Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 1 Episode 18

Trouble in Store / Payback

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM May 20, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Trouble in Store / Payback
Trouble in Store: Whiskers has been depressed recently and while they cannot find the cause of his depression, Brandy has an idea to cure his depression, an all out shopping spree! However, Whiskers becomes addicted to shopping and things get even worse then Gaspar gives Mr. Whiskers a Gaspar Card. Brandy, however, knows that credit cards are bad business, but will she be able to stop Mr. Whiskers? Payback: After Brandy and Mr. Whiskers get into a fight over Mr. Whiskers junk cluttering up the house, Brandy shoves Mr. Whiskers old meat in the back of his jump suit. However, when the meat attracts predators and Mr. Whiskers jumps off a cliff to save his life, he finds himself trapped. Brandy, with Lola's advice, goes and rescues him. Mr. Whiskers makes himself Brandy's personal servant until he can pay her back, but will Brandy really enjoy having Mr. Whiskers as her servant or will he end up driving her crazy first?moreless

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    Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny


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    Alanna Ubach

    Alanna Ubach

    Lola Boa

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    André Sogliuzzo

    André Sogliuzzo

    Gaspar Le Gecko/Puma #2

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      • Mr. Whiskers: (to Cheryl and Meryl, showing them the items in his hand) What can I get with this?
        (A whistle is blown, Brandy is wearing a referee outfit and she throws a yellow flag at Whiskers)
        Brandy: Flag on the shopping play!
        Mr. Whiskers: What?!

      • Brandy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, this isn't that "I saved your life so you become hopelessly annoying self" plot, is it?
        Mr. Whiskers: It is, sorry, we had to do it sooner or later.

      • Mr. Whiskers: Good news, I got the pink out of your sweater!
        Brandy: It was a pink sweater!
        (The scene fades out and back in)
        Mr. Whiskers: Good news, I got the pink back into your sweater! (towards the screen) Let's just leave that to the imagination on how I did that, k?

      • (When Brandy rescued Mr. Whiskers and his clothes fell down the ravine)
        Mr. Whiskers: Oh, Brandy, you saved me! How can I ever thank you?
        Brandy: Put on some clothes.

      • (When Brandy is putting the slab of meat down Mr. Whiskers' jumpsuit)
        Brandy: Sure thing Whiskers, I got no beef with that.

      • (When Brandy and her friends pay Gaspar back his shiny rocks)
        Brandy: We're good?
        (Gaspar is frolicking in the shiny rocks, then emerges)
        Gaspar: It's been a pleasure doing extortion with you.

      • Lola: (referring to a sick Mr. Whiskers) He could have jungle fever.
        Brandy: What's that?
        Ed: It's a fever that you get when you live in the jungle.
        Brandy: Thank you Dr. Otter.

      • (When Whiskers asks Brandy about which Tube Top to purchase)
        Brandy: Why don't you buy both?
        Mr. Whiskers: You can do that?
        Brandy: If you got the money, you can have the honey!

      • (Whiskers runs, and accidentally steps on Lola)
        Mr. Whiskers: Sorry Lola! Can't talk. I have to carve Brandy's face into a mountain!
        Lola: What was that all about?
        Brandy: I had to think of something, I can't take him anymore!
        Lola: I thought you liked being waited on, hand and foot.
        Brandy: I do, but Whiskers! He wanted to catalog my toejam, braid my tail, and sanitize my shinbones!
        Lola: Sanitize your shinbones? What does that mean?
        Brandy: I don't know, but I do know that if he keeps it up, I'm going to crack!
        Lola: You know what you should do, right? Let him save your life back. Then you'll be even.
        Brandy: Lola, I must have seen that same thing happen in like a dozen TV shows, and it never worked once!
        Lola: But Brandy, this isn't a TV show, this is real life!
        Brandy: (to audience) I haven't got the heart to tell her.

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