Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Season 2 Episode 7

You've Got Snail / The Magic Hour

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Mar 17, 2006 on Disney Channel
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You've Got Snail / The Magic Hour
You've Got Snail: When Mr. Whiskers' toy ball falls onto a snail's yard, Brandy attempts to get the ball back in order to get Mr. Whiskers to stop crying. However, when the snail turns out to be a complete jerk who claims that he owns the tree that Brandy and Whiskers live in, Brandy decides to take drastic measures in order to try to force the snail to move away; though the snail proves to be more resilient than Brandy had originally anticipated. The Magic Hour: When Gaspar finds a pair of ancient socks that grant him limitless power, he finally takes full control of the Amazon and he forces countless creatures to pay him tribute in various fashions. As the grasp of despair causes many animals to lose hope, Brandy discovers that Mr. Whiskers may just have the knowledge of magic necessary in order to save the Amazon, though there's a problem: Mr. Whiskers is afraid to use magic ever since a tragic vanishing legs act, though will Brandy be able to convince him to overcome his fears?moreless

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  • Well, they were just okay.

    They weren't my favorite episodes, but 'You've Got Snail/The Magic Hour' did have their moments.

    'You've Got Snail'--Brandy and Whiskers try to force a cranky neighboring snail to move out from their treehouse. was nothing special, really. I think it could have been stronger and it didn't appear to add anything to the characters. Mr. Cantarious, as a character, was serviceable, we know that he doesn't like Brandy and Whiskers for their loud behavior at night, hence the reason he's so cranky.

    The majority of the laughs were coming from the running gag involving snail slime and Brandy (and various other characters) would run out to the creek exclaiming how gross it was. The spoof on "The People's Court" (Otter's Court) was also good for a laugh. But the end was the best bit part. I won't spoil it, it was pretty funny.

    The theme might be 'Love thy neighbor'.

    I know I'm stretching a little. But there wasn't a whole lot to it; 'You've Got Snail' just felt a little empty. I don't know what it is, maybe the pacing (and the fairly limited variety in laughs) had something to do with it.

    All things considered, it is a passable episode.

    'The Magic Hour'--Whiskers uses his old box of magic tricks to combat Gaspar and his newly discovered magic pair of socks.

    This episode, I felt, was overall stronger, it adds a talent failing history to Whiskers' character and we learn why he, as a bunny, never wanted to do magic after he would fail to successfully do the 'vanishing legs' trick.

    More variety in the laughs in this episode, they included Brandy condescending Gaspar's magic socks, Gaspar returning in disguise after being banished and Whiskers' card trick ("You are now wearing them as pants").

    More strong antagonism between Brandy, Whiskers and Gaspar, it is always enjoyable to see them clash. The magic showdown is fun to watch, and Brandy's 'lovely assistant' garb is a nice touch.

    The theme, I think, might be 'Don't abuse power'. Which is a good message, it would encourage kids to play fairly and not try to control everything in sight.

    Ultimately, I think 'You've Got Snail' was something of a missed opportunity, but 'The Magic Hour' was better. They weren't my absolute favorites; they are both 'in the middle' in my book. However, they are still worth checking out.

    'And if you need to borrow salt, you can borrow salt!'

    --To make peace with snails, use a saltshaker, 'You've Got Snail'moreless
Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Guest Star

Wayne Knight

Wayne Knight

Mr. Cantarious

Guest Star

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


Recurring Role

André Sogliuzzo

André Sogliuzzo

Gaspar Le Gecko

Recurring Role

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd

Cheryl & Meryl

Recurring Role

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    • Gaspar: Could it be that you have no tricks left? In which, I become the winner!
      Brandy: He has one trick left, the vanishing legs illusion.
      (The animals watching all gasp)
      Mr. Whiskers: Brandy, no, I can't!
      Brandy: Sure you can! Remember, it's not the magic, it's the magician. I believe in you!

    • Mr. Whiskers: You can't treat bally like it's some sort of inanimate object!
      Brandy: It is!
      Mr. Whiskers: (gasps) I'm going to pretend you didn't say that! I'm going to pretend you said marshmallows. (A slight pause occurs, Mr. Whiskers starts to laugh) Why did you just say marshmallows?!

    • Brandy: (mockingly, to Gaspar about his magical socks) They are just adorable Gaspar! And what type of cutesy-wootsy magical powers do they give you?

    • Brandy: This reverse two and a half with a hat twist has a difficulty of 3.0. Behold it, and me! But mostly me!

    • (After Brandy and Mr. Cantarious make peace)
      Mr. Whiskers: Oh, this is the beginning of a new era! The era of good neighborliness! (Mr. Whiskers brings some eggs) If you need to borrow eggs, you can borrow eggs! (Mr. Whiskers brings some sugar) If you need to borrow sugar, you can borrow sugar! (Mr. Whiskers takes out a saltshaker) And if you need to borrow salt, you can borrow salt!
      (Mr. Cantarious gasps, Mr. Whiskers pours salt on Mr. Cantarious and the scene switches to Brandy and Whiskers at the hospital)
      Lola: The doctor says that Mr. Cantarious will make a full recovery in three months.
      Mr. Whiskers: Wow, who knew snails react so badly to salt?

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