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Ray J needs a spot in his life!

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    When Ray Jdecided to steer his career, it looked as if his mom was upset... When Ray J decided to steer his personal relationship, Brandy became upset... Where does Ray J stand in his own life... Coming from an abusive household I recognize when favoritism is a poison, sometimes you hate waking up and realizing you're still in the same position that you've been in for days, and possible years! It is mandatory and urgent that RAY J becomes the man in his own life. I've had my family squeeze the life out of me and there are times when you tell God in your prayers that you're dying because the family you grew up in won't let you breathe! Why? Someone needs to grow up, because from what I see, Ray J has grown up and needs to be in charge of his life that God granted to him! Why does family have such a issue with adulthood and seeing family members happy with their dreams coming to life?

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