

    • Brandy: (to Whiskers) I'm sorry, you were right! I should have just saved up the six hundred and ten shiny rocks.
      Mr. Whiskers: For one pair of shoes?!
      Brandy: That's what I said! (sighing) Forgive me?

    • (When considering eating Mr. Whiskers)
      Son Puma: Are you sure he's safe to eat?
      Father Puma: We're doing the jungle a favor.

    • (After picking up an unmarked spray can)
      Mr. Whiskers: What's this one?
      Gaspar: That's an experimental spray-on gloss; it has yet to be tested on intelligent life.
      Brandy: So, it'd be ok for Whiskers.
      (Brandy and Gaspar both begin to laugh)

    • Brandy: (to Whiskers) I don't believe this, must you take everything so far?
      Mr. Whiskers: (hugging Brandy) I was just trying to be like my smart, beautiful, forgiving big sister!

    • Shoe Store Clerk: Not the size two purple jaguar buglies! Not the size two purple jaguar buglies! Why, oh why did I trust that sassy looking dog in platform sandals!
      Mr. Whiskers: A dog in platform sandals! So last season.

    • Brandy: (about her shoes) It's obvious that they've formed a bond with me and are having a hard time letting go. (petting her shoes) Shh, momma's here.

    • Brandy: Oh, hey, sorry I'm late. I had to freshen up.
      (Brandy smiles, Melvin drops his flowers and falls backwards)
      Melvin: Hey, uh, your smile; it hurts.
      Brandy: Hurts so good?
      (Brandy begins to laugh)

    • Brandy: Oh, this is all my fault; I got started with this whole teeth whitening thing!
      Melvin: Why did you do that? You looked great! Actually, I was starting to get freaked out by all of that smiling; like you were part of some dental cult or something.

    • Mr. Whiskers: Ok, but don't come crying to me when this ends just like that super scary story.
      Brandy: Uh, what scary story?
      Mr. Whiskers: (evilly) Just a little story called The Tell-Tale Heart.

    • Brandy: You think there's a problem with my smile?
      Gaspar: I'm no dentist, but one's teeth is the gateway to their heart.

    • Mr. Whiskers: Where did you get a mall blueprint?
      Brandy: I always carry pictures of my loved ones with me.

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    • Episode title: "The Tell-Tale Shoes"

      The episode title "The Tell-Tale Shoes" is a reference to the Edgar Allen Poe short story entitled The Tell-Tale Heart.