Brass Eye

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 1997 on Channel 4
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The show is split into two halves. The first covers a ranges of animal fetishes, including storing pigeons in trousers, dogs being used to tell the time by jumping off a diving board once every 60 seconds and fighting off ferrets being dropped from a sack onto somebody's head. The second half largely focuses on Karla the elephent who has trapped her trunk up her anus. There is also a theory on how all animals are vegitarians.moreless

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  • Chris Morris opens the account for this acidic satire of current affairs shows. With a conspicuous aversion to facts, Morris plays a variety of characters in his surprisingly believable expose on animal cruelty in Britain.moreless

    Fresh from The Day Today, Chris Morris continued his excellent satirical take on modern current affairs programming with the far more focussed Brass Eye.

    Whereas The Day Today often descended into random stream of conciousness, poking fun at the style of news shows but losing track of the content, the first episode of Brass Eye seems far more believable. Morris is so charismatic that he is able to convince a veteran animal rights campaigner of his sincerity, even when agreeing that "prison's to good for them... what about jail?" in reference to a bunch of kids who goaded a dog into attacking another kid, and then hinting that maybe the kids should have been put down instead of the dog.

    With a mixture of real interviews and Morris himself as a variety of fake characters, the satire is often all too real. With some highly creative editing, it's sometimes difficult to find the distinction between the real and the fake interviews.

    A great start to the series, and a definite indication of how Morris' comedy has evolved.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Somewhere, and I have seen this once, there is a pilot episode of a series called Torque TV. It features most of the same cast and a lot of the interview footage used in the Animals episode. There is some extended material but the only bit I remember from the top of my head is the press conference from the guy that states all animals are vegetarians. Very funny and pity it wasn't put on the Brass Eye dvd.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Chris Morris: "Before it all stops - a school tour for the Oxford don who believes all animals are vegetarian."
      Dr Jonathan Kwattes: "Now - what do Crocodiles eat? Natalie."
      Pupil: "Other animals."
      (Oxford don punches child, she moans in pain)
      Dr Jonathan Kwattes: "No, they eat grass."

    • Bernard Lerring: "When you're fighting a weasel it's bigger than a man. And there is money in it, if you're good there's other perks as well. The women; they fancy you if they see you kicking the shit out of a weasel."
      Chris Morris: "After thirteen years in which he pulped over four thousand weasels, Bernard Lerring suffered a compound nervous breakdown."
      Bernard Lerring: "I lost it, and er, I just picked up a living doing otters, which are very easy, are very docile animals, and erm, even when they pump them full of rat hormones which they do - you could kill an otter in about a second... just kick it's face off."

    • Bill Laswell: Ah yes, well we kill four hundred cows a week, and to redress the balance to some extent, we'll be slaughtering one member of our staff every six weeks approximately.

    • Chris Morris: Paul Daniel's contribution moved all that saw it - to horrible tears.

    • Dr Jonathan Kwattes: The lion may have been chasing the wildebeest, in fact it was chasing it to catch up with it to give it a potato.

    • Ted Maul: These docs show that Hottrin had been driven nuts because the land on which he lives is _owned_ by the cow. In the will of Edith Bates, a local crone who loved cattle - then eccentric, now dead - the cow inherited the land, and a special bank account for stockpiling rent. Life has become a living "cowmare", thanks to the thoughtless benificence, of a mad old woman.

    • Patrick Da Fronk: I think the thing that, that people get fussed about is that a fox is, is a small brown furry animal very much like a dog, erm, I don't think they'd be nearly so worried if it was a little four-legged car, full of chips.

    • GUEST: Well I think every animal has as much right to decent treatment as we do.

      Chris Morris: You're wrong and you're a grotesquely ugly freak!

    • Britt Eckland: Last year they stopped penguins catapulting each other through the glass roof at Sidney Zoo. Last month they stopped a pig throwing itself on to a python, in a two way death pact, in Chester.

    • Informer: Micheal Heseltine finds it very useful, um, if he's angry, to have an ape to slap. Kenneth Clarke has a baby moose in his cupboard.

    • Chris Morris: In ancient Egypt felines were worshipped because the Egyptians thought they were funny. These vast cat heads were built underground, and seen by no one.

  • NOTES (1)

    • * Celebrities mentioned but not appearing:
      o Charles Dickens
      o Prince Albert
      o Michael Heseltine
      o Kenneth Clarke
      o Tony Benn
      o Jack Ashley
      o Jimmy Page
      o Desmond Morris
      o Ralph Fiennes